Although a very stressful week what with one thing and another.My grandchildren went home last night.So iam taking this as a positive move.My daughter has rested and to now be doing her normal mummy things is good for her,life goes on,gotta get back on that horse.Have got to say yhis was a very good test to see how i might react with the smokey thingy and oh yer i passed not a one passed my lips.What i want to know is how are the others that have stopped doing ???

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  • So thrilled fr you longlungs. After all the stress you have had - what an amazing person yu are. Well done you! :-) :-) Alison

  • Hi Alison you flatter me to much we would all do the same when it comes down to it.Having said that thank-you ,it was busy and tiring for sure but had some quality moments with the kids,each night saying yes didnt have one.Smileys all round haha .How are you how are things?? Janexx

  • Hi Longlungs You are doing brilliant three weeks I would say that's the hard part done, believe me I've been there 10 years ago, this will help your Longlungs last longer.Mattcass

  • Hi there Mattcass ive been reading your posts and i think your quite special yourself with what you have to deal with,its what i think is great about this site how we can sound off ,tell a tale,ask for help and somebody is there for us with thought,help and kindness.I feel very lucky to have happened on this forum,And yes im hoping these longlungs of mine will see me throgh a while longer have things to do people to see and places to go haha So many thanks mattcass Janexx

  • Well done, L.L. It was a hard test watching your daughter having problems but you passed with top marks.

  • Hello Annie hows your day been today better i hope? I feel asleep last night 1.30 woke up at10.00 came down and had a coffee and couldnt keep my eyes open so went backup at midday slept till 3.30 and looking forward too see my bed again very soon.Will feel more alert tomorow .She sounds fairly good today when i spoke to here,i know she needs further help from the pros and it is there for the having,we can omly show them the water they have to decide the rest.We are here to catch her if she trips along the way,and tell her how much she is loved..Iam pleased coz boy did i want loads and verbalised that and went outside when one of my sons had for a ciggie and trying to inhale didnt work my eldest is 6'3'' im 5'5','"no mum go away" and he walked off bless him.Iam determined though.So many thanks annie for your support have you heard from the others im terrible there are quite a few of us all at varying stages need to scroll back for names,medow,coccobo,alison?? Janexx

  • Very well done keep it up xx

  • Hi chellshock busy week for you then hows your shoulder has it changed at all?Thank-you for your support you are all so great here i feel blessed i really do .Janexx

  • Yep busy week indeed. Nope shoulder is just as bad, waiting for the steriod injection. We are always here for one of the family xx

  • Yes how lovely is that the forum is working well i think a very kind cyber family indeed glad to be part of it.Sorry about your shoulder is the injection for that what did they say it was? Janexx

  • Well done missus! I knew from the beginning you would do it, something about your determination shone through. xx

  • Hello Toci how are you at the moment especially without your personal assistant ?So many thanks for your kind words it does mean so much i have missed not being on here for a few days.You saw more than me i didnt feel confident although i did feel determined,what i felt inside was a connection with this forum and all of you good people felt quite powerful to me ,so everybody here is part of my continuing success,long may it continue haha. Janexx

  • Keep going


  • Hi KOTC have needed Will Power lots this past week he has been a star .Hows the sniffles have they left you ,?ihope they have Reading your posts you seem pretty good,Italian restaurants, awards many congrats actually so deserved :) and still making us smile nice one my friend,you make my day that little better good to start with a smile.Janexx

  • Congrats on doing the best thing you can do for yourself LL you must be so proud of yourself keep on keeping on

  • Hello Eck how nice to hear from you thank -you so much for your support helps me loads really it does.How has your weekend been? Keep well,be happy.Janexx

  • Sometimes, your body tells you to sleep whatever time of the day. You have had stress so listen to your body. Then remember that you need sleep at night as well. I really admire non smokers and that includes myself!

  • Everything you have said Annie ditto,Ihave to say was concerned about sleeping this afternoon because of bed tonight idont have a very good night routine at all,so was suprised i feel asleep at 1.30 last night havnt done for several years.Have always been a bit ofa night owl.Everyone who stops is a star and for staying that way most of all,when somebody tells you how long it is that they have stopped you can feel their pride it means alot to that person aswell as the newby about to start.It is a major underestimated addiction !I wont rattle on .So definately feel proud of yourself annie and everyone that chose to stop and have succeeded.Janexx

  • Congratulations Jane. Giving up smoking without any other worries is not easy so you are without doubt one strong minded lady. Your gold....... Well done. Holly.x

  • Hello Holly good to hear from you,what have you been up to over the weekend ?Thank-you you are too kind.To be honest that first day was probably the most dangerous,when that day past it gave me more strength for when you have that mental argument with yourself and i had alot,also i didnt want to let the people here down even though i kinda know people would be understanding.It sounds very corney Iknow,but the day i found this site and joined in which was a biggey for me i just suddenly had a gut feeling that hopefully with the forums support i would be able to set my new stop date,iam able to draw strength from you all iam inspired so much by everyone,you are all special in your very own individual ways.Everyday I learn so thanxHolly for being one of those who help not just me but us all.Janexx :)

  • Well done Longlungs, you are a very strong woman. xx

  • Hello casper99 no thank-you its all of you that make me strong really it is.Are you well ?Janexx

  • WELL DONE !!!!!

  • Hello richardcrossroads how nice to meet you,thank-you for supporting me.Are you a smoker or have you managed to stop?Please keep in touch hopefully will see you soon eh,we are a very friendly group here,are you new to the site? :) Janexx

  • oh yes! I was in the Olympic team, 07 November when I stopped I still have nicotine replacement lozenges on hand, I have been on this site for a couple of years or so, to pass on anything I think might help, and to learn from others experience

    have a good day


  • Hello again Richard thanx for replying wow what sport? do you still compete ?Its a tricky old habit isnt it really takes a grip of you,i may find it difficult to give my inhalator up,it swings round my jaw like noones business.Ithink thats the least of my worries at the moment.There is certainly lots to learn from people here for sure i learn something most days.Keep in touch Richard im about most days babbling on about something or another,a good bunch of people dont you think?Have helped me in many ways its quite extraordinary!See you soon Janexx

  • it's good to babble


  • Well done - I am lucky I have never smoked or drank - I'm pretty sure I would do both rather too much....however, I do like my sweet food - can't resist if I have chocolate in the house, must be SO much worse with ciggies - you are doing so well !

  • Ahh thank-you Gidge your to kind,im rather partial to sweet too,damn addictions!I really hope that i have broken the back of this smoking one ,I do still feel very determined and feel strong.Takecare be well be happy. :) Janexx

  • Well done :-) what more can I say.

    polly xx

  • Thank-you polly, everyones support really helps.Hows your chest today? Janexx

  • Very well done to you Longlungs. It must have been such a struggle at times but you are doing great and are very determined. What an inspiration to others. Take care. Love, Carole xxxxx

  • Hello Carole i think anyone who decides to stop what ever addiction must struggle even a little .Last week was my biggest test,i have never got through 24 hrs before! and then i met this forum and all of you inspirational people ,I just knew that with your support i stood a chance and so far so good my strength builds daily.Iam truly blessed so thank-you velly much indeed.Janexx

  • Wow well done good un yur, I know you can do it cos I did 2 years ago now, and it has mad a huge difference to my life. SO WELL DONE LONGLUNGS XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Well done to you mahunamoon 2yrs wow, im a little ways off that at the mo,Iwill get there. Thank-you you mad lady you have bought smiles to my face today .:) very much appreciated believe me.Enjoy your evening.be well be happy. Janexx

  • Marvellous! This is a powerful statement of you saying, I want to be healthy. Congratulations! Well done! You will have saved your life and those around against smoke cancer. wonderful!

  • Hi there helingmic yes you are right i do want to be healthy,so far so good thank-you for being there.How are you doing? slowly building yourself back up continuing going forward i hope? Takecare be well and be happy.Janexx

  • Longlungs yes, I'm progressing. I make a point of using my nebules, then the Flutter, then a big cough up. I still feel weak during some parts of the day.

    I must tell you this,though. I was waiting today for some workmen to clear my chimney, so a gas heater can be installed. they didn't come today. The excuse was: Our ladder was too short!!! True! :-)

  • Hi helingmic haha ive heard it all now unbelieveable !!!! Im glad to hear you have got the hang of the flutter now sounds like its helping?It does take us a while to get back on our feet after illness,you sound like your doing everything thats right so keep well my friend ihope that gas fire is fitted soon brrr! :) Janexx

  • Well done longlungs :) all the stress you have been through and still smoke free big well done again for you xxx

  • Hello pamela hows you? thank-you for continuing to support really does mean a lot to me.:) Janexx

  • Well done! It is 7 months for me now. It does get easier but I think I will always miss them. 40 years is hard to forget. But we must persevere for the sake of our poor lungs.

    Keep it up.


  • HelloPT how nice to meet you 7mths eh arnt you doing well,great stuff.Iknow what you mean same for me 47yrs ! Indeed our poor old lungs.We must go onwards and upwards though,i know ive away to go yet but with all the support especially from here has made a massive difference for me.In the past I have never managed 24 hrs so im utterly gobsmacked everyday that passes.All very good we are PT.See you soon i hope Janexx

  • ptliverpool, Not just our lungs, but those of others too!

  • Excellent news, L/L, big pat on the back, and great news about your daughter, Keep it up we are all behind you.X

  • Hello junespoon thanx so much its good isnt it.Talking to my daughter today ,what a difference girl i was chatting to, that forest is not so dense this week thank god,was very scarey for a moment.You are all so supportive here im very lucky.Hows about yourself? Janexx

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