Want to say thank you x

Want to say thank you x

Wel... after a lot of too ing and fro ing, the Doctor has finally decided that it is mild COPD. But she is not sure why my breathing is still laboured. I am off to the hospital this afternoon to have a CT scan and a rack of blood tests! Again my social diary is full this week with appointments. I am still not sure what is going to happen but I do want to say Thank you to all you lovely people who have taken the time to reply to me and also how wonderful it has been to hear and see the friendship and support that is offered here from this site. Thought you might like this picture of my little Yorky Ollie. x

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Ahhh Ollie is adorable just want to pick him up and scrumble. Ido hope that the battery of tests are able to confirm one way or another as to what your diagnosis is and what your treatment plan will be.Goodluck be well and be happy :) Janexx

Ollie is the cutest little fella! Love the hat.

I do wish you well with all the tests and do rest assured that lots can be done to keep you well. Stay on here with all thest lovely people and you will get all the support you need and some. Thinking of you. Carole xxx

You are doing the right thing today Carole love the picture of Ollie .

Thank you. Got more holes in me then a colander.I hate needles. And they wanted more blood before they would do the ct scan! Now that was just plain greedy!!

Ollie OH Ollie!


Good luck with tests xx let us know how you get on with your results ! Take care xx

Good luck with the tests hope all goes well for you.

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