COPD online surgery – 23 October

This month’s online surgery from the British Lung Foundation is about an ongoing research project into the effects of COPD on physical activity.

The surgery takes place at 6.30pm on 23 October and you can register today at

Professor Mike Polkey will be talking about the PROactive study, which aims to develop a series of tools to investigate the characteristics of physical activity, such as symptoms or distress, that are experienced by people who have COPD.

This webinar will be of great interest to anyone living with COPD, their family and carers.

It’s free to register, so sign up today:

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  • Ive signed up

  • thank you for this. any and all information is helpful and i've signed up.

  • Oh no Chell! You have just joined the army for 10 years. lol Just joking sweetheart. You have a good day now. I think I am going to sign up too.

    Bobby xxxx

  • Bobby i dont think they would have me hehe.

    This talk should be a good one. Hope your having a good day xxxx

  • I've signed, well there's nothing to lose and everything to gain. I listened in on the IPF webinar and found it very informative. You can ask questions so get them ready.

    Tony xx

  • Just signed up but not sure the mike or headphones will work on this laptop as one of the usb sockets does not recognise my plug in gadgets, but the repair shop says all is working correctly, so fingers crossed it's alright on the night as they say . (smiles)

  • Afternoon all - thanks for your responses. If you have any questions you'd like to ask the speaker, feel free to post them on here or else you can ask on the day.

    Michael - British Lung Foundation

  • Will it be on you tube or your own site if I miss it?

  • Good morning - yes, we'll post it on our YouTube channel a few days after the event.

  • what happens to the lungs when a person has copd sitting still is fine but walking is exhausting ?cant catch yer breath on activity?

  • It's simply that your muscles are taking oxygen from your blood faster than your lungs can replace it. Don't start walking at a brisk pace until you have to stop, gasping for breath. Move more slowly and deliberately from the start. Breathe with maximum efficiency, using abdominal muscles to empty your lungs between in-breaths . . .

  • signed up, thanks Joan x

  • Hi all,

    Don't forget to post any questions you have in advance and I'll put them on the list.


    Michael - BLF

  • I've signed up also but I'm not sure how it will work I don't have a head set

  • Just click on the link on the confirmation email and follow the instructions. Then make sure the volume is turned up on your computer.

    Hope to see you later,

    Michael BLF

  • Thanks Michael looking forward to it

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