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I have been feeling a bit rough the last few days, bodily I felt as if I had a cold but no runny nose, (I put it down to the flue jab) then today I feel worse and have a tickly cough and bringing up some light green phlegm, my breathing has not changed. I am not sure whether to take my rescue antibiotics will not take steroids now, too many side effects. I am due to take and Azithromycin tomorrow should I wait and contact my respiratory nurse in the morning. Have not had a chest infection in the last two and a half years so I am not happy.

polly xx

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  • Take the antibiotics, if you have green phlem than you have an infection.

  • I would go with the antibiotics first too. I don't like taking the steroid tablets either, what docs have said to me in the past, take the ABs first and if no sign of improvement or getting worse in the next 2 days, then take steroids as well.

    Always best to follow guidance from your own doctor but do check with respiratory nurse tomorrow.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  • I have wondered about steroids. I did have some with the last infection, but rather not. Good idea to wait a day or two. I think they will have an affect if needed.

  • You take good care


  • Yes I would take the antibiotics, if your sputum is green it indicates an infection.

  • I agree with above. Get well soon. Alison

  • Good advice on here pollyjj and wishing you well. It could be the beginnings of something so get checked out tomorrow if you can. Pete takes AB's and ups his steroids when he gets an infection but the steroids are not for everyone. You take care. xxxx

  • im a bit late in the day to comment, i hope you have started your antibiotics though sounds like one of them pesky germs might have found you ,hopefully you will be on top of it and kick the blighters out,but i do think you need aword with either your doc os resp nurse eh. Keep well polly breathe easy Janexx

  • Seems like this years Flu jab is hitting a lot of us this time.

  • yeh it got me at 1st,ok now,fingers crossed,hows it going for you ,worries seem less for you now,bernice

  • hello polly how are you today?Have you been able to speak or see your nurse or doc?Thinking of you Janexx

  • ll hows it going,u are released from the chain gang,ciggies free ,hope your family are ok now,bernicex

  • Hi bernice yes im feel great my daughter sounds so much better sleep was needed,afterall as iexplained to her ,sleep deprivation is used as a torture !She has issues which will take longer to deal with ,but she will be getting the relevant help now. :) Yes iam defo ciggie free and very happy about that,.Iam a little weary but that will get better within a day or two .Hows about yourself at the moment? Janexx

  • that's good ll,the sleep bit is the torture part,hence the meds to help,with that illness sleep is paramount to recovery,i had mine ,10pm queue for tammazy liquid,got to ward was noked out,flat 1ohrs sleep,did cold turkey getin of but I did it,the issues will resolve with time don't worry,hard part over now,im glad,breakdowns are not to be taken lightlyll,she will recover stronger from it,i did,bernicexx

  • sorry your not so good petal,rest up and as ive said do what you can when you can ,are you not able access to your nurse of gp for advice on this,i cant answer for you ,me I would take them,but we are all different,thinking of you,rest easy,bernicexxxX

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