Had a bit of an interesting moment yesterday?

Had a bit of an interesting moment yesterday?

Not really sure what happened yesterday but everything seems alright now. Normally I shower but for some reason I thought I would relax in a nice hot bath. Well whilst in the bath I noticed that the tile grouting was in need of a tidy up so afterwards I spent some time with a tooth brush and some domestos and scrubbed until away until the job was finished. I then went downstairs and sat on the couch feeling shattered and very very tired. My Mother phoned and I was barely able to finish the conversation through tiredness. The next thing I knew was I was waking up still sat in the same position but something wasn't right, I felt very confused and my heart was pounding in the back of my head, I was unable to wake fully from this sleep and felt extremely weak. I knew that if I tried to stand I would almost definitely fall over. Luckily the phone was still next to me so I tried to phone my wife at work but her auto voice cut in and said she was at a meeting. I was feeling like I could pass out at any second so my next phone call was 999.

The lady on the end of the phone was asking lots of simple questions which I was really struggling to answer and I had to really concentrate to maintain control. My heart was still pounding in my head and I was sure I was going to black out. Next thing the lady was saying she had someone on the way.

At this point I realised that all the doors were locked so the nice lady said to try and get to the door while she was still on the phone so I hung to the furniture and walls and unlocked the front door and got back to the couch. I was starting to feel slightly better now and the pounding in my head was better but I had a hot feeling all round the back of my head.

At this point a paramedic arrived and quickly connected up and carried out an ECG, tested my oxygen levels, checked my temperature and blood sugar levels. By now I was feeling a lot better and all the tests showed nothing untoward. After questioning me and asking what I had done leading up to the episode the fast response paramedic came to the conclusion that the hot bath had probably triggered something and caused a lowering of my blood pressure. She said that I probably didn't need to go to hospital but gave me the option. I declined the offer but she asked me to go and see my GP and waited while I phoned there and then. My GP said to come down straight away and at this time my wife arrived home and was able take me.

Once there my GP was brilliant and even phoned a consultant at the hospital to ask whether I should be sent in for observation overnight. Luckily they decided to have me in for some tests probably next week unless I experienced the same again in which case I was to go straight to hospital.

Well here I am feeling normal for me and wondering what the heck happened, maybe it was the hot bath or the fumes from the domestos whilst cleaning the tiling, I may probably never know but I'm sticking to showering from now on and someone else will be doing the bathroom cleaning me thinks.

Life's not all that plain sailing is it healthunlockeders but it would be boring if it was wouldn't it. :)


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That probably was a shock to the system the hot bath. I had something like that last year. Had a bath and got out luckly my OH was there as when I got out I blacked out and nearly hit my head on the toilet. He was there to stop it.

Glad you are feeling better now

I'm taking no chances, I remember thinking the water was a little hot as I slowly lowered myself in, its back to showers again for me just in case. Crazy ain't it but at 54 I'm still learning how to wash myself :).

It could have been a reaction from a load of BALLS(tennis balls) Tony


I did wonder whether the tennis had anything to do with it, I may have a bad case of Tennisitis. :)

I should have gone to the pub afterwards for a pint of that well know medicine, Guinness!!!

oooer Tony ive always been told not to have to hotter bath not good for the old ticker? but i do like to empty a little turn tap with toe or I used too,had a new bathroom decided a lge shower was the way to go :( I miss my bath so much.Oh well saves on the water bill i guess.Im glad your dodgy moment passed and you were ok ,you musnt do sniffing of fumes in a steamy hot bath !it no good.Take it easy my friend.Janexx

Thanks Jane, I'm sure it was a blip and one I will try and avoid by returning to having showers again. Obviously I'm already too hot to handle and that hot bath blew my thermostat or something, anyway I'm still here and its business as usual. At least the bathroom tiles look pretty good at the moment. :)

Hot baths can be a problem Tony, jacuzzie is not recommended either.

Domestos is a definitely no no for lung patients.

Glad you are ok now.

Crikey - how terrifying Tony. You wont be doing that again in a hurry ;) Guinness better for the body than domestos :)

I hope you feel 100% again now Tony. How scary for you.

Lynne xx

What a scarey episode. glad your ok now. The domestos alone would have been enough to make me ill. think you need to avoid that in future! M

Thank you all for these comments..my husband often has the shower too hot and feels light headed and his skin feels itchy afterwards. I will draw his attention to the advice of the old hands at this game ! He will probably listen to you more than me!!

That was a scary moment. We live in an apartment and only have a shower so don't have that worry. Before my Husband had oxygen that was really hard work for him. It would be a shame if you couldn't have your bath again. I would wait till someone is there and maybe not have it quite so hot. Take care.

I am a bit confused by this Tony. I used to shower but got so that I could not stand long enough to wash/shampoo/etc. and often felt ill afterwards. I was advised by my doctor that shower heads are not good, no matter how often they are cleaned and that anyone with a chest condition should take baths instead. I have my bath REALLY hot and have never had problems. Maybe it was the tennis? Or, more likely, the bleach and tile grouting. Take care. x

That's interesting about what you said about the shower head, thanks.

Morning dallo5, I hope you are ok this morning...the NHS certainly rose to the occasion.

It must have been bathroom cleaning time yesterday ...I had a go at my grout with bleach and brush too...but had the window open and there was no steam....got a headache though, but I don't know if just a coincidence.

Good luck with the tests

Good Morning - how frightening! Good presence of mind to be able to ring 999 after your wife. Just a thought my husband can't get baths anymore just finds it too low for him and constricts his lungs too much so always showers - but has trouble with that and has to keep turning it off for air breaks! I cleaned our bathroom last night with some bathroom cleaner - no windows open. Result very bad headache and pounding chest. Just wondering if it was domestos???? Lets hope its a one off and it doesn't keep you from your tennis! Have a great day. TAD xx

Oh dear Tony what a carry on! Stick to the showers and leave the bleach in the cupboard. Take care. xxxxx :)

Lucky to get into the bath which I can do, but getting out, a problem.

I use a bath lift Annie, provided through Social Services. Ask about it. x

The only way forward is surely, stay mucky, no bathing and no cleaning. You may lose a few friends but at least you will be able to breathe.

That called for a giggle, sukee.

Toci, I did have one of those bath lifts but took a dislike to it. I couldn't get all of me into the bath, so must be content with a bath thingey across the top of the bath.

I have not had a bath for over 20 years it makes my joints so stiff other people hear my joints cracking. A lot of cleaning fluids make me dizzy and affect my breathing. I had to put some drain cleaning fluid in my mums sink once and fortunately I put the bottle down before I was caught by my wife. I make sure all the windows and doors are open and I am at arms length.

Hi Tony, Most prob the hot bath, and the fumes off the bleech, and you have been so busy lately, Like King said with the tennis, chill out and rest up a bit, the jobs will be there tomorrow, X

Thanks Tony

Got those two well tested, no hot baths, no domestos. What's next to test and is it my turn or Matts? I've done the how far do the sats fall when stripping the bed. Answer, nobody else should try it - my machine said down to 42 - took 4 mins to get back up there. It was OK cos I could still talk! Do not try this at home, I've done it for you. That was 15mins of energy use, more exercise to improve muscle tone I think. Look forward to new thing to do and games to play. love xxxx

I think I've dipped into the 50s but you beat me hands down recording 42 and staying conscious. That's the sort of figures I was reading when they wheeled me into this lovely new ward called ICU :) 3 years ago.

I think it must be MCs time to find out a new thing to add to our whats not to do book for very stupid people. :).

We could have a best seller on our hands eh DD.

Tony xx

Gawd Tony, will you never learn! Domestos? What are you like tuttuttut

very glad you've recovered :D

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