............................................Trent Vineyard ..........Menu Italiano


Last night I went to the pre Alpha Course dinner a Trent Vineyard

I thought I would make you all jealous with the menu,

Entertainment with classical Italian guitarist and singer guitarist.

.................................MENU ITALIANO


Platto da portata alla Toscano

Chorizo, salami, olive, insalata , capresse

pepperoncino, cetriolini , cracker italiani


Lasagne alla Bolognese

Saportii strati di pasts,

con una ncca salsa alla Bolognese

la nostra besciamella , fatta da ricotta segrata e basilica fresco.

Oppure Melanzane alla Parmicgiano (v )

Strati de melanzan sugose,

parmigiano e pomodori,

conbricolie di pane,mozzarello'crmosa e erbe fresche.

Servito con

Insalataverde alle erbe,

Insalata di pomadori e basilica

Pane croccante


Tiramisu Classico

Zabaglione all pesco

Panna cotta con mirtilli sciroppati

Caffe, Te e biscotti all amaretto

Opzioni di scegliere alimenti senza glutine o deriati dal latte.


Absolutely divine, wish you could all have been with me.



Get a cup of tea or coffee at your local Breathe Easy

just go along to join

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  • Got the message you had a right royal meal, King! I went on holiday in Italy, years ago, and recall wonderful food. I couldn't understand the menu. The waitress couldn't speak English. Sign language followed: flapping of arms, so I thought chicken. What turned up was baby birds in a delicious sauce, but I couldn't face biting into the birds. They may not been degutted.

  • There weren't any of those type of birds there annieseed !!!

  • Yummmmmmmmmmmmy. We love Italian food but Chloe doesn't like my spag bol. She only likes it cooked properly! Hmmmm! :-) :-) Alison

  • You've described it in one word Alison Yummmmmmmmmmmmy

  • Sounds as though you had a great time and fantastic food.

    Judith x

  • I don't go out at night very often so when I do, I enjoy it all the more alanjudy.It was superb.

  • What Did you really get ?????bacon sannie Berwick x

  • Come on Berwick, switch your translator on to find out. Then your mouth will water!

  • Looks like after the Alpha course you may need Slimming World too but they don't do such adventurous menus. There was a young lad on our course and at the end of the course he said the one thing that he will remember, was that there so many different foods around. His family lived on chips, ships and more chips.

  • I could certainly need to loose a little weight CornishBrian

  • I love Italian food wish I could have joined you

  • You've missed it. There is a different theme each time. Sorry silversurfer

  • Truly scrumptious, King!

    I have been to quite a few Alpha courses, some as attendant, some as assistant. The wonderful thing about this is that there's always a magnificent lady who will prepare meals so that you come back for more!

  • Very true helingmic,more please!

  • sounds interesting ,glad you enjoyed it KOTC, just one question don't you do biscuits at your breath easy group?

  • Rich tea ,digestive , custard creams .bourbon. No choccie bikkies any more katieoxo60

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