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Other than pursed lip breathing, does anyone know how to reduce carbon dioxide in the blood? I have been feeling a little light-headed and more tired than usual. The last time I went to the hospital, I had similar symptoms and became unconscious in the ambulance. They said my CO2 level was high. I use a oximeter all the time, but only a blood gas test can tell CO2 level.

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Only thing i know is B12 vitamin once every other day and try not to get worked up or hyperventalate

Thanks for the help. How much B12 do you take?

Hi drd4 i take just b12 not b12 complex stuff ... Only take one pill every other day

The only thing other than pursed lip breathing is to slow your breathing down by breathing in to a count of 7 & out to a count of 11. Do this for at least three cycles, try to relax & remain calm.

Beast wishes

Jo :-)

Thanks for the tip.

Trapped air in the lungs leads to high CO2 levels - take your time exhaling, get rid of all the used air that you can, and use your diaphragm to do it rather than your chest muscles (more efficient).

Use fat as your energy source rather than sugar. Much more CO2 is produced by the metabolism of glucose.

Hi stilltruckin have you link for glucose and co2 as striode inharls increse your blood glucose thus must increse your Co2 intresting must be lesser of the two evils

About glucose & CO2 here . . .

Corticosteroids do increase blood glucose, but partly by inhibiting cellular uptake of glucose, and it's within the cell that glucose is metabolised and yields CO2 . . .

That would explane why i feel sh## as on ihalers plus taking striode pills and antibiotics ... Do you know why you have to take six 5mg striode pills at once seems a bit much on top of inhalers and antiniotics

Cheers thanks for link very intresting :)

Which oral steroid are you taking, and for how long?

Ye taking Qvar Beclom / Dipropoonate inhaler for a year .. and Prednisolne 5mg pills with antibiotics and hypertonic 7% saline

Prednisolone 30mg/day for up to 14 days seems to be the standard treatment for COPD exacerbations . . .

Had them b4 and never felt so bad .. Think i might of poped a bullea or its infection .. Defo worse time have had

Thanks. Wasn't aware of the role of glucose. I have difficulty with diaphragmatic breathing as I am a shallow mouth breather but I am trying.

Drd4, you may like to try some yoga breathing techniques to help your breathing become more efficient?

1. Breath in/out through your nose. This moistens and warms the air in.

2.Breath in/out for count 4, less in the beginning until you become comfortable with it.

3. Breath into the area between bottom of breast bone and navel ( upper abdomen ) As you breath in let that part of the body move out, and as you breath out, pull the upper abdomen back towards the spine- do this 7 times rest and then try again.4 times all together. Let us know how you get on. :-)

Thanks for the suggestions. Wlll try

drd4,hope your as well as can be,any advice from the forum is all good advice,breathe well,god bless you,bernicexx

If you were to practice diaphragmatic breathing consciously as a discipline often enough it would, in time, become an effort-free habit . . .

Stilltruckin's advice is valid. You pulse oximeter measures your O2 level (the amount of oxygen that your hemoglobin is carrying). It is not gospel. cool temp

s can give you a false low reading. . Don't worry about your CO2 level measurement. Focus on you O2. . But CO2 is the problem. Purse-lipped breathing and practicing proper breathing technique will help 2-3% (or more) during exercise. Speaking of exercise, that is a big one for improving.

true ,

Wow! You learn something new every day. Thank you stilltruckin. :-) :-) Alison

Thanks all really useful information. Great help to me.

I was once put on the ventilator mask for about 2 weeks or so in hospital to try to reduce co2 levels. I was on 2L o2 at the time and finally I asked the dr to reduce this, which immediately brought co2 levels right down. So, if you're on oxygen it would be an idea to try a lower setting (check with your Dr). Hope you sort it out!

I learnt about this years ago, although it is aimed at asthma sufferers the principle is to control the gasses in the body.

Simple breathing control exercises that can make a big difference.

Hi moneal, I found buteyko breathing very helpful for my asthma, unfortunately did not keep the exercises up...must try again....supposed to help balance oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, and help explain the difficulty with breathlessness even when SATS ok( as I understand it...could be wrong)

The courses are very expensive but I have an old cassette tape, and there are books and cds available.

Knitter, sorry, but Buteyko didn't work with me. I felt more and more short of breath with it! there's a book on Amazon which has a DVD too, by Patrick McKeown who is a "disciple". If I remember it's explained live from the centre in Ireland. Good explanation and planning for less than the course!

ginachron, I found this information really useful and practical

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