Mucodyne update

Evening everyone

Well I had the sputum results that I did last week and it was clear. But that was last week I do have an infection which is what I feared so will persevere with the Mucodyne, as I wrongly accused it of being the culprit. Manuka honey however can do one I started taking the very same day I did said sample, so much for helping prevent infection.

Have a good evening

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  • I am enjoying my evening reading all the posts and replies.I hope your infection clears soon


    Your daily tonic

  • I read everything in the morning with my first cuppa. It makes a great start to my day. Hope you start to feel better soon Kimmy.

  • It's evening here in Kent. Nevertheless, sorry that you have this infection. I'm glad, though that you find your self help rememdy of use. Keep taking care of yourself. Mike

  • Hello everyone

    Thanks for the replies, I'm in Kent Mike what part are you.


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