The worst flare up I had so far!!

My God,- this really was a taff time for me. First day up and move a bit around to get my activity back. I went back twice to my doctor with fever and difficulty breathing, chest pain and so on.

The last antibiotics didn't help at all so she gave me a other on Erythromycin and of course prednisolone. I really was a wrack, had long time not feel so sick. Have start slowly to eat again, well first day actually have my appetite back. And of course have not smoked so far. The pills do the job now I believe and of course my friends gave me help and spend time with me, I hope I can go back to work next week was nearly a month of she also wanted some sample from my coughing up, first time they actually done this. Also she gave me a prescription this time for self management when I feeling the flare up. I hope I will stay again a while without catching something....well I don't believe it, but there is always hope that a better time is coming :) also hope that I can get my flu jap next week. To be prepared for the next generation of the cold. I hope everyone is well and manage the day. Hope to write again a bit more, don't want to sleep all the time :D xox

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  • Hi Coccobo I was wondering where your cheerful self was.So sorry to hear you've been so rough :( Hopefully your on the mend again now and will be back making us smile in your own very special way.Take it easy though can take a little while to build yourself back up.Good to have you back.:) Janexx

  • Hi Jane, nice to hear so lovely words ;) yes it has been rough, but thanks I getting better and get my smile back!!! Hope you are well so far yourself :) XXX

  • Oh dear Coccobo I am so sorry you are going through such a rough time at the moment. Hopefully the ab's and steroids will sort you out. Congrats on giving the fags up too! I am just recovering from the flu and still coughing and wheezing for England. Went to doctors today and she gave me steroids and a prescription for doxy something (not penicillan coz I am allergic to it) in case the steroids didn't clear it. She told the 2 young med students with her that people with lung problems are usually very knowledgeable about their illness which made me laugh.

    I really hope you are feeling better soon and back to your old perky yourself.

    Bev x

  • Hi hypercat( lovely name lol) thanks for your kind words I do appreciate it a lot, yes the wheezing can be a pain in the ar....:) I can't sleep with those noise....and the inhaler didn't work so fast. I had the doxi too, didn't help me much after a week, but the Erythromycin has helped really good. Had to take 8 a day for 4 days, I feel actually good today less coughing no wheezing and thanks good no hunger on ciggs :) I do believe that we are all much more informed about our illness as some Doctors ;) because we have to live and cope with it all day, well everyone react differently with COPD. XOX

  • Sorry to hear you have had one of these severe early winter bugs Coccobo, hope you feel better soon. It would seem you are not alone as several of us on site have been quite ill the past few weeks mine started after the flu jab at the beginning of the month, it's still around but slowly clearing so take care and I am sure yours will clear up soon best wishes for a speedy recovery

  • Hi katieoxo60 thanks for your lovely words and support :) XXX I will take care If you do ;)

  • sorry you have been ill,coccobo,how are you now,any better ,bernicex

  • Hi carrots :) yes I start to feel better,-thanks God xox

  • Been out with my daughter, hope you feel a little better today

  • Hi ,:) yes I do feel better.was fir a little walk, weather us ok quite mild and a bit sun today. Enjoy your weekend Katie :) xox

  • and you coccobo, although weather forecast not good for rest of weekend

  • When having a flare up it seems its never getting better then it does and slowly you get back to your more normal level ... rotten time for you. Take care. Looking forward to hearing how you feeling much better again. X

  • Hi Juliekkay, yes you right it was a rotten TIME, but thanks got there is light!!! Thanks for your support !! And I feel much better today, went for a short walk on the beach, but its wet and windy today, well not so cold. But now again in House with a hot coco and whipped crème YUM YUM!!! XOX

  • Yes it really is a knock back, but now that you have your rescue pack ,you will be able to act quick, Great that you have stopped the cigs, Sleep when your tired its nature way of healing, my old Mom used to say, and she was never far wrong, especially about keeping off the cigs. IF ONLY I had listened, X

  • Hi Junespoon, thanks for you support ;) Yeah I sleep a lot, my mum also told me the same, the body takes it when he need it :) Yes to listen is not always my strongest part...but that makes us human to learn and cope with our decisions, we always have a choice we just have to do it...also when it sometimes not easy and not fair so long we no what we want :) xox

  • Sorry to hear about your flair up I go for my flu jab on Monday i'm not looking forward to sitting in the GP waiting room for fear I catch the flu this is my biggest fear hope your feeling well soon

  • Hi Onamission, yea its always the same to catch something, not easy but we have and need to get this done, I don't leave the house without a sterile mask it helps a lot to prevent to catch something, it for my own good, looks maybe silly but it helps ;) you can get them in the Pharmacy. XOX take care

  • Dear Coccobo, it's nice to hear that you feel better. It's even nicer that you were asked to provide some sputum sample; in this way they know what's bugging you and they can choose the appropriate drug. I found that Amoxycillin doesn't help me at all now, sort of burnt out on me! so I use Clarythromycin lately.

    It's wonderful you haven't smoked. keep it up ,you will feel better physically and morally; and it's both important for you.

    Glad you can eat a bit better too. I still eat easy things, ;ole rice puddings and cream; I eat a light main meal, something that I fancy, it goes down better that way. Hope is a tremendous motivator.

    I hope it's nice and warm at your place. Cheers,


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