~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~INSTRUMENTAL DANCING MEMORIES~~HAVE A LOOK~~1930's40's50's 60's70's80's

.............................How did you dance to instrumental artists, bands?

What do you remember about various instrumental music artists and bands.

What was your favourite instrumental tune?

Did you 'Rock' with 'Johnnie and the Hurricanes'~~~~Rocking Goose or Reveille Rock.

Maybe you Waltzed to Don Harper and his fiddle.

'B. Bumble and the Stingers' were good for twisting to.

Jiving to Jet Harris and Tony Meehan.

Did you go jitterbugging to the Dixie Ramblers ?

Your say now:-



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  • All before my time, I'm afraid! My groovin' was done to the Beatles and Rolling Stones, The Kinks and The Animals.

  • I did not state a time period Toci. Just what instrumental groups ,artists etc.There have been many AFTER YOUR TIME

  • You are asking what instrumental bands/artistes we danced to. I cannot remember dancing to any in the late 60s, which is when I was out dancing. I have thought and thought but still can't think of any.

  • What you danced to and any memories of and your favourite instrumental tune.Artist that had instrumentals in the late 60's included Dick Dale, James Brown , Cliff Nobles and Co, Affinity. The Dubliners , Elton John. Hope they stirred some memories

  • Well I danced to Elton John, but as a singer not an instrumentalist; James Brown and The Dubliners I have heard of, but again songs not instrumentals and certainly have never danced to them; no idea who Dick Dale, Cliff Nobles and Co or Affinity are.

  • Ah well I tried to jog some memories Toci

  • I can't help being so young, LOL. xx

  • Age is immaterial, we have members as young as 21!

  • Yes, but I bet they also did not dance to these instrumentalists!

  • We are talking about instrumentals that they can remember,not only dance to

  • "Instrumental Dancing Memories" ?

  • My dancing activities were around the skiffle era. I recall an all night session in Chislehurst Caves years ago - skiffle. Quite nippy on my feet. But ballroom dancing when I first left school, the local dance hall, waiting for some dubious bod to ask me for a dance. I remember the glitter ball. We would stay until the end, miss the bus, and then walk 3-4 miles across Reading. Even if I could, I wouldn't cross Reading after dark. Tried the twist in the 1960s, but it didn't work because I was so pregnant.

  • You had already been twisting EH annieseed ?

  • Ooh - er! You could be very right. King

  • Like Toci I am afraid. your on your own LOL Berwick

  • No particular time was stated .it is across the years memories for instrumental artists,groups of which there are many. You must remember some, eg Bobby Crush, The Shadows

  • Never heard of Bobby Crush and the Shadows were old hat when I was dancing. I really don't remember listening to any purely instrumental groups. x

  • Booby Crush .A happy go lucky pianist. Shadows music has survived the test of time.

  • Me neither I'm afraid King. I was strictly 60's onwards.

  • There are plenty of instrumental groups artists over the years particularly in the 60's,Come on start thinking

  • Bit before my time too. :)

  • No time limits were set silversurfer, there have been many instrumental artists, groups through the years Put your thinking cap on!

  • Can manage 1 The Hollies, The Air That I Breathe, my late husbands favourite. Must get my brain into gear, seam to have blotted a lot out.

  • Telstar, Tornados. Apache The Shadows

  • There have been loads more through the ages

  • Fantastic Suzy6

  • The Great Billy Cotton and his band. A saturday Night Special Hes one for you KOTC who sang the six five special or over the points over the points Berwick

  • Off the top of my head I think it was 'Frantic Five'

  • I think I know Six Five Special. My Dad wouldn't let us watch this so we all willed him to go out.

  • Super show.

  • Hi kotc, are you including artists such as, kenny ball and his jazz men, James last, jo loss in this memories question


  • I am including any memories from all HealthUnlockders.You have just mentioned some of the all time greats.

  • Love them Steamtrain.

  • Kotc, you have set me off now, I grew up with a father who loved all types of music, I remember walking up the road from the school bus, and hearing the music booming out, either Strauss , bethovan , dam buster last, loss, ball. I remember a Christmas dinner dance at the town hall in watford, and I had a friend, my mum and my teacher teach me to waltz. On the night of the dance I said to dad I'll dance with you, so off we went, him very confident, me very nervous, a few minutes into the dance, he stopped and said, "relax girl, it's like pushing a sack of spuds round the floor" I did get better and used to and still love all those great artists, still even have all of my days lps, also all the musicals. Love them, a big softy I suppose, or should that be sentimentalist.

  • I think you are a lot of both, just like me!! What nice memories. My sister had, ballet, tap, dancing, singing, elocution, music,deportment lessons. ME nothing.

  • I would love to go and get the boxes out and play some music from those times now. Not a good idea, as my son is sleeping, I will do it when he's not hear next. I just thought of another, glen miller! Do you like the musicals too.?

  • I do like musicals. My records and tapes are in a shed in the garden.so I can go and play what I want without upsetting anyone.

  • Oh lucky ole you, but it's a bit cold in my shed as the room is falling in, and of course, my bed is too snugly, so I'll wait till the boy is out. But you enjoy. One of my favourite musicals is Camelot the story, songs, ect I love it. Soppy moo I am . I should dig of the one with the song, I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair, south pacific I think?

  • My shed is more of a summertime venue!

  • No mine even isn't a summertime venue. In the winter it's the rain pouring through the roof, and any day now it will fall in, then in the summer it's the fear of the floor. Giving way from the wet, can't win, so pleased to see other have joined in the music conversation, was starting to think I was the only old timer. Ha ha.

  • Not on this site your not

  • Oh just remembered meant to say that I love listening to kenny g now, brilliant sax

  • Saxophonists on their own are very rare nowadays.But he is special

  • Soppy moo not I love being in the house on my own and playing my music as loud as I dare and singing along. Better still driving along in my car singing away. Brings me alive. We all have different tastes of music in my house.

  • I always remember, Perez Prado playing 'Cherry pink and apple blossom white' !

  • But did you MAMBO dukes?

  • Unfortunately not, King, got one leg longer than t'other (Talipes) so dancing was out for me.

    Done an awful lot of foot-tapping though ! :-)

  • First dancing I did to music was as an ankle snapper at school in Cornwall. Apart from "Music and Movement" on a massive radio but then my first "live" music was learning to dance around the Maypole...music supplied by two fiddlers. Later on in life, my old favourite March of the Mods courtesy of Joe Loss.

  • Joe Loss, another all time great band leader

  • I think he must of been surprised by his No1 in the 60's. It was well out of the big band era....only Billy Cotton still getting regular shows.

  • Sunday lunch time. "Wakey Wakey" Alan Breeze?

  • Alan Breeze~~~~'I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts'

  • He they are standing in a row?

  • Have a banana lol ..................just getting me brain in gear be back soon, when I have compliled my list.

  • Ok let me think, hmmmmm Elvis, Mario Lanza, Roy orbison, The Righteus brothers, Bob Marley, Kay Star, Elma Cogan, Brenda Lee, Peggy Lee, Kenny G, and all the mowtown tracks, (swoons) lol and lots lots more, oh yes Im a great music lover, even todays stuff.... luv it all keeps me singing keeps me alive, I could live without tv and many other things. but not without music............

    if music be the food of life, play on,...........

    I promise not to sing onsite lol. ............... better stop there lol Joan x

  • Stirring your memories aren't you?Joan

  • well yea sorta bit sad cant dance like I used to never mind I can move about and of course always singing, lol Joan x

  • ooops Jim Reeves aswell of course, Johny Cash,

  • 'I heard the sounds' 'of a boy named Sue'

  • Same tastes with the exception of Bob Marley and todays music, Plus Dusty Springfield, Buddy Holly. Not interested in TV either unless News or Documenties which suits my husband as he loves all the old films. He is paranoid over ownership of the remote. I often sit on the comp with my earphones and listen to my music.

  • That's what my wife does when she wants to listen to Corrie!

  • oh yes I have Dustys Buddy Holly, and oh did you know you can get another remote control hmmm just a thought......................lol Joan x

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