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You'll never believe what's happened to me. I bought hotel vouchers for myself and hubby my two sisters and their hubbys over the internet. My sisters gave me their money and I booked the hotel we are all going this coming weekend. Well today I went to print the vouchers and they have gone missing from the laptop. I contacted the hotel because when I booked it I have to give them the voucher numbers so I thought I'd be ok. But no I'm not they said they need the vouchers. So now I've emailed the company I bought them from telling them what has happened. I'm hoping they can reprint them or have copies they can sent me.

I feel sick in my stomach over it. I know it's not the end of the world but if I have to give my sisters back the money they paid for the vouchers I'll be a very poor nanaber and Christmas will be very tight. So please keep everything crossed that the voucher company can do something for me.

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  • Oh nanaber! What a place to be in! I wish you well.

  • I know, I have to say I'm worried.

  • Hi nanaber, Just a thought if the vouchers were on your laptop then there is a strong chance they are still there somewhere, I don't know if you are computer minded if not get someone who is to have a look.Good Luck Matt

  • Thanks Matt, my daughter has a friend who a computer wiz kid I'll ring her and get her to ask him if there's anything he can do.

  • Unless you have deleted them they should be findable - and findable even if deleted by someone who knows what they are doing. xx

  • If the hotel and the company can't do anything for me I'll ask my daughter's friend he's a wiz kid on pc.

  • Yes think that would be best I keep loosing thing, on here, then son soon finds them, so fingers crossed for you.

  • true mc.

  • oh no I do hope you get some luck with that company, Joan x

  • So do I. I've decided to go over to my eldest sister tonight and prepare her for the worst. She'll take it better than my other sister.

  • could bein reclycle bin,hard disk,or have check system admin,best u leave it till relative comes,

  • aww nanabar, u might be lucky,could be in laptop still,theres things in that keep stuff somewere,gone out of my head,what,hope your lucks in,bernicexxxx

  • Thanks Bernice, that thought gave me some comfort. I hope it won't come to that and the hotel or the company where I bought the vouchers will help.

  • Good luck xxx

  • thanks

  • Fingers crossed for you


  • her lucks gotta be in,were all backing her,

  • Thanks King

  • Really wish you well. Something that goes missing whatever it is, Is a disaster. I had my engagement ring madeover, and then it disappeared. I will never forget that. So I do hope the vouchers turn up. You have paid g ood money for that. All the best - Anniex

  • That was awful to loose your engagement ring you must have been very upset over that. I hope one day it will reappear for you. I'll let you know what happens with the vouchers later today.

  • Thanks Stich I can ring the hotel at 9 am when the reservation manager will be on. I've been up for a long time now watching the clock. I'm going to ring them now I'll post back and let ye all know how I got on.

  • You poor thing Nanaber. Any news?

    If you downloaded them they should be in the download file.

    I do hope you find them. Peeg, let us know - I shall be worrying during the night as well! xx Peeg

  • Aww peeg don't be worrying I'm going to ring them now and I'll post back

  • Presumably they emailed the vouchers to you?

    If so, and the email has been deleted, then look in your (email) 'Trash' folder for it.

  • Will do thanks

  • If you bought the vouchers through one of the discount sites, you should be able to log into the site and recover your deal. The 'deal' will be available in a number of different formats. I hope this helps.

  • Thanks it was through a discount site that's something else I can do.

  • You could try the 'sent' folder and see if the original request is in there. Most mail systems have a 'deleted' file where e-mails go and hide. As has been said if you log into the original supplier with a user name and password the information is normally there. Good luck, it's a horrible feeling when you think you have lost them, it's also easy in the panic to find them to miss the obvious solution. .

  • Thanks moneal, I hadn't thought of looking into the message sent folder. Your right about panic affecting what you see I didn't know what I was looking at yesterday when I first discovered them missing.

  • I do hope you find them. This is very stressful for you. Please keep us updated. M

  • I will just going to ring now.

  • I've just been on to the hotel and they need the physical voucher otherwise they said they can't get the value of the vouchers from the company. I tried everything that's been suggest on from you guys and it's no good the vouchers just aren't there. Still hoping the company will resent the vouchers. Just hope they respond quickly. I know it's not the end of the world but I have a pain in my head over it and a knot in my stomach.

  • Good luck to you nanabar and I agree, they must be on there somewhere. Don't give up and you will be going away. Lots of love. xxx

  • Hi nanaber, I can imagine you are very upset about this, I would be beside myself! If it's Groupon you've bought them from, they say

    "You can also access and download your Groupon voucher at any time by logging in to your Groupon account, under My Account > My Orders. The Groupon will appear on your account at the same time it is emailed to you"

    So, even if you've deleted the email them then they should be in your downloads folder on your computer, unless you chose to save them somewhere else. If you didn't download them then they should still be in your Groupon account waiting to be downloaded.

    Have you done a search on your laptop using words like "vouchers", "Groupon" (or other provider), "hotel" to look for the file?

    If it's one of the other voucher providers, I imagine they work in very much the same way.

    I have my fingers crossed for you! Sadie xxx

  • Don't know if it's any help but I came across the following at . . . onhotels.com/static/FAQ#3c


    What happens if I lose my Hotel Voucher?

    If you lose your voucher before departure, then please contact Onhotels.com directly by either email or telephone and we will arrange for a replacement voucher to be emailed to you. Should you not be able to print a copy of your voucher you must let us know before checking in or your reservation may not be accepted by the hotel.

    To obtain another copy of your voucher, please go to View My Booking. When you enter your Booking number and the last name of the person who made the booking, you will be able to access a page where you can print another copy of your voucher. If you have lost your booking number, please contact us by email or telephone and we will resend it.


  • Wow, sure hope she saw this. Wonderful info. Hope Nanaber is alright.

  • Situation resolved. See here . . . healthunlocked.com/blf/post...

  • Thanks. I cannot seem to learn my way around the site. Seems I better study a bit more as getting lost and posting scattered comments is getting more confusing for all.

    it appeared poor Nanaber was gone as nothing else was said on that partcular line of posts. So thanks again for your kindness.


  • Thanks I got a reprint of the vouchers

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