Pride comes before a fall. Dilemma

Having just been congratulating myself on not having had a chest infection for seven months, today I have the blocked nose, headache, wobbly legs etc. For me every cold goes to my lungs within a couple of days. The dilemma - I have rescue meds, erythromycin and steroids, - do I start now on the antibiotics (steroids held in reserve) or wait for the cough? 2nd dilemma - do I go to GP or use rescue meds, given that the gp will prescribe amoxicillin (useless for me) on the grounds that "it might be a different infection so let's see if they work this time". If I take the amoxicilin I will be back to gp within days getting worse at which point he will say "finish the course but add steroids". My feeling is that if I got a decent antibiotic in the first place I might not need the steroids.

Suggestions please.

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I would take a spec.sputum to the surgery. It will be sent off to find out what antibs work. In the meanwhile, start your rescue pack. I have had this problem. I am constantly on antibs. All the best, anneseedx

Hi I would take the rescue meds if I were you - sometimes I find if my husband starts the meds earlier rather than later he can fend off using any other antibiotics. Then ring the doctors in the morning to let them know you have started the course. My husband usually has to take steroids as well but this time he took four lite tabs rather than six and fingers crossed its gone. I also insisted he took manuka honey in hot water about five times a day now I think that helped! I always find it's better to take action rather than wait. Good luck! With love and best wishes TAD xxx

Take the rescue meds, that's what they are for. Also see your GP


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I agree with you. A nurse came in this morning and said she has put out a prescription for my husband. When we asked what it was she said Amoxicillin. Usually when they give anything other than Doxycycline he has to go back. I know Amoxicillin is probably the most cost effective but for who. Certainly not for the patient who has to suffer longer.

Thanks for that. Already done.

Thanks everyone for your replies. I decided to wait a bit before starting the pills just in case it doesn't turn into an infection, don't want to take antibiotics unnecessarily. If I get more breathless than usual or start coughing I will start on them or go to gp. Marvary - amoxicillin is certainly the cheapest but can't be cost effective if they then have to prescribe a more expensive one anyway and as you say we are the ones who suffer for their penny-pinching.

I would only take antibiotics if I was coughing up "green", And yes a specimen to be sent away is a good idea. We are all different people and have different opinions...I personally hate medications with all the side effects. You are all correct on here about is useless. Doxycycline did not work for me either....I was on a 3 month course but it did nothing. I came off on the instructions of my consultant...still have two boxes in the cupboard if I think I need them in the future. I tried Azithromycin for 6 days, that did nothing either. I hate steroids with avengeance...I have osteoporosis and they attack my unless I am ever backed into a corner for a short course, I will not take them. Luckily my consultant agrees with me. There are a lot of frightened people on here that are sick of their symptoms....there are many things that can improve our health....I ended up with inflammation of the bowel...with continued use of antibiotics.....the doctors said nothing...but I know it was that, they could not find another explanation as I do not eat meat and a very healthy diet, they were scratching their heads for an answer. I now take acidophilus daily, I have not looked back since. Probiotics protect us and put back all the good bacteria that antibiotics take away. Don't know whether I have helped or not...but I am an honest person and tell it like it is for me...Good luck whatever you do.

I agree with you 100% naturelover, and it is important what color you're coughing up. The green is bad, and so is gray or bloody (pink) of course, but clear or white is not as indicative of an infection. Now that I've been on this site I have learned so much about the drugs we take, and what they can do to you and for you, and it is scary. The steroids are the worst. I blow up like a balloon, and until you mentioned it, I didn't know they attack bones too (something new to look forward to) but we're damned if we do and damned if we don't. I appreciate your honesty, it was quite informative, Thank you!

Oh my, I know exactly where you're coming from. I've had 5 rounds of antibiotics from December of last year to the present. I have something very stubborn going on which is why I'm in the hospital, but my predicament came when I first got sick with this too, and my doctor said it's a virus and you can't take antibiotics for that. If I was thinking clearly, I would have gone to a different doctor instead of dealing with this for 5 or 6 months. I would most definitely say take the antibiotics, and start the steroids if you get wheezy or tight chested. I learned you need to be insistent. You know what works for you the best. Good luck and feel better :)

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