Pain Free At Last.Mattcass

Morning All, This is the third day since i stepped up my steroids by 5mgs to 20mgs and the pain has virtually gone my fingers and wrist are sore to touch but considering what they been through the last three weeks, there is no inflammatory pain anywhere, I have decided to forget the Rheumy side of my problems till i meet the Respiratory big guns in Edinburgh early December and what I need to know will 20mgs steroids a day be damaging to me long term. Away to complete my mini Triathlon 50 mts sprint in the Hydro pool in the chair, 100mts there and back to the pub, and 10 minutes on the exercise bike on speed 1. Mattcass

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  • Way to go Mattcass! I am so pleased that you have a pain reduction and hope this means you can make the progress you want to make. :)

  • Thank You Toci, At this stage i am canceling any Rheumy appointments till further notice there is nothing more that can be done for me the RA side of my Illness. Matt

  • Oh Matt some relief at last for you so pleased for you ,your week will be much more fun for you now!I sense changes afoot Matt.'Rock on Tommy!' haha Take care :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane Thank You, You are doing brilliant with not smoking keep it up as I said the hard part is done.Matt

  • So relieved to hear you have found some pain relief. HURRAH! Enjoy your week. TAD xx

  • Hi Tad Thank You. It's great when you can pick up your pint of GUINNESS with one hand and no shaking. Matt

  • Great news Matt , you really suffered there for a while so deserve your GUINNESS more than anyone Cheers!!!!!!!!!


  • Hi Eck Thank You, how are you getting on.Matt

  • Matt I'm so pleased your pain has lessened with 20mgs. I don't think you would get any adverse effects from that dosage.

  • If the 20mgs work then that is what matters for now Matt. Good luck to you and take care. xxxx

  • Thank goodness, what little wonder pills they are. As long as you are on AdCal and Alendronic acid your bones should be OK. Skin may be a bit delicate and easy to bruise but a reasonable trade off I reckon. Another plus, really good for the lungs. So go Matt go.

    love to Fran xxx

  • Hi MC you steroid junky, It sounds as though you have done the right thing as steroids are the best anti-imflammatory drug on the market. 20mg is a medium dose and shouldn't do you any harm as long as you take your bone and stomach protection pills. In any case your pain free and that's what counts for now so maybe you could take Fran out to celebrate with a glass of wine while you boost your iron levels with a Guinness or two. :)

    As DD say's its also good for the lungs too so its a win win situation, they have certainly worked wonders for me over the years.

    Tony Your triathlon sounds like a great idea and I must tryout the pub bit soon. Take care MC

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