Hello from the US

I have been reading the comments on this site for at least six months. First time I am posting. I am from the USA (CT), but have found British sites/sources to be more informative than American. Maybe the NHS versus the privatised US. I am in end stage COPD and now on a daily regimen of Zitromiocin, based on a study written up in the New England Journal of Medicine. My doctors and I have tried all else. Since I am an Anglophile, I can understand many of the references in your posts. I have not been able to find a comments site like this in US sites.

Thanks for the info many of you have posted. Is there anyone else like me who is a Yank?

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  • warm welcome,s,orry its under these circumstances,when you say your an anglophile/are you American who embraces our culture,or American of british descent,who as kept his English culture .in the u,s,a,,there is a member newly joined,its ozzysmum,,from eastern u,s,a,,,anyway anything you want to ask please do .members hear will dothere best to help and advice you,also click on the red balloon for blf number,again welcome,breathe easy,glad you joined us,

  • I am American of German and Irish descent who devours British tv on our public tv and Netfix and reads many British books. In fact, my brother-in law gave me a subscription to the Times Literary Supplement as a Christmas present. He lived in London for two years and goes twice a year to see all the plays.

    I have retained my sense of humour. Call it laughing through the apocalypse.

  • You can in the US. Don't know about the UK. A subscription allows you to search their archives online.

  • welcome to you from me,thought with you putting you was anglophile you was mixed,im sorry your ill,i have copd to,now we are as 1,we stand as 1,laugh away its good for us,any problems please ask the forum,there will always be someone on ,there are lots of other members with different lung and illnesses,ask anything,the members will advice to there best any worries also,any jokes pass them threw,u,k,welcomes you,breathe wellx

  • Hi carrotts, I may have this wrong, but didn't you say you were from the US? Sadie xx

  • ha ,yeh I came hear when I was 21yrs old,for family reasons,and stayed,my dad was English my mom is American,they returned I stayed,bernice

  • Hurray, I'm not losing my mind (yet, anyhow!). You were very brave to stay with your parents so far away? Mind you, when you're young you don't have that sort of fear do you, it's just an adventure. Go on, tell me you were 50 at the time! Lol! Do you visit the states often? Sadie xx

  • ha im 50 now,and my dad is not far I visit him weekly,his family is hear,dad is in the cemetery,x

  • That's sad, mine both gone too now, but inevitable as we get older, the one thing, no matter how hard we try, we cannot prevent. Better finish this now, am going off topic on poor drd4's post! Sadie xx

  • nice talkin to you,breathe well good night,xx

  • Don't forget to enjoy some humour as well


    Your daily humour tonic

  • Hi and welcome. I'm the carer for my husband who has very severe COPD. I grew up on Long Island and in the U.S. last lived in Norwalk and then Ridgefield. I've been in the U.K. for 17 years. Brilliant care here from the NHS, hope you have the same.

  • Well I am not a Yank, but my sister most certainly is, and has been for many years. She married Nick and took out US citzienship many years ago. You live in Connecticut? I love the US, particularly New England. Sadly I cannot travel anymore. Sister lives in Md. So big welcome, drd4.

  • Welcome to the site

    Be Well

  • Hello and welcome.

    Glad you joined us, great people on here hope you drop by for a chat. My niece lives in Charleston South Carolina.

    Kim xxxxxx

  • Welcome to the family my friend, if you don't have a sense of humour you soon will have. Berwick

  • Welcome to the site, my granddaughter and great grandson have just returned to England from USA they were in Seattle or least ways that was their nearest big city. My great grandson was born out there. Hope you join us for a chat in the near future

  • Welcome x

  • Hi and welcome drd4. :)

  • A warm welcome to you.

    I have only been a member for a few months but the people are on here are so kind and their knowledge has no limits. You only have to post and there is always someone who will reply

    I have a sister who lives in Texas and a brother in law who lives in Chicargo.

  • Hello and welcome to the site. I dipped into the American Lung Association site a couple of times. Hands across the pond!

  • Another Yank here from Indiana. I check all kinds of sites. This is a good one. I also find interesting the insights into the world of medicine in the OK, compared to the US. This is even more interesting as the US implements the Affordable Care Act.

  • My sister-in law is from Kokomo, Indiana and she, my brother and family lived there for many years.

  • Close-- live in Marion, IN

  • No links to the US - but welcome! I care for my husband who suffers with severe COPD - this site is great! Hope you are well TAD xx

  • Hi drd4 welcome to our brilliant friendly forum so much help and support for each other loads of good information and a lovely helping of great humour,you just have to keep smiling.So good to meet you look forward to seeing more of you.Keep well .Janexx

  • hi from the uk welcome to our group sorry l carnt answer your question about any more from the usa on here but someone will be able to say.

  • Yes Hi, nice to hear from you, don't know what your weather is like but cold and damp, here in Shropshire.

  • We have had a glorious fall after a brutally hot summer.

  • Greetings and welcome to all peoples from around the world.

    Glad to see you here drd4


  • Welcome I have no connections to the US apart from going for a holiday years ago before I had COPD I found so much support on this site and I hope you do to.

  • Hi! I'm English, living in England now for the first time in 24 years. I was living in Bklyn, NY for 18 years and then Ireland for 6 so it's good to finally come home....even though I miss NY terribly.

  • I was born and lived my first seven years in Park Slope, Brooklyn. As you may be aware, Brooklyn is now the in place to live.

  • Indeed it is! I first lived in fort green, before it became a "cool" and very expensive place to live. Then I moved to Park Slope for a few years until I moved to Bensonhurst. I love Brooklyn and miss it very much but don't think I shall ever be flying there again.

  • I miss Manhattan terribly. I lived there before moving to CT. Until I got so sick, I used to go to NY to plays, places, museums, and restaurants. Also went for Christmas dinners to a friend who lives in a beautiful brownstone in Sunset Park. Her husband is from Dublin and they visit regularly. Did you live in Dublin?

  • No I lived in County Wexford about an hour and a half from Dublin..but I went there quite often...After NY dublin was a very quiet and small place to me! Lol I know sunset park, I used to live on 21 st between 4th and 5 ave quite a few years back now though. Also lived on 13 st between prospect park and 8th ave...I bet it's starting to colder there, I don't miss the winters and especially don't miss the summers!!

  • My husband and I visited Wexford when we went to Ireland. I grew up on 13th street between 4th and 5th. Talk about synchronicity!

  • Hi your very Welcome drd 4, Nice to hear from you, sorry about your illness, breath well Malk.

  • It's great to see a US member here. You're quite welcome for all the advice that are given. The only problem I have is that I don't know the American antibiotics you quote. that's probably difficult for me. Yet, There must be an equivalent to ours.

    Take courage,as our illness has its up and down. of course, try tp prevent any nasty bugs from colonising you. Have you got access to a physiotherapist? Do you know about Active Cycle Breathing Technique to cough up the excess mucus you might have? At least, I can share the sense of peace to be able to be on this vibrant forum. Welcome!

  • The generic name of the antibiotic is azithromycin. Does that help? If not, I can search for the UK equivalent. What is the Active Cycle Breathing Technique? Excess mucus is a problem but I take Mucinex, an OTC that really helps. I have seen physical therapists in rehab, pulmonary rehab, and post hospital stays. I know what to do but often don't feel up to it.

  • The treatment based on the extensive study is intended to reduce the time between acute episodes. Reduced it by a third. Since I have been hospitalized seven times, I am a prime candidate. It is a relatively new treatment in the US.

    Was on Daliresp which is supposed to reduce flare-ups but it added to my depression and weight loss so the doctor took me off.

    Asthma is considered part of COPD in the US.

  • drd4, Here's a video on YouTube (Notice the American flag!)

  • Hi drd 4 Welcome to the site .I only joined recently but love it - lots of info & laughs . My husband was diagnosed two years ago with IPH - a very rare lung condition . However we are coping well with the help of a good consultant ,a great G.P. & we belong to a local Breathe Easy Group . Have a tenuous link to you in that our son & his family also live in Connecticut - a place called Clinton . In fact we will be there for Christmas . Sorry we are making contact under these circumstances but I find it good to know other people know & understand how we are feeling on good & bad days . Take care - Helen .

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