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about a month ago I had an exaberation, I took the usual, prednisolone and anti- biotics for two weeks

I am still struggling , is it the weather? it`s been raining a lot where I am . or is it the two de humidifiers I have going( just started them up two weeks ago) ,the area where i live was apparently built on "swampy ground (in the 30s)" so the houses are prone to very bad condensation ,therefore virtually all the houses in my area have de humidifiers . does any one know if they are bad for copd ,or make no difference? i do know that condensation makes for mould which is no good at all

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Good Morning Whit - It could be the weather. I would advise you go back to the Doctors and check that the infection has cleared up completely. My husband suffers with severe COPD and it can take 3, 4 and sometimes 5 courses of antibiotics and steroids to clear it all up. Having said that there are certain personal triggers with COPD - my husband really struggles in the cold weather so as the season starts to change and the weather is colder he will find it very difficult. I cannot imagine that very bad condensation would help you especially if it triggers mould growth. Perhaps you could ring the BLF helpline (click on the red balloon) - they might be able to give you some advise. Take care, TAD xx


I can only agree with TAD. I struggle more in the colder weather but would check the infection is all gone. x


Ditto on this ,bad weather. Damp ,cold iv learnt to stay in ,I went out the other day in the rain and I'm paying for it now,but wat can u do if u live alone ,uv got to do ur errands etc I would sayits the weather


Just agreeing with TADAW. Go back to your GP - you may need a different antibiotic to kick the infection completely into touch.


I suffer with very severe c.o.p.d. and live in Lancashire where the climate is extremely damp and it certainly affects me.


Evening everyone

They changed my AB to a stronger one when I went in hospital in June, I'm on my fourth infection since then so it may take a few courses. I would go back to your GP since he can't prescribe another course.

Kim xxxx


Hi there, I have bronchiectasis which is a COPD and I get a lot of chest infections in the winter months, starting around this time of year. At present, with the wet weather I am having problems with constrained breathing, so there is a connection with the dampness and the chest infections. My flats were built on marshy ground too (I also live overlooking a very polluted busy road) and there is a lot of condensation in my home, so I have been thinking of getting a dehumidifier as well as an air purifier.There are mould spores on the windows (I do clean them!) and I have had signs of mildew and damp on a couple of walls due to condensation (now treated by our maintenance committee). These are not good living conditions for COPD so, although I would love to have the finances to live beside the sea air (it's good for your lungs), I can't ,and the best thing to do is address the condensation with a dehumidifier and the dust mites and pollution with an air purifier. I do feel for you. I think that all we can do is take some action to address the problems and even psychologically, once we have done that, we can start to feel a bit more positive that we are doing something and things may strart getting better. The worst thing for me I find, is to wake up in the morning, feeling that I am powerless.


a surprising amount of water is taken out of the atmosphere with a de-humidifier ,get one


whit, my dehumidifier and air purifier arrived yesterday. I tried the dehumidifier today but it stopped after a while and I don't think the air was very humid in my flat when I used it. I will try it again tonight. Do you find they use a lot of electricity? It is something everyone is thinking about now with the big hikes in energy prices.


the de humidifier will switch itself off when it detects the atmosphere is not too humid , it should tell you in your instructions how to set it up, as for electricity usage i don`t think it uses a great amount ,but if it helps with your breathing problems .........

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I would go back to your doc to get your lungs checked again whit. Keeping fingers crossed for you its not the continuation of a lung infection or the start of a new one.

Damp cold air is something my lungs are not happy with also and it does affect my breathing.

A de humidifier is a good choice if you get a lot of damp around your area, I use one myself and find it very helpful on the damp days as the moisture content in the air outside does seem to add moisture to the air inside even with central heating on.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Take good care. BC


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