Going back into 5* hotel next week

Well I had thought I would avoid another hospital stay for a while but I had my appointment with my consultant yesterday and he has decided I need to be admitted next week for iv's. I was last in August time. I am not dreadfully ill but things have been going a bit pear shaped for a couple of weeks. I am not looking foward to it but I suppose it's necessary. Last time I was in I was in I was a couple of beds away from a raving lunatic. Let's hope it's quieter this time. M

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Hi Mocarey, please take the rest and be good, don't worry about the raving lunatic as there will always be a new one. Love and hugs to you. berwick xxxx

Thanks Berwick, maybe I will be the raving lunatic this time! xx

So sorry you have to go into hospital but if it improves your condition it will be worth it. Have a nice rest. God Bless

Thank you silversurfer. xx

Good luck to you Mocarey and hoping you don't need to stay in for too long. Take care and best wishes. xxx

Thank you Sassy xx

I wish you good luck and a short stay. x

Thanks Toci I appreciate your good wishes xx

Hope the treatment works quickly and you will soon be home, just rest up whilst in there if you can.

polly xx

Thanks Polly much appreciated! xx

Hi Flibberti, no my hospital doesn't do home iv's unfortunately, so I'v just got to get my head down and get on with it. Don't know what bug I am cultivating yet, he just knew I was having probs and decided I needed in. I do colonise aspergillus though. M xx

What a nuisance! And I suppose a disappointment. Hope that your stay is quiet (get some ear plugs - had to get some for my son this week - he is in halls at uni!) Stock up on some mags. puzzle books and do you have a kindle - my husband has one that reads to him! Though he still has to read it - some of the pronunciation is a little difficult to understand! Try to enjoy being looked after ( and insist you are!) Take good care and keep in touch. Wishing you the speediest recovery. Lots of love TAD xx

I am overwhelmed with all your good wishes. Thank you so much. I do have regular admissions but it doesn't get any easier. Nice to know all you lovely people are thinking of me. Take care my friends and keep well. XX M

Yes Tad I do take my kindle in with and crossword books and some mags. Just got to get on with it. Thank you. M xx

Hope it goes ok next week, Lots of books , chocolates and rest in order xxxx

Thank you Pinky xx M

Oh no Mo - when are they gonna give you a break from 5* hun! I am glad though you are not feeling in an acute state as you certainly have been in the past and no you're right it doesn't get any easier no matter how many times they drag you in. Well this lunatics at home at the mo, so it won't be me:-) Do you know what day sweet?

Will be thinking of you wee Mo and sending healing hugs to bonny Scotland.

Loads a love


Hi Sue it is being arranged for Monday. But sometimes beds are a bit on the scarce side but all being well it will be Monday. Glad you are at home and hope you are feeling stronger. Love and Hugs M xx

Hope all goes well for you M.

and hope your stay is a short one.

Best wishes BC

Hi Mocarey I do hope that your 5* stay will be short and sweet and your back on track as swiftly as is possible.Keep well.Janexx

Aww! So sorry you are going to hospital. I'm sure it's the right place to be if your GP thinks so. Take care. Hope you're better soon.

Thanks Mavary. yes my consultant thinks it's what I need.. needs to be done unfortunatey! M

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