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Hello everyone......... sorry its taken since friday (went to sister) morning to get back to you all, been to get flu and b12 jabs, sister took me temp it was fine, my oxi was only 94 at 7am when I got to docs at 10am, it was up to 98 wow, how cool is that,....... peak flo is still very low, but at least I can wait untill 29th this month, so sister said, well I do feel a lot better today/night, had lot and lots of sleep since friday when I got home, so now I am defo on the mend wooo hooo thanks everyone for your support and opinions, stay as well as you are able my friends Joan x

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Hi Joan, that is great news, just hearing things are ok, makes you feel better I think :) I had my flu shot today too :) doing find with it.

Have a great evening

BC x


Yes indeed it took the worry=stress away, thanks, Joan x


Good news is always..............good news! x


So good to have a good sister. so good that you feel a lot better. sleep is a great healer too. all the best!


yes sleep is a good healer, body knows what it needs and I obey, well most times lol


I would be lot without my sister.


yep x


Yes sleep always helps, I just need a new materess don't know weather to go for a memory foam, any one have any opinions please.x


I brought a memory foam topper cos memory foam mattress was to hard for me,..... you need to careful with the topper though some are just to thin,......... ok I just measured thickness of mine its 3 inches, and its ok, I have sent so many back cos no good, rubbish foam, or to thin, I would suggest no less than the 3 inches, at least we seem to have a few more rights these days regarding shopping, couldnt sleep without mine,

hope this helps, Joan x ps they dont work properly on old deformed mattress, but if its flat it will be ok.

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Awesome... Is this allowed?? Look up these on the three letter TV shopping channel . I have purchased 3' and three of them . They are not to be confused with the down or synthetic fill. These are memory foam.

Omgsh what a difference!!!

Also the cool (temp) memory foam pillow offers marvelousness in support. Bought one for my elderly neighbor with hip & shoulder spurs. She called and woke me up to tell me she had been able to sleep in comfort for six hours straight Like a little kiddo with a new bike ....

We have the same company here in the States as you do in the Uk.


Is what you mean QVC lol I didnt get mine from there though, and wow oh yes, I have a lot of probs with me bones, and I could never be without it now, and oh yea I do have 2 pillows aswell although one is much larger than the other both brought same day, same company, but one sits nicely under my shoulders, I have only got 1 double bed. lol, but beware some are foam not memory foam, if you push your hand into on real memory foam it will leave an imprint of your hand, thats how I could tell the difference.................

nice to meet you Ozzysmon Joan x


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