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Mucodyne update

Evening everyone

Well I had the sputum results that I did last week and it was clear. But that was last week I do have an infection which is what I feared so will persevere with the Mucodyne, as I wrongly accused it of being the culprit. Manuka honey however can do one I started taking the very same day I did said sample, so much for helping prevent infection.

Have a good evening

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I am enjoying my evening reading all the posts and replies.I hope your infection clears soon


Your daily tonic


I read everything in the morning with my first cuppa. It makes a great start to my day. Hope you start to feel better soon Kimmy.


It's evening here in Kent. Nevertheless, sorry that you have this infection. I'm glad, though that you find your self help rememdy of use. Keep taking care of yourself. Mike


Hello everyone

Thanks for the replies, I'm in Kent Mike what part are you.



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