Morning of Extreme Exercise!!!!

Morning of Extreme Exercise!!!!

Hi all' Its another grey day outside so I thought I would do a little indoor exercise this morning. Started with a little singing just to remind the neighbors I'm around, to the likes of lynyrd Skynyrd Simple Man, Neil Young Heart of Gold and Simon and Garfunkel Homeward bound, all totally murdered but its great for breathing control and making you feel good. Then this is where it all went wrong I put my daughters pump it up exercise DVD in, cleared the dinning room and set it to the warm up session thinking that would be easy enough for me to keep up. WRONG MOVE!!! even with my oxygen concentrator on full throttle my legs were soon in a tangle and my head was spinning out of control. Ok' after a long rest on the only seat left in the room I just did my own thing and didn't look at the very camp DVD exercise instructor again, that way I could keep a steady pace going and now I feel good.

Its a bit weird that here I am a 54 year old man singing and dancing alone at home instead of going out to work like I used to do for almost 40 years and I have to think, what the hell happened for this to have come about.

Yes my life has changed drastically but I'm ok with it, I didn't ask for this disease but I have to except it and its not going to stop me from enjoying life. I'm off out for a walk up the Malvern's now, fully warmed up and ready for anything life throws at me.

Hope you are all well

Tony :)

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  • Walking up the Malverns? Yes, that is man stuff. Keeping up with a daughter's DVD? Don't think you will ever be that fit Tony! Keep on getting better. xx

  • Its not just the lungs that let me down, I seem to have lost all co-ordination so I do my own thing and just laugh when I've got the breath. :)

    I was much better at the walk up the hills, as you say Man stuff. Ha Ha

  • Lol, I have NEVER been able to keep up to my daughter's activity levels, not since she turned 5 anyway!

  • Dear Tony, I had to cautiously laugh! I have my own DVD called "Susan Power -Burn Fat and get fit" "for all fitness levels" But it's not! This young girl comes on and throws herself into some arm exercises "and up and down, and in front and back"... at such a pace, that my fitness has collapsed too! Even Rosemary Conley is still too energetic for me, although she has some chair exercises which are better.

    You carry on walking on the Malvern. This must really be beautiful. And I carry on at the gym (I'm going back there in a week or 2 after my pneumonia has got a little bit better).

    Do listen to your body which, too, tells you that you are no longer a 20 year old. There's no shame in pacing yourself, especially as you still walk! Brilliant!

  • Have a fabulous day Tony - you make me smile! I bought one of THOSE DVDs - thought I was going to have a heart attack - in fact my son thought he should call an ambulance and I don't suffer with COPD!!! Stay fit and look after yourself. With much love and admiration TAD xx

  • We have lots of these exercise DVDs kicking around so if I keep trying them I might find one suitable or maybe I'll just make my own. That should be a laugh eh'. I've had a good day today but now my body is paying the price, still it won't stop me from doing it all again tomorrow. :)

    Tony xx staying fit with the Healthunlockeders is fun.

  • That's the spirit Tony, singing, exercise and climbing too. Not sure I could manage all that in a day. But you do do well must be something in them oxygen tubes. Have a good day

  • I'm home now and collapsed on the couch, not a pretty site. Think I'm going to sleep well tonight zzzzzzz Thanks Katie

    Tony xx

  • had a little smile as I imagined you collapsed on the couch all worn out hope you slept well

  • The Malvern Hills are alive with the sound of Tony

  • Good one, Your Majesty. :)

  • Its music King but not as you know it. :) Think X factor and some of the contestants who don't make the mark and you won't be far off. Ha Ha

  • Tony Tarzan yaaha ha ha haaaa! swinging from branch to branch to rescue us on the site. Keep it up Tony!

  • Humorous outlook on life, Tony. Good for your positivity.

  • Where would we be without humor eh' annie and positivity is my middle name, well its Arthur really but you know what I mean. :)

  • You're an inspiration Tony. :)

  • As you are yourself Puff, we all inspire each other and that's how it should be. Great here ain't it :)

  • You are right - it is great! There is a lovely warm, caring atmosphere and loads of support. A good place to be. x

  • Hope you enjoyed your afternoon trot Tony.Im just picturing your morning sing along and exersize routine :)I agree with your comment above i too think its great here ive not been here long and the support advice and giggles i have had ,my cup runneth over,i hope i am able to give the same back."now drop to the floor and give me 50 press ups lively" haha only joking my friend.Keep well keep laughing.Janexx

  • You got oxygen on that's why you can exercise ,I love being out doors ,I'm to exhausted to do any,I like walking,but can't anymore,I miss ti

  • Yes the oxygen is like my little turbo charger, Its heavy to carry but It helps me to keep going on those steep hills. I have found that the more you can do the fitter you become and your body makes the most of the small amount of oxygen the lungs can supply. My spirometry tests show that my lungs are still the same so any improvement is coming from my general fitness. All I know is that exercise and weight loss has been the key to my quite substantial improvement.

    Give it a go Artist 23 and remember start with very small steps and slowly increase and who knows eh'


  • You take good care Tony, don't over exert if you feel unwell, aside from that keep up the good work :)

  • Excellent , could just imagine your morning exercise to your daughters DVD, gave me a laugh. X

  • Hi there, yes you made me smile too this are an inspiration to everyone here. It is accepting the illness that is the hard part.....

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