Walk to the Hidden Lake

Walk to the Hidden Lake

On my afternoon walk yesterday after a morning of warm up exercise that nearly killed me, I headed upwards as usual on the Malverns, up the rd, up the 219 steps to the Wyche Pub where I resisted the temptation to enter its doors even though the Guinness was crying out to me to be tasted. Be good I thought, so I headed north along the side of the hills to the hidden lake, an old quarry that's filled with water surrounded by high cliffs apart from one entry point. When I arrived I was alone, you could hear the silence, it was quite spooky but beautiful at the same time, I tell a lie there were two ducks paddling through the weeds close by and feeding, they seemed unaware that I was even there. I'm not to sure what type they were but they were different to the usual mallards that are more commonly seen around these parts. It was so quiet in there, that my oxygen hissing as I took an in breath was unusually very obvious.

My memories took me back to when I used to take my fishing rod along and catch roach and minnows and skim stones for fun, yes this place is quite special.

Anyway I set off again still heading North towards Great Malvern and it was mainly downhill now so a lot more enjoyable. There were very few people about today so my only company were the rabbits, squirrels and robins that lined the pathways until I reached the edge of town. There I saw 2 Buzzards fighting, not real ones but a large metal statue in the rose bank gardens overlooking Great Malvern Town. I sat on a bench and took in the views of the Priory and the people rushing about below me and thought to myself 'life's not so bad' . After a brief rest I carried on down through the winter gardens and to Malvern station where I new my mum was picking up my son at around this time, sure enough he was there and mum arrived shortly afterwards so I hitched a lift back home. I cheated a little but my feet and legs were really complaining by this point so I was very pleased to get home and lie on the couch to recover.

What a great day it was and I don't feel too bad this morning so not to much damage done it seems, in fact my breathing is very good and there's no pain in my feet and legs.

Now what can I do today? any ideas?

Tony :) dont sit around healthunlockeders get busy if you are able, there's lots to see out there.

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  • Thanks Tony, just the kick on the bum I need to get me out of the door & up my much less peaceful local hill :)

    Have a good weekend Pen

  • I am lucky have little dog live near lovely woods and parks, and no hills at all. Need to find a hill to practice on! Dont have a car or a friend with one so just running up and down stairs. No more lifts for one or two flights! Enjoying PR and on heaviest weights now and lots of reps, the high step is hard but I keep going and practice at home. Seems everyone in group was smoker! No other alpha one. Yes lucky my breathing vastly improved but feel a bit worse, is this normal in the winter if you have copd.?

  • Great attitude Lorraine, I gave up lifts and use the stairs now whenever possible as I know that the exercise is what is saving us. Your right about PR as the majority of people there are X smokers and like you I didn't smoke.

    Keep up that exercising and you'll go from strength to strength. :)

    Winter is a time to be a little more cautious trying to avoid all the bugs out there as they tend to hit us a little harder. I've had my flue jab even though I'm only 54, it would be pretty serious If I were to get it as it would be for anyone with weakened lungs.

    Tony x

  • Thanks Tony, had flu jab on thurs and the pneumonia one so hopefully no chest infection this year. Only 49, not much help for younger people with copd, especially if you have no friends or family to help, You keep the exercise up, have a few routines and weights I do at home, great excuse to put the music up!!

  • Yep, exercise comes a lot easier when done to loud!!! music. :)

  • Great Pen, hope your hill isn't to steep but if it is just think of the good it will do you.

    Tony xx

  • Hiya Tony ido so enjoy your jaunts, you put me to shame!I do little bits doesnt take alot for me to be breathless!Roll on the new year when i can start PR and start improving my fitness level cant come quick enough.You are a star gogogo your the man!! :) Janexx

  • Hows your arty day gone have you had a good time Jackie ?mines been quiet im very chilly today brrr.Janexx

  • You are bringing nature indoors for me to imagine.Thank you Tony


  • This is my aim King, To bring a little outdoors into peoples lives, for those who are not as fortunate as myself or do not have the fantastic countryside that I have on my doorstep.


  • That was such a lovely description Tony and well done for all your effort. Love the way you appreciate nature and recognise the wildlife around you. Thank you for that.

    Not able to do much walking nowadays so I've become an 'armchair tourist' and am indebted to Google street view, lol . I travel far and wide in this country, visiting holiday destinations of old (bittersweet) and finding new places too!!!

    Back in the 1980's I had the chance of a day trip to the Malvern Hills with my lovely mum, sadly no longer with us.

    I have a vague memory of us walking some distance but most of all just standing quietly and taking in all the breathtaking views.

    Wondering if you could name a village or an area that gives some of the best views of the Malvern Hills ~

    in which case I shall make a cuppa, strap myself in to a comfy chair and enjoy the scenery :D Many thanks Tony, keep well.

    Lovelight xxx

  • (jubilee drive British Camp to upper Colwall should be the best for views) its a rd that goes along the Herefordshire side of the hills. enjoy the cyber drive out.

    Tony xx

  • The picture is lovely and your description of your walk was brilliant, continue to enjoy your days and please relay your experiences. It sounded so peaceful

  • As long as I can keep walking and breathing I'll keep um coming. The hidden lake is one of the most peaceful places around if you time it right and I did, just me and my two little friends the ducks.

  • I enjoy reading your posts and the way you write fires my imagination and brings your outings to life.

  • Glad you like them sue, I'll do my best to keep your imagination firing on all cylinders ok', I have the Malvern's to help me so its easy really.

  • I enjoyed that walk Tony, thanks for sharing. x

  • I love my walks on the hills, its a shame I have to work so hard to get up them but its a brilliant work out I guess and its always great heading for home were gravity becomes my friend.

    Toci I'm glad you enjoyed a cyber stroll out with me on the Malvern Hills.

    Tony x

  • What a lovely photo! Well! I'm not walking on a hil, as I am by the Thames estuary, so I could go along the beach. But no, I've booked a volunteer driver for the next couple of weeks and I'm going back to the gym! I feel I must make a stand for my body!

  • Well done helingmic, get out there and exercise yourself better, it has worked well for me so far. :)

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