Well had flu JAB and two days later nr Ambulance job

Well had flu JAB and two days later nr Ambulance job

Ad like to say somthing nice about eggs but chicken that cooked that flu sh## was well rotten.

Might need to up the bar a tad .. but ye had flu jab and had terrible chest back pains breathing problems and now am on steriods pill and antibiotics again.

Its been a joke mucus production as been up that much steriode inhaler wont stop it and felt like a was drowning in mucus sputom.

You go out the door and everyone is well germed up .. If this is taste of winter a just hope it works and is worth it .

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  • Sorry to hear about your flu reaction. I was lucky - no effects at all, but wondering about a persistent cough this morning. Hoping it isn't the onset of a chest infection.

    I was interested in your photo - good. But you are so like someone in my PR class. Talking to the bloke, I thought could be Daz. On oxygen, asbestos related and awaiting lungs transplants.

  • Hi annieseed sounds like your cooking one .. Thats how mine started then got sore throat .. Glad you like pic thought ad show other side ..

    As far as PR no a dont talk to anyone really quite anti social and most are germed up

  • Sorry to hear you're ill again. Life's a bitch, it's happened to me, just as i'm feeling better it starts again, more antibiotics and steroids. You're so right when you say everyone is germed up. When the bird flue was at its worst people in Japan were walking around with face masks on. Do you think they've got the right idea? hope you are better soon. mustcarryon.

  • right idea as china as,other countrys adopt this method with masks,in france if it rains they just stick a carrier bag on therehead,no 1 bats an eye,if we hear adopted on the mask and bag/half the population would be in a,an e,broken noses,walking into lamps post/staring stupidly at us with masks on,ignorance at its best,if need I will don a mask ,and if asked I will state copd lung disease,u want some,

  • That's a laugh. Due you think that we should hold a" wear a mask day," to raise awareness of all lung conditions? As you say A&E would be full.

  • why not ,ive got mine, mine will be all week,just brush ur hair/as most of dopes faf with that more,see were getting new lamps post haha.lot dopes out there then,

  • love it

  • Hi mustcarryon yep its been hum dinger of autumn every three weeks am on antibiotics for chest infections ... Face masks are ok but a scarf is just as good

  • Happened to me last year but I think I was breathing the flu on the day I got the vax. This year I was a bit scared getting it but I bit the bullet and got it early. I hope this passes quickly for you and your feeling better soon. I'm also hoping for a good winter or us all.

  • Hi nanaber cheers thanks

  • Yep, germs everywhere. Never used to bother us when we were fit and well did it? We just can't fight off the little b....rs. :-) :-) Alison

  • You're so right. The words "When we were fit and well" What lovely memories, just to have the strength to fight the little b...rs off would bring joy to us all i'm sure.

  • Very true appyalison

  • Agree with face masks here in UK the population is enourmous! and for the size of us it is no wonder we are getting germs at the rate of knots, I live in a rual community thank god! but I had a check in inner city London Hosp and I was down with a ragining temp a on return, thankfully that was a fortnight before jab. No reaction with it this time only a skin one, it was red and looked like the serum had got stuck in there it looked like the movie 'alien' lol, it hurt like hell too, all cleared within 48 hours I don't like them and I do wonder if they do us any good? Still get nasty infections throughout winter and I can't see that one vaccine fits all? With my lungs being as they are I have no choice with it really...like the nice memories too of when we were fit and well' wish I could go back in time ...:)

  • survey done on London,its claimed its as polluted as china and the don masks 24 7,u,k,is the most densived ,more than u,s,and other countries,my mask is on red alert,stuff the why u got that on brigade,im keepin my nose warm ,

  • Daz you are sure going though it at the moment. I hope it gets better soon. I had my flu jab on Wednesday. I have just been feeling more wasted than normal.

  • hows it going offcut,u any wiser in your quest,bernice

  • once I get to see someone about my lungs then the Pace is looking a better option now. I think it was the facts that they put in front of me explaining anything else could be worse or fatal


  • good for you,dont worry,bernicex

  • Hi offcuts yep av had no energy is real pain

  • Dazisnotsogood what illness do you have? you only look young and I am wondering, I am a alpha one patient I am 52, (alpha one antitrypsin deficient) been sick since I was 45.

  • Hi flo1 my old GP said it was panic attacks if only .. But had scan and biggest lung is trashed round near my Plumary artery .. My lung specialist said i have emphysematous bullae bronchitiasis and my lungs have also suffered catastrophic injury and trauma of un known origin .. As well as heart problems

  • sorry your ill,looks like a lot of us are not well at this time,as we say,all for 1,and 1 for all,to all get well soon,breathe easy to all ,

  • Hi carrotts agred

  • hope you are well soon,bernicex

  • Flu jab shall i or not daz hope you get better soon .i get enoght proplems now so do i want any more .as last year my

  • Hi david12 ad love to say leave it but you are better of having it .. a felt like you but if this is taste of winter better of with it than not

  • Sorry to hear of the bad reaction Daz. I hope you are recovering? xx

  • Hi toci as been bad .. If it was not for antibiotics a think i might not off never have i been as bad WELL apart from when i first suffered my lung problems

  • Lots of bugs around Daz. I hope you continue to recover and stay free from any others which may be lurking out there. x

  • Hope you are feeling better soon Daz. I had my jab yesterday so far ok.

    There are so many bugs about already it would be hard to say if it is the vaccine or general exposure to bug ridden people walking among us.

    Take good care and hopefully you will recover quickly.

    Best Wishes BC

  • If you look at a bit sideways we have to go to our doctors nurse who do us in timed blocks. We are in a queue and having to wait in the surgery with ill people! Probably not the best plan for people at risk?

  • mine was a 2minute time slot for all,i stood way back,bernice

  • At my surgery we have been lucky. They have arranged 4 Saturday mornings when the surgery is appointment only just for flue jabs.

  • Hi blakeyC cheers glad al is well ... Like you say there is loads of bugs nocking about at least summer was ok just looking forward to next

  • Still got to face up to getting mine


  • Hi kingofcocktails sure you will be fine .. a probably had bug in me hiding .. Hope alls fine for you cheers

  • Sorry it's made you ill Daz, Mine flared up my Fybro. My cousin has a shop, she's heard of loads of people it has made poorly this time. Get better soon. x


  • Hi casper99 cheers defo been a pain

  • just going 4 that horrible thing next week ooooooo dreading it

  • It will be fine really try not to worry as that can make u ill

  • thank u think what it is I just hate going 2 drs at any time but will keep ur words in mind

  • Last year after having my jab I collapsed and was taken by ambulance to hospital totally out of it WITH FLUE for three days and a two week stop over in quarantine.

    But I will admit, that I put off having the jab for quite a while, Not so this year, practice doctor keeps phoning to remind me MONDAY 14th get it done! and I will run all the way there to get it.

    My advice, Get in quick before the weather gets too cold and everyone around you is sniffing and coughing.

  • Agreed defo need it

  • hope it went better 4 u this yr good luck

  • Just saw your reply, have you ever heard of alpha one antitrypsin deficiency? if you have not can I suggest you ask them to test you for it? You are awfully young to get real serious problems and by the sounds of it your in serious , please ask, it is a simple blood test (pin prick to finger) the trouble is not many of the medics recognise us or indeed would want to test unless prompted, let me know what you decide to do ...please give this some thought. All the best.

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