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I have severe copd & pulmonary fibrosis trying to stop smocking is proving to be very hard for me even with patches & mouth spray my specialist told me what I have is worse than any lung cancer.but he is advising me to stop smoking he cant tell me how long I have to live.so I am wondering what is the point of stopping now the damage is donei would like to know your views. I smoke 20 a day

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Stop teaky19 please. You will prolong your life and you will be able to enjoy it again. Maybe at a slightly slower pace. You will receive lots of encouragement on here. Start tomorrow. I still have cravings and sometimes have a puff e ciggie but I feel much better having given up. Good luck.

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thank shall try a lot harder tommorow

Please do. If you climb the walls come on here for support.

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Hi tweaks 19. I also have Copd, and have been very poorly with it for most of this year on and off, gave up smoking 22 August, had a few lapses, but I feel great now. I can breath, smell things, and taste, so much so I have also put on now 9lbs in weight. Last peek flow I did in July read 175 did a peek flow yesterday, having asked for a new meter, and on my third puff I hit 280, that's a first for a long time, I am taking champix, and every now and again I pop a Nicolette cools icy mint lozenges in to suck for a few mins. Try and try again, I never believed I could do it, you will get there. And remember, where there's breath there's life, where there's life there's hope. Go for it, and like Suzy 6 said, you will get loads of support and encouragement from all of us. Cheers June. X

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Hi I use NiQuitin mint lozenge every time I get a longing for a cige. I stopped smoking 4 years ago after I was diagnosed with moderate copd. The consultant told me it was the best thing I could do for my lungs.

Quiting smoking is hard and I know the only way to do it is for your self. I tried in the past but didn't stay off them I think it was because I had stopped smoking for my family. Good Luck with it.

Oh dear teaky19, you really should,nt say there is no point in stopping now,,,we have all been there believe me,,and yes we could all do with a quick puff now and again,,but we all want to extend our lives so if giving up smoking is one of them so be it,,i found it very hard and have a e cig,, i use the blackberry favour,,i feel so much better as do others,and i have spare money now hich is a mega bonus,,,please try harder,,you will benefit in the end,,

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Hello Teaky19 ive stopped 30 days ago and already my high blood pressure is now better than normal that is definitely helping im stage 4 ,thought it was too late to make a difference its not im feeling better in all sorts of ways,one of the biggest and immediately changes is me ,my more positive attitude,i feel proud at my acheivement,I feel happy and I know people with great positivity live longer generally,so im not dying at all !:) If you really want to do this set your stop day thats good for you, we will all be here to help you along the way as often as you want.These great people here are the ones that helped me,it felt right for me and here Iam.Its never too late.See you soon. Janexx


Hi teaky 19

You have got to want to stop smoking firstly, that's your biggest hurdle, my experience was supporting my mother in law who lived next door to me ! She was diagnosed severe COPD but continued to smoke for 5 yrs, and ended up on oxygen 24/7 before she packed in. She was advised to pack in on diagnosis and then told she needed oxygen because she carried on smoking, she was having around 3/5 cigs a day, as that's all she could take in really. Sadly she passed away within a year of starting the oxygen, she was only 62 ! Wen I was told I have emphesema this year I packed in right away, my first thought was my other half and kids/ grandkids, pack these cigs in you will benefit am sure! Even second hand smoke affects you! I honestly don't think it's ever too late or not worth packing in ! Good luck we will support you ! X

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thank to all who replied going to try stopping the cigs today along with my wife who is stopping with me shall let you all now high I get on thank for all your support

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All the best, teaky. Believe me, it can be done because lots of other people have succeeded.

I was told by a consultant that giving up smoking was the best thing I have ever done and probably saved me life. The feeling you get from knowing you are no longer dependent on the cigarettes is fantastic, and your health does improve. Good luck Joyce

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I took along time to give up smoking and really drew it out. You really have to want to do it. I did but still struggled. In the end I thought this is stupid. Get on and do it and I did. You will still look for them for a long time but you are worth more than a silly cigarette. There are other things you can do to take your mind off them and you will enjoy as much. I always say if you can get over the first three weeks you are reasonably home and dry. Don't let a bit of tobacco take your life. You really can do this! Do it now. Good luck!

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I'm convinced that for every individual there is a way to stop smoking which will be successful.

I tried all sorts including hypnotism and patches. The way which eventually enabled me to succeed was a book, of all things - no high tech, no miracle drugs, no artificial aids.

The book is called "The Easyway to Stop Smoking" and is by Allen Carr. You'll find it on Amazon or probably on the shelf of any major book shop.

The basic idea is simple. You have to get into the frame of mind which says that you are NOT "giving up" anything. Yes, you are stopping doing something but "giving up" means that you are losing out on something valuable. When you were young I'm sure you occasionally tried to run into the road in front of oncoming traffic. Your parents will have shouted "Stop doing that", not "Give up doing that". Spot the difference!

You are losing nothing. You are gaining lots.

What Allen Carr does is take you through a journey to changing your attitude. Some of it seems a bit silly but it does matter.

It isn't a miracle cure. I succeeded on the third effort.

However the punch line is taking your last cigarette and knowing that it's true.

Mine was at 8.20 p.m. on 26th August 1996. It's that specific. From fifty a day to nil.

Believe me, you can do it.

I hope you'll soon be joining the Non Smokers.

All the best.


It isn't often thatI add my twopenn'rth... But I have to with your comment, Tweaky. i was told to stop smoking because I had mild emphysema. I ignored my doctor's instruction... for far too long. When I was told that my little kitty had chronic bronchitis from secondary smoking -- I stopped. it was a bit late for us both by then. Now I go to the gym three times a week, carry an oxygen cylinder wherever I go and wish I'd had the brains to see the "light of day" sooner.

For your own sake, for that of those around you, for your family -- screw up all your will power, get the patches (or whatever turns you off the fags) and stop. The sooner you do. The faster you will feel the benefit.



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Yes you both do it together, before you both end up on oxygen, you may fall but pick yourself up and start again, Thinking of you both. X

I have COPD and gave up about 8 years ago I remember it well my daughter dragged me kicking and screaming to the quit clinic, you can still see the skid marks on the path. When I got to the clinic the nurse made me feel as I was in control and I chose the date and the way. I used champix and she told me I would not want to smoke between 8 and 14 days, I went home took my first champix and lit up a cigarette around the 12 day I lit up a cigarette and for the first time I did not enjoy it. On the 14th day I had my last cigarette the next morning I got up couldn't stop shaking and I have never smoked since, I went from 30 a day to nil. I was level 2 then February this year I moved up a level because I caught the flu and May this I got the flu again i'm now level 4 but if I can do it anyone can. One tip I can give you is I used to like a cigarette with a coffee or after a meal get up wash up or if you can knit that would also take your mind off it.

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i was 67 when i stopped 1 was told that i possibly had mild copd i did not think twice no patches no gum i just stopped was the easist thing that i have ever done .i was on 40 a day . i feel on top of the world never felt better sure i do things slower now but i am nearly 70 now so you stop with weed .


I have tried on and off for years. In September 2012 I stopped. I went to the stop smoking clinics 3 times, I tried giving up with other people, I tried everything.

I had noticed how my health seemed to be getting worse, eg, shortness of breath, tired out after doing the slightest of things, not being able to walk very far and I got so very sick of living like it.

Although I do have a serious illness anyway (Lupus) and possibly Pulmonary Fibrosis waiting for a diagnosis, I felt my health was deteriorating even more.

I have the most amazing husband and son who have cared for me over a lot of years. They have had their fair share of worry and stress due to my illnesses, and I know I am very very lucky to have these amazing people in my life. So why should I keep putting my health at more risk.

I thought about this a lot and got very depressed as to what to do. I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. It was very hard to start with but, the thought of my family and what they do for me always being in the front of my mind keeps me strong.

Maybe I have done the damage already but hopefully I will have a lot more years extra if, I had not have stopped.

I am not trying to preach to you, but, try to give some insight into how I approached giving up smoking. Take care.

caz59 x

Good Luck

Evening everyone

I never thought I could give up smoked for 38 years, was taken to hospital not being able to breathe New Year's Eve 2011 not smoked since, I think the time has to be right I did have the electronic cigarette but I never really used it, and I know not everyone likes the idea of them but having it worked for me.

Kim xxxx

Hi,have you tried the ecig. you can get different flavours and strengths. i am on week 20 now but reduced it down to zero nicotine in it after 4 weeks. It the best £30 i ever spent !

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NEVER EVER GIVE UP! i believe you can change your body though positive thought as well as physical exercise and taking the bad out of your life! Check out the miracle man for motivation!!! themiracleman.org/ I love him.. he and his wife have a miraculous story to tell!

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