.............POP MUSIC HUMOUR........What do you remember?

.....................POP MUSIC HUMOUR

When it comes to POP music artists sometimes adopted a funny name, for themselves or their group, create funny album covers. There appearances might be funny or strange( clothes or hairstyles).Their lyrics might have a fun element with hidden meanings.

Glam rock, remember the 70's.Artists often had a camp ironic element to their on stage personas and in their songs.

Remember :- Mud's 'Tiger Feet' dressed with their drapes on stage.

Sweet's 'Ballroom Blitz'

Slade's songs delivered with a wry smile and a wink 'Merry Christmas Everybody'

Ian Dury and the Blockheads suggestive lyrics in their major hit 'Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick'

Back in the 30's Cab Calloway sang 'Minnie The Moocher'. The song was famous for it's audience participation

going faster and faster until the audience could not repeat the chorus . He also sang this decades later in 'The Blues Brother's ' movie which had lots of fun and music'

In the 80's Madness were on the stage, representing all that was fun on the music scene with 'House of Fun' and

'Baggy Trousers'.

Scottish born Lonnie Donegan (brought up in Essex) had 'My Old Man's a Dustman

Chas and Dave had their own pub sing-song humour 'Rabbit'

Funny folk song by Scaffold 'Lily The Pink'

Village People wore gay fantasy costumes, 'In The Navy' and 'Y.M.C.A '

Winifred Atwell played ragtime fast in a humorous way'

And so you see ,there has been fun and humour across the memories of time.

Please share your memories of Artists, their antics, colourful clothes, painted faces and humorous songs



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  • Adam and the Ants. Prince Charming and other highwayman type songs. :)

  • Loved Adam and that song! x

  • He knew how to dress!

  • I bet his sartorial elegance does not match yours, Your Majesty. x

  • Ooooooooooow you have a way with words Toci

  • Chuck Berry - My Ding-a-Ling.

  • He sings a lot of good material

  • I'm not sure this one was good, just an interesting title for Pop music humour I think. :)

  • Made him a few quid I think

  • Definitely x

  • PJ Probys split trousers, Mike Berry and his suggestive mike, Monty Python's Lumberjack song, Barron Knights, Wurzels, The Kinks - Lola. :d

  • Trust you to remenber split trousers

  • Leapy Lee and Little Arrows...one my favourites was The Passadena Roof Orchestra....and one of the naughty ones, Judge Dredd and Big six or seven.

  • How about # I'm walking backwards for Christmas, by 'The Goons' or maybe 'The Ying-Tong Song' ?

  • Ian Drury's' Hit me with your rhythm stick,' was thought to be rather naughty at the time.

  • Everly Brothers Bridge over troubled Waters.

  • Love Simon & Garfunkle

  • There's was Bridge Over Troubled Waters .I think.

  • Hi SuzyG, Bridge of troubled waters was played at our wedding over 42 years ago and we are still married. Still one of my favorite songs. Berwick xxx

  • BEVERLY Sisters, Stevie Wonder.Nat King Cole.

  • What were their fun songs Berwick?

  • I am 65 now, but when I was at College when I was 17, a Pal and I skived off and went to the nearest café with a juke box. The new song out was a girl group ( cannot remember name ) singing about Terry crashing his motor bike. I remember as if it were yesterday, we cried buckets. lol

  • The song was called Terry, sung by Twinkle if I remember rightly?

  • Yep

  • You are quite right Toci, I remembered as soon as I saw your reply.

  • I loved it too. :)

  • tell laura I love her,

  • Tell Laura I love her, tell Laura I need her. tell Laura not to!!

    very sad song as well

  • That was a very sad song poppyval

  • It was too KOTC but we loved it. We had decent music in our day. lol

  • And it is still being played today. That is why I like Radio Nottingham

  • Don't think I would get Radio Nottingham up here in Scotland KOTC

  • Emigrate!!!!!

  • The Beatles Mull of kintyre,when I first heard this I thought they were singing "bo****** tyre.!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh really fishtail

  • 'Amarillo' with Peter Kay, Elton John 'pinball wizard' with his giant platform shoes, Bernard Cribbins 'cup of tea', Sparks 'this town ain't big enough' strange guy on key board, Pop music has given us some laugh's eh' King.

  • Screaming Lord Sutch.

  • long john baldry,the yard byrds,the animals,mike sarne,hermans hermits,the searchers,gerry and the pacemakers.brian poole and the tremeloes,billy fury,adam faith,marty wilde.oh my gosh Ive gone back 50 years to my teens,do you think we had it all.

  • You have delved back through time there fishtail. What memories of their funny songs, dress sense, antics on stage do you have of any of them They were all great artists. I remember Freddie and the Dreamers with Freddie's dancing antics. What good days they were.

  • Fish you were deffo in my era. loved them all. I had a twin brother and everyone said he looked like Herman.

  • heard it through the grapevine,brilliant

  • That was a 'GAYE' song! carrotts

  • ha I meant that's a song I like marvin gaye,but what ever rocks 1s boat its a free country,carrotts

  • Saw Herman on TV last night. Not looking so young and impish now poppyval

  • Well like the rest of us he has bound to have aged.

  • He still had his appeal!

  • Hi poppyval. A lot of us are stuck in that era.

  • Wish I had seen Herman King. Yes it looks like a lot of us are stuck in that era, by the look of all these replies. Also about emigrating, I was a Lancashire Lass until I was 15 years old, then my Parents came up here to live, and Righteous Bros. were the best at that song ever.

  • poppyval did u get the song I sent stitch got hers,yes they was the best at it,true,bernicex

  • No Bernice I didn't sorry. Can you resend please. Cheryl

  • unchained melody is a timeless classic,memories ,bernicexx

  • one of my very best favourites sung by so many different artists.

  • Righteous Brothers were good singing it bernice

  • The Teddy Bears, To know him is to love him. So many memories of my first love. The Poni Tails Born to Late. My sister had this gorgeous boyfriend who I adored. She ditched him but as she is 9 years older than me I was too young for him.

  • What a real shame Suzy6 and you still remember him !

  • Hi King yes but with happy memories.

  • Well goodness Gracious Me :)

    Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren

  • Two great performers BlakeyC

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