Breathe Easy in Weymouth?

(Sorry to be taking up the bandwidth of people elsewhere.)

I've been meaning (hoping?) to go to my local Breathe Easy group for some time. I know when and where it meets but would like to be able to talk to a local contact so that I have an "entry point" and also some idea of what to expect. I have a dreadful picture of half a dozen well-meaning people sitting clutching cups of tea waiting for something to happen as they make desultory conversation.

I nearly made it on Wednesday but lost the will to live with about an hour to go. I could do with a little help to put my toe into the water so if anyone on here goes to Weymouth Breath Easy and could give me a hand please send me a personal message.

Thanks for your time


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  • Good morning WeymouthJohn I am going to my local one this tuesday, I called blf, click red balloon, and gent told me the name and phone number of the lady who runs its shes very nice, and invited me to a carvery to meet everyone, thats the meeting for this month,(wasnt that nice of her) then they meet again in nov in a community centre, then close till feb cos of weather, I still feel a little nervous, but at least when I walk in, I can look around for the lady I spoke to on the phone, ...............the blf phone will not be open till monday morning, but I am soooooooooo pleased I called them and the lady who runs the group,.......

    good luck with it John, let us know how you get on. Joan x

  • Is this club the breathe easy in Weymouth, at the fire station,,they meet 2nd Wed each month,,or another club,,

  • Thanks. I did ring the number given on the website but it was a BLF office and they didn't have a local contact. They were obviously looking at the same screen as me. The best they could suggest was to turn up at half past two. You seem to have been more fortunate. That's why I'm trying this site. I might try a different route (main BLF helpline number) on Monday and see if I get any more luck.

    Thanks again


  • yes John, this is the number that gave me the info, 03000 030 555

    hope you get lucky on monday. Joan x

  • Hi John

    We do have a contact for the group that meets in Weymouth - call the BLF Helpline - 03000 030 555 - and we'll pass the details on to you.



  • Why not give your respiratory team a ring they should know, alternatively ring the fire station where the meetings are held they may have a contact number.

    At our B.E. new members are greeted at the door and seated with people who are regulars and like talking to new people.

    So don't be afraid to just go they look a very friendly bunch by the photos on the BLF site.

    polly xx

  • hi john i sometime go to the breathe easy in weymouth when i am well enough , they are quite a friendly bunch any how if i go next month i will let you know ,

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