A was thinking of my Legacy and thinking about things i wanted to do

A was thinking of my Legacy and thinking about things i wanted to do

Just becouse am sick dont mean a don't have Brain or Lack vision or Enterprise or and aspiration's wanting more than this horrid disease.

If steve jobs could do it why cant we .... So anyway getting back to my legacy and things to do befour a die

I was looking into crowd funding and setting my self up a disructive enterprise by means of crowdfunding :O


Like lets face it .... Its not like a bank would fund my idea enterprise.

So am asking if anyone know's anything about CrowdFunding or had a Dabble.

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  • I don't really know about Crowd Funding Daz. But I am wishing you every success with whatever you put your mind too :)

    Best wishes BC

  • Hi cheers ye it was somthing a was in process of starting then i got ill .. And health was and is bigger priorty but as soon as finished with old GP Atos Dwp tribunral might see what its all about .. will have to see how health is

  • Let us know when you find out


  • Hi kingofcocktails cheers will do :)

  • If for sponsorship, I've seen a lot if people at work use this: justgiving.com/?targetdevic...

  • Hi cheers very interesting am going to look in crowd funding bit see what difference are

  • good morning, I have though this would be a good way to pay for research on COPD, say there is 90000 of us one pound each is a good fund and put this direct into research as apposed to diluting it with management fees and administration fees would be worth a serious amount of money. as most charities administration can take over half of the fund, also you would be leaving a lasting legacy to your family in the future as in when and if they get this problem COPD there may be a cure.


  • Agreed

  • Looks like they make a straight 5% on the donation and then a further 3% on your withdrawal not a bad return on a few template pages hosted website.

    There may be cheaper versions out there that you could make your self.

    Hope it goes well.


  • Hi offcuts hope ya doing as well as can be expected ..

    Yep as me and you know there is a price to pay for anything we want to do...but like thay say 5% of nothing is nothing.. But having professional help as with most things might be worth the prise you have to pay

  • tripod.lycos.com/pricing/ would give you a start before investing real cold cash

  • Hi cheers offcuts

  • No problem Paypal is a good form of online cash tranfer system!

    Seeing doc tomorrow and hit him with the asbestos and my cardiologist wants it looked at too before I become mechanical

  • Hi ye cheers offcuts .. That should be intersting how thay try not to describe that one for you a surpect thay already knew have thay been moinerting you for some wile .. Yal bee runing round like acton man .. Young kids have them now so defo be reliable it will take speed wobble out of your tyre .. Anyway wishing you well amd all the best

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