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Hi there I take this myself.Two or three weeks ago on this site there were suggestions that this delivery system might be causing a higher mortality rate especially in patients that had heart problems.For very obvious reasons i rang the BLF where upon the nurse suggested i ask my doctor to change to one of the newer spirivas.Well my doctors and nurse have been unable to find an alternative.Iwent back to theBLF to now find out that a new trial has just been published saying that both the handihaler and spiriva respimat are now equally safe to use.Iam delighted as i get on very well with respimat and will not be changing now,Ihave read the details and will leave the name of the trial as given to me from BLF anyone interested would easily be able too access this. TIOSPIR TRIAL Janexx

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  • I used to use this, but my nurse practioner rang to say that the BMA was advising doctors to take patients off it and put them on the Spiriva Handi Haler instead. This was well over one year ago.

  • I know isnt it difficult? Having now read the info of the trial i feel fine taking it,had it suggested definite negative indications I would have had to go back to Atrovent as iam unable to take the capsules powder delivery,and that would have been fine,I do feel happy myself not seeing anything to alarm me though I'd like all my inhalers to deliver like the respimat.I think all the doctors in my practise were reading up on it i opened pandoras box a little this is good doctors become complacent like us all sometimes'hello brain time to work' is right though what do you think poemsgalore?Havnt met you before does your name tell me you write poetry? :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane I was using the respimat for 3 years I changed recently to one of the newer ones. When the controversy first started about the respimat I ask my pharmacist whose also a friend of my daughter if he could look into it. He did and found a lot of discrepancies in the studies and advised me to stay on the respimat. Glad you find it good.

  • Hello nanaber yes me too,but until coming on here was unaware of any concerns about it.As soon as i was i reacted accordingly ofcourse I was concerned who wouldnt be?Especially with BLF advising aswell!Until yesterday and said the opposite but gave me the name of the trial to read for myself.When you say that you are on a newer one is this a mist like the spiriva as my nurse and I couldnt find an alternative unless her book is out of date which is entirely possible of course ? its not easy is it,scarey I want to feel safe and secure with my docs,if they dont know or understand something ,dont bloody guess find out and learn or send me to the relevent department or ask a superior!!! thats not rocket science.Haha what am I like .:) Janexx

  • I think the main concerns way back when was for anyone who had already been diagnosed with a cardiac problem should not continue on the respimat as that was the main concern I recall from over 5 years ago.

    Check special warnings and cautions here:


    NHS NPC from 2011:


    MHRA info from 2010:


    If you have any concerns check with your doctor, there is always the same drug in the handihaler.

  • hi BC thankyou for your info ,I really am not in the position to say what or which site is the one to be believed,iam only a fairly simple layman ,all i can say is in my opinion the infomation i have read which was from 8th sept.2013,the BLF and now my docs practise is what iam going on,My understanding is the views have now changed from the above links.Always going to be a worry once the seed of doubt has been sown.Having said that BC if you know of something that is upto date still warning against it, that would be good to know for sure .Janexx

  • the emc site (medicines.org on link above) is the one recommended by a medical professional to me, it still gives the warning:

    Spiriva Respimat should be used with caution in patients with known cardiac rhythm disorders (see 5.1).

    last updated 27/6/2013 (look right on page link below)


    The information leaflet that comes with the medicine should also indicate this.

    Of course some doctors will say it is safe for some of their patients, but all medication comes with warning and cautions for certain patients with certain health conditions.

    Worth reading para:

    4.4 special warnings and precautions

  • The TIOSPIR trial was released September 8th us.boehringer-ingelheim.com...

  • Can i ask what your understanding is of this stilltruckin have i read it wrong? Janexx

  • The Respimat is just as safe as the Handihaler. No doubt.

  • Hope you didnt mind me asking I respect your opinion as I do BC,i thought i had read correctlyand understood but then questioned my self.Thank-you stilltruckin.Janexx

  • Hi, I am finding that Spiriva makes my mouth really dry , uncomfortably so, a practice nurse friend suggested I ask my doctor for Respimat, I have an appointment this coming week with him. Is Respimat the best long term bronco dilator? Do you take one Stilltruckin and if so which one do you take?

  • I use Seretide - a dry powder inhaler which has salmeterol as the bronchodilator, and also Tiova - an aerosol inhaler which has tiotropium as the bronchodilator, same as Respimat. Together the effect is additive and I wouldn't like to give up either, but if I had to choose I'd prefer the Tiova.

  • Hi longings. Just been reading the message about spiriva a respimat, I am and have been for almost two years on this, I too cannot take the capsule form. I was also told at the Copd rehab course that this is the only officially recognised inhaler for Copd.? I am on tablets for the heart but have not been told to stop respimat,? Blimmy it's so easy to get yourself confused wish all these organisations and health professionals would read of the same page for a change. Do you know you are closer to five weeks smoke free now!! June. X

  • I know how good is that,im almost pleased that i had friends who smoke visit yesterday not round me either out the back or frontdoors,before ive said one wont hurt !On this occassion i just remembered how horrible they smelled afterwards the smokey joes..Yes iagree thats why isaid its scarey out there with all these reports and differing opinions?Janexx

  • I think everyone must be guided by their own GP about any medications really. What goes down in the US about our meds doesn't always go down in the UK and vice versa.

  • Your right BC of course people must I was just passing on what I thought was good news,I do think that maybe it hasnt filtered through yet, my doctors were un aware at first ! Janexx

  • I think basically UK doctors don't pay any mind to anything unless the authorizing body gives the directive to change documentation and prescribing guidelines.


  • Apparently it was something to do with the dosage the respimat was sending into the lungs. Jane I'll post the name of the inhaler I'm on tomorrow I'm down stairs in the sitting room my meds box is upstairs too tired now to go up and come back down again so promise to do it in the morning. Bernie xxx

  • Oh dear wished Id kept my mouth shut im happy for me with it though..But Ive learned a valuable lesson so this is positive.That'll be great Berni thank-you.I defo understand the stair thing,im trying to gear up for the stairs Ive gone down with some lergy a gift from my son,as the day has gone on im struggling, i need to go up and start antibs..So I will wish you a good night and see you tomorrow.Janexx

  • I just thought I take Seretide. I noticed that there was a question about both and their difference. Look up this question: whats the difference betweenSeretide and spiriva? is Seretide better because it also has steroids - on this site. Parvati explains what they do, what they target, etc.

  • The post you refer to is here . . . healthunlocked.com/blf/ques...

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