I wondered if many people have been put on Doxycycline. I had one course of Amoxocillin which did not help my chest infection along with prednisolone. I have now been on doxycycline and more steroids for a week, still no improvement. I have been given yet another 8 days of doxy plus steroids and have to back next Friday for another check. Is is quite normal for antibiotics and steroids to take this long to have any effect?. Viv xxx

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Yep I'm on those too when things flare-up.Amoxicillin just don't cut the mustard anymore ;)

as its useless and outdated,

Depends what bugs you are growing and what antibiotic they are sensitive to. Has your GP taken a sputum sample - might be an idea if inf hasn't cleared by the time you go back. With me it usually takes about 3 days before I see a bit of an improvement.

Good luck


Agree with Cofdrop, your medics need to send off a sample of your mucus to have tested against various antiBs Quintus asap if they haven't already. You could be wasting precious time if Dox isn't the right one.

Hope you get better soon, in the mean time I'm sure you're drinking loads, taking things to boost your imune system, eating well & keeping warm xx p

Get better soon Viv


Hi Quintus I've been on Doxycycline an steroids they now don't work for me, the Dr gave me Erythromycin when I went on holiday these are ok for the sun, I didn't have to take them on my hols but I have taken them since I've been home an they have worked so next time I see my Dr I'm going to get them changed oh by the way I didn't take any steroids with them so perhaps you need to have a word with your Dr lol xx

GP says Doxycycline is the antibiotic of chose now, Amoxicillin not working for a lot of people. Am on my second lot and they seem to be working very slowly.

Thank you all for your comments. I think I will have to be a bit more patient and hopefully will see some improvement next week.Vivx

Re mucus test, my Doc informed me that it takes 2 or 3 days to get the results back, that is not a go far as I am concerned as by then and she agreed full on infection. Amixocylin is a no go for me it does not hit me anymore and is deemed useless not tired doxy, I take ciprofloxain this for me now is the only one that helps. They should be able to do a suputm test in a few hours no idea why this is not something we have privvy too?

My husband usually gets Amoxycillan first then Doxycycline. The second usually works for him.

Like flo1 Amoxicillin no good any more, and altho I did have Doxycycline as stand by, it now makes me throw up. I think, Quintas, that the AB's should have begun working before this. I ended up in hospital recently after two different AB's failed to stop infection (Cefalexin and then Clarithromycin) Dr said to give it longer (after 2 wks already!). Sputum results were still not back to gp but hospital took another sample and finally given Ciprofloxacin against pseudomonas which has cleared problem I hope! Now worried having read problems some people are having after flu jab as I'm having it this Wed! I think you should get back to Dr now, and not wait any longer. Best of luck! x

Hi I'm new to this forum, but my father passed away in 2007 from an exacerbation due to COPD and my mother also has problems, so I am researching to find anything that has clinical evidence. I came across an article in the daily mail on the use of fans for breathlessness associated with respiratory problems. I know they now use fan therapy on wards and the have found it very beneficial

There is also new research to say that COPD patients have low levels of anti-inflammatory antioxidants and that broccoli sprouts (young broccoli plants), in the form of a supplement called Sulphoraphane may help. It's all in the article. :)

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