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Lung function results

Hi, had appt. last week with Rheumy registrar, not seen her before. She had results of lung function test and said most stayed the same as previous one 6 months previously, but that one showed that the lungs are not expelling all the air taken in.

Is this what is called hyperinflation? And what is the out come of this? She wants to see me in 3 months time. I have asthma and sarcoidosis in both lungs. Any help on this greatly appreciated.


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Hi Titchyj, As far as I understand it from my husbands' illness - severe COPD - that the alveoli (small air sacs) in his lungs have lost their elasticity and his problem is similar. He is not expelling all the air in his lungs. This means that he has to practise his breathing techniques and try to be more proactive about expelling air! The spirometry tests have shown this. I understand that because of this it can mean that he shallow breaths. The pulmonary rehab course he has been on has really helped him to exercise and improve his lung function.

Having said all that - I am not a medic! I would advise that you ring the BLF helpline (click on the red balloon) and ask their advise. Take good care, TAD xx

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Agree with Tadaw - in fact I have learnt from her info.


Thank you both for your replies, greatly appreciated.



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