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Went to doctors today to talk about my heart problems and the Pace and Ablate my cardiologist wants to do. And talk over the cardiologist concerns about my poor breathing even though my heart is under control with high dose tablets, my breathing should be considerably better than it is? It has just come to light I was working with asbestos for many years.

The Doctor looked back and the last xray I had was 2010 which confirmed the paralysed diaphragm and pulmonary fibrosis, But noting else! I am getting out of breath beating eggs and cannot sleep when flat without waking gasping for breath. I have a Spiromety Test on Wednesday. The doctor does not seem to have the same concerns as my cardiologist and is saying it is my heart?

I do not think I have ever had a Spiromety test is it a longer Peak flow variant?

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  • at 1st I had spimetry,but now nurse just as me do peak flow,i have 1 at home I check myself,but im copd,u have lots going on with u,hope its all sorted soon for u,try not to worry it will make u worse,easy said than done but yuno,bernice

  • read it again,spimerty is were u blow 3 times,peg on ur nose,the read out will come threw the machine its small, peak flow is a plastic hand held tube,u blow in 2,thats at dcs,hospital I think is same but I would say more accurate,blow 3 times in spimetry,test,its nothing and harmless,but if u have an infection ,postphone it,can get wrong read out,plus make lungs a bit worse,but im no expert that's what my route was,after scan,bernice

  • I have my own peak flow unit at home I used to blow 650 I am around 300 but I suddenly lose my breath. When I had PR the nurse noticed that I would be fine and then drop into the red zone suddenly. I do not think this will show what is happening to me as it will be while rested?

  • I have had a couple of spirometry tests. It's a bit more involved than a peak flow test. I was told not to use my inhalers beforehand (early morning appointment) then had to do peak flow for slow breathing, fast breathing etc. Then I took inhalers waited 20 minutes then repeated them. To see how effective my inhalers were I think. Nothing to worry about.

  • Spirometry is not the same as peak flow. Spirometry tends to be used for COPD and peak flow for asthma. They usually do a couple of blows down the tube into the machine and Hypercat is right, you should not use your inhalers beforehand. They will sometimes ask you to use a reliever inhaler after the first set of tests and then repeat them to see what difference there is. The spirometry test will reveal your FEV1 percentage reading (which you can ask for) which gives information as to what stage COPD (if any) is present.

  • Hi offcutts pulmary fibrosis is related to asbestosis .. Am seeking clarafaction from my lung doc with regard my IIBD claim

    As is courts have lost my xray and my lung specilist letter of surport .. Clarifacition on x ray and ct ct scan as been lost in post

    Sounds like u have good heart doc whos looking out for you

  • I have had my heart problem for over 20 years and it only has affected my breathing when I am having a bad episode. But since 2008 when I ended up in ICU for 32 days and spent 10 days on an Oscillator. Which was they only thing that kept me alive but with the infection and that it has left my lungs scarred along with a paralysed diaphragm. My breathing has got worse year on year. I am dreading the upcoming winter. I keep being asked by different doctors if I have COPD?

  • Hi offcuts heres what i know my doc said my bronchitiasis is caused by infections but he said aswell un known cause but when i look at my xray all round my left lung Plumary artery is a mass of white extending down and across anyway having looked about it is pulamary fibrosis.

    Cause thay like to say infections .. Which is true but infections can be caused by debris or peanuts .. Well i coughed up not a peanut so asbestos fibers stick in your big airways and small thus causing infections on never ending cycle .. Your Plumary artery's are feeding your lungs thus get all scard up and cause your heart to fibulate thus causing a speed wobble .. Things get worse till you suffer resporty failure or cor pulmarye or what ever its called .. But ye asbestos is a inflammatory lung disease .. Looks to me like your docs are arguing it out .. Its like my lung doc will not talk about or comment on my heart ... If i was you a would go to your GP and asks for just copys of your resent lung docs letters to your heart doc

    Sorry about spelling its a mess up there in me brain

  • Ye forgot if u like me and my disease my lung doc as said i have copd then i dont but then i do .. But ye you will

  • Ye forgot if you had heart problems b4 you worked with asbestos that would cause fluid on the lungs thus make you lungs heavy thats why you have trouble breathing .. Its like thay say about the egg and what come first

    But asbestos will defo be contributing to and as your problems

  • I had a spirometry test and was dreading it because I also get out of breath easily and thought that I would panic. The technician was brilliant and talked me all the way through it. You have a peg on the bridge of your nose and you have oxygen going into one of your nostrils also. You just breathe normally and hold your breath for different amounts of time and you will also do a couple of forced breaths and that's it. My peak flow is only 250 and my FEV1 is 41%.

    Best wishes


  • Hi offcut, I hope your spirometry test went well and the results were explained to you.

    Have you rung the Helpline here to see if they can give you more information...they have a good leaflet on the reversibility test too.

    What inhalers do you use?

    Best wishes

  • salbutamol and seretide 500 morning and night

  • Got up at 06:50 for my test at 08:50 got there in plenty of time called to the treatment room and then told there are no nurses trained here today to do it! Had to book another appointment for next week :(

    On the wall they say how many people have not attended appointments but NOT how many they do not deal with?

  • Disgraceful! x

  • Off later for my spirometry test. Hope they have a nurse that can do it this time?

  • Had my test today went OK I think did the pinch nose and the blast test then they pumped 5 blasts of salbutomol sent away for 15 mins and repeated the test. I was below the minimum white line on both. I asked If I could have the numbers? But she said I will have to speak to my doctor about my test I have booked an appointment at his next available slot! All I got out of her was I was 1.76 on my fev1 and I do have a problem but the doctor will explain more. I think I should be 3.3 from what I found on the www?

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