introducing me

introducing me

Hi my name is Marti, Im 22 years old. ive had lung issues for about 4 years beginning in 2010 when my lungs collapsed without warning and i needed surgery. From then my road to recovery has never been straight forward. At first i was back to my regular self but over the last year my breathing got worse and i was spells were my lips, toes and fingers would go blue and i would faint.

Im a keen dancer and gymnast as well as being at uni full time and running my own charity so i was shocked when yesterday i was diagnosed with Small airways lung disease a type of COPD. im a bit shell shocked at the moment but my friends have been very supportive

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  • Hi Marti welcome to the site plenty of help here and friendly people you take care love Dorothy xxx

  • Hi marti, sorry to hear your diagnosis, you seem to have a lot of fun in your life, uni, dance gym, keep it all up get advice and help from a trained cops nurse, ask all of us here questions and we will all help you with our own knowledge, experiences, and most of all support. Great picture, wish I knew how to get a picture onto this site, oh well take care June.x

  • warm welcome,

  • A warm welcome Marti. xxx

  • Warm welcome to the site Marti. Sorry to hear all this your're much too young.

    With good medical care, knowledge about the condition and the understanding of you friends & family you will find the right ways to manage it and stay as well as possibe.

    It may takea while to get some answers from medics as to why this has happened but in the meantime, why dont you give the BLF helpline a call, 03000 030 555, they are the best people for advice and guidance.

    Everyone on this site will also help and support.

    All the best to you, peeg

  • At the moment all i have been is i have small airways disease. thats all i know at the moment. ive got to have tests on my heart and if the new meds dont improve things i will be have an operations to put a camera in and take bi-opsys.

  • Hello Marti and welcome

    Bless your heart, you find everything you need to know here ring the helpline they're brilliant, then pop by for a chat with the rest of us you'll always great great advice or just a chat when you need.

    Your not alone here we know how you feel.

    Kim xxxx

  • Hello and welcome. :)

  • A very warm welcome to you Martimuffin :-)

    love cx

  • Hi Marti welcome.

    I hope you can get the meds prescribed that will help you best with this.

    So glad you have good support from your friends.

  • Hi and welcome Marti. :)

  • Hello Marti welcome,there is loads of info and support for the having here I hope we can be of help to you.Im staggered at your diagnosis !so you must be blown away with it.Hopefully once you have a better understanding of your condition and what that means for you.Your life can continue,what are you studying at uni?My youngest son finished in june and his BA certificate arrived today bless him.You enjoy every minute of it what are you wanting to do when your studying finishes?Really nice to meet you Marti see you soon. :) Janexx

  • Hi im studying for a degree in Education and im in my final year :D xx

  • Hello martimuffin

    Good name! Haha !you will get lots of friendly advice on here so don't worry, just take care of yourself x

  • My name is martimuffin because i co-run a charity called Muffins Dream Foundation and so people also say marti ...oh muffins marti and it stuck :D

  • Haha good luck wit your charity x

  • Hi Marti what a lovely smiling face. Welcome to this wonderful site. M

  • Welcome Marti you have come to the right place, plenty of information and lovely friendly people.

  • Hi Marti, Nightmare for you! No wonder you are shellshocked. Welcome to the site - I am sure you will lots of support from here and don't forget the helpline if you have any questions they can always help too. Hope you are enjoying uni life!!! TAD xx

  • Hi Marti, Welcome to the family, you will be well looked after here, lovely people and great friends don't be frightened to ask any questions there is always some here who can give you advice or help.. Berwick xx

  • Hi Martin

    You are too too young to have these problems, stay focused and enjoy yourself. Keep pushing those Health Professionals for a diagnosis and solution.

    Welcome to the site, I'm a new boy as well x x

  • Sorry Lurcherman I must Have missed you, a very warm welcome to you into the family. Be good and it's a fantastic site with fantastic friends. Welcome Berwick x

  • Many thanks for the warm welcome from everyone, I have just started editing our local newsletter and was looking for inspiration and this site hit me right between the eyes!!! It's nice to see what people are talking/ worrying about and getting ideas from there.

    Stay Safe Tony oops Lurcherman x

  • Hi Marti and a very big welcome to you. Hope you get the right medication and lovely that you have supportive friends too. Lots of lovely people on here to offer support too so do come on here as often as you can. Take care. xxxx

  • Hi Marti.

    I am also a new member. Welcome to the site the members are very kind supportive and funny and full of good advice and information. It sound like you need more info from your doctor's. It must have been very scary for you but try to enjoy your life and stay positive which you seem to be.

  • it just sounds like such a big thing but im trying to stay positive x

  • do you smoke ?

  • No I never have nor does any of my family or close friends x

  • then how the hell did you get copd ?

  • Hi marti, sorry to hear you are having lung problems at such a young age. That said welcome to the site. With the right medical and personal care all should go well especially as you follow a healthy regime. I recall my eldest son having a collapsed lung in his twenties, he is still fairly fit and going on to fifty now without any major lung problem, hope this is of help with your concerns. Sounds like you have a way to go yet while the medics sort it out, so good luck with the journey and don't be afraid to ask for help or advice.

  • I can only echo what has already been said, marti. I want to send you all the best wishes for a much better healthy life. You deserve it so much - love Anniseedx

  • Marti, It's so strange that your lungs "just collapsed". do they know the cause of this. I would be shell shocked too. Yet, you sound very positive with all these activities.

    when you feel tired, don't hesitate to get rest.

    I get up in the morning, have my nebuliser, breakfast ad all my pills (about 6 of them!). Then I may feel tired. Half an hour of an hour in bed brings me back to life!

    Keep your life balanced, you probably need to recalibrate it and adjust. But you will do it. Take courage!

    Oh yes! and a very big welcome to our community. You'll find many different kind people here, ready to help.

  • All a bit technical but basically where normal lung wall has tiny holes mine had holes the size of a 2p. When they are too big they split making bigger hole which exposed the lung and so breathing in stuff irriated the unprotected lung and it collapsed. So I had surgery too join the lung to plueral lining to reinforce it x

  • Hi Marti. I'm fairly new on here but if you want to know anything I'm sure someone can help you. I don't know anything about small airways. I am here on behalf of my husband who has Interstitial Pulmonary Fibrosis. Welcome anyway.

  • Hi Marti. Yes a lot for you and your family to take in, but with all the right help from the professionals, and you have youth on side, Keep positive, will be thinking of you ,were all here for you, Take care, X

  • Hi everyone a massive thank for the positive comments and support. I am remaining positive as much as I can. Had a down day yesterday feeling a bit confused and overwhelmed. Ive kept my diagnosis between my family and few close friends for now until I know more. I told my gymnastics coach today and they said they will continue to support me for as long as I m able to train.

    My friends have been amazing. I dont know what i would do without them x

  • Hello Marti... It's good to finally have a diagnosis so you know what you are dealing with but it is a big shock to the system also. Family and friends are so important to you but please look on this site as your extended family who are here to support you also. ( anytime ) Big hugs .. Holly x

  • Hi Marti, sorry for late reply but not been well and not logging on for a few days. Welcome, I only started on here earlier on in the year, but can tell you what a lovely bunch of people are on here, so helpful and pleasant. They have helped me out a few times. Sorry to hear about your latest Illness. Take care. Cheryl

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