You ask me to let you no how I went on

You asked Me to let you know I went on with the eating expert well Ian sorry to say I had to cancel her my head isn't in a good place at the moment got so much going on so I've decided to come of get for a while as I don't think it's fair putting all my problems on to you lovely people thankyou all for your advice and support over the last 7 or more months really appricated xxx

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  • Hi pamela Don't think for a minute that you are putting your problems on us we all have problems some worse than others, We are here to listen and help and advise when we can. Please don't disappear seek help with your issues. Good Luck

  • Pamela - you sound as if you need support don't close the door. We are all here for you and will help you if we can. Lots of love TADxx

  • Stay Pamela, please?

  • Hi pamela67, I agree with the others that you need all the support you can get right now so don't go anywhere please. We are here for you. Take care. xxx

  • Pamela67, the site is here for you, we cannot support or advise if you leave, but do understand if you feel you can't cope with it at the moment. We all have times like that, stop and think before you decide and hopefully you will stay every best wishX

  • HI Pamela..someones always here to help when you need it... have done so well so far this year...

    Best wishes

  • Please stay Pamela we all want to help and support you,this is what this site is all about.Dont be hasty sleep on it see how you feel tomorow.Janexx

  • Please don't leave. We are all here to support you. You don't have to do this on your own. I have only been here a little while and find everyone is here for us.

  • Hi Pamela, don't leave us we all want to help and you are not putting your problems worries or fears on us, it's called sharing and we all help each other when we share our thoughts and feelings. I am a very new member to the site, but I cannot think of a day without the lift and support that I have had and am sure will get when I need it in the future. Do what long lungs said, sleep on it, and we will all chat again tomorrow. Lol June.xx

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