~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BACON AND EGGS FOR BREAKFAST

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MY WIFE ~~~~~BLESS HER~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!

My wife asked me if I would like some breakfast, bacon eggs, perhaps? A slice of toast? Grapefruit with ginger and coffee to follow? She's a real treasure (sometimes).I had to say, sorry but no.

I told her,'' It's this Viagra.It's really taken the edge off my appetite''.

At lunchtime, she asked me if I would like something, perhaps a bowl of homemade soup with(mmmmmmmmmmm),a cheese sandwich ? Perhaps a plate of French fries and a beer. Sorry I said ,disappointing her.

''It's this Viagra ''It's really taken the edge off my appetite''.

Come supper time, she asked me if I want anything to eat. The little darling( I call her that sometimes ) offered to go to the fish 'n ' chip shop and buy me a haddock supper. Maybe I'd like a steak and chips or a stew? Maybe I would like a microwaved pizza with my favourite toppings. Or even a tasty stir fry that would only take a couple of minutes. ''Sorry my love I am just not hungry'' I said

''It's this Viagra'' I said ''It's really taken the edge off my appetite''.

''Well'' says the wife, ''Would you mind getting off me? I am starving''


Food that is all she ever thinks about



You can get a nice tea or coffee at your local Breathe Easy monthly meeting.

just go along to join or get in touch with the BLF 03000 030 555 for details Mon-Fri 9am 5pm

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  • King you are awful but we do like you, Ha Ha. Now I know why I have lost so much weight. :)

  • What are you like, by the way what is viagra. I feel sorry for your wife. LOL Berwick

  • I think it is to keep your back stiff.Well something like that.

  • Think we all feel sorry for king's wife!! SMILEY

  • Sorry,sorry, the wife doesn't know the meaning of that word annieseed

  • Oh my giddy aunts id have been dead my lunch!!! lol Janexx

  • Had the wife explained in the first place maybe, just maybe, I would have compromised Jane

  • naughty boy! naughty boy!haha :) Janexx

  • Yep

  • I didn't expect that one! Lol. M

  • Me neither HAAAA!!!

  • It came to a good end mags33

  • Did you take it lying down Mocary

  • You are sooo naughty!

  • Oh no, king, I thought you were saving yourself just for me! Hahaha. :-) :-) Alison

  • Practice makes perfect, so it is said Alison

  • Lol! Monstrously LOL! Now we know why we lose our appetite!!!

  • Spoilt my appetite for a fry up! helingmic

  • That's a good one, Giggle, cough, giggle.!! X

  • You little giggler you

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