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I'll try to keep this short - not my forte though!

In the week we all heard on the news that SSE are putting their prices up.

Phew I thought, glad I'm with Southern Electric (for both gas & elec).

Thursday I thought hmmm, I think I'd better get on one of those fixed price tarrifs before Southern Elec puts their prices up too. So, had a litle scout on Uswitch, got tired & gave up for the night.

Yesterday, Friday, I got a letter from SSE telling me their price is going up in November & my predicted bill for the next year will go up by £300. . . £1200 to£1500+ ...... WTF !!!

It turns out SSE IS blooming Southern Electric. How did that happen without my knowledge?

So, I spent some time on Uswitch yesterday & it was time very well spent.

I've switched to a fixed rate until March 2015.

That'll cover 2 winters, no opt out fee if I switch again before then (some charge £50 per fuel).

By this time next year I will have saved £430 on my fuel bill. :D Result! That is my food for several months or 4 return tickets to France to see my son - or even a bit more warmth.

So, if you haven't switched yet, do take a look. It's much, much simpler now than it's ever been before.

Good luck, Peeg xxxx

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- We are getting now very close to pricing millions out of Energy altogether because of the colossal price increases of energy ,with even more to come in future years because of the Energy Company's insane desire to raise their profits even higher, and as a consequence make millions of sick, elderly and disabled people suffer even more.This multi millionaire Government under Cameron do not appear to care either , on the basis that THE HIGHER YOUR BILL, THE MORE VAT they claw back. I will give this cruel Government MY ANSWER TO ALL THIS IN ABOUT 81 WEEKS TIME AT THE NEXT GENERAL ELECTION .....and it won't be a warm one either !!!


It matters not who you vote for they are all one of the same.They've proved year after year that profit must and always will come before poverty.If no one person voted then they would have to take stock and they'd soon realise that us feeders are no longer falling for their bullsh*t but as long as we vote we are agreeing to being persecuted and bills and profits will continually rise and their GREED will flourish year after year.Just look at how much we are taxed now compared to 20 years ago baring in mind that most of these taxes are what is known as stealth taxes ;)


Hi vittorio, agree with you whole heartedly, how did the fuel get to this price almost overnight who is to blame? And how can those in fuel poverty survive another massive increase Glad to see you will vote with your X and I don't mean love!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi peeg, see you took the general advice given on news ect and that is a mighty big saving you got. I am tied into a fixed rate till next July costs £30 per fuel to opt out but when we get there I will be looking for the best deal on uswitch again, just like you have done. I have managed to keep my fuel figuires fairly stable by opting to switch frequently, and taking up the government schemes for low income families , which gives a further refund on the electric in March if you are eligible. The meters like carrotts quotes are good but think the units cost a little more each with that method, but it keeps you out of debt no quarterly bills ect.


fixed rate for 2 years and low income just likekatieoxo60


hi i have been with Stay warm for the past 12 years and my friends just told me they are stopping that so dont know who i will go with have to look at age concern


Yes, I heard StayWarm was finished and many pensioners will loose out.

Have a look at EDF fixed to March 2015 on Uswitch. It doesn't cost anything to have a look and you only have to key in your present supplier, tariff and how much you pay. xx p


whoops, I have a very low income too. I missed that one.

I attempted to get help with insulation & new boiler but you have to be on benefits unless I've read it wrongly.


Hi there Peeg hows you doing?I really have my angry head on over this fuel/energy thing makes my blood boil and all the venting wont help any of us grrrr grrr grrr .You are absolutely right about getting fixed rates,is our only option very sadly grr grr.Its very wrong dont you think,Thing is there are better alternatives if only some rich sensible group would take the initiative ,it wont happen though,power and greed will always win the day unfortunately,What am i like i wish i had a greater understanding of our energy and different sources etc etc.Having said that even more frustrating.So i conclude ignorance is bliss,coz i get all discombobulated,and thats not a pretty :) Janexx


The council replaced my 40 yr old back boiler with a brand new Worcester and Bosch. I'm assured that this will reduce my fuel cost. I've paid £50 a month for gas. Because I'm disabled, the government has given me £135 toward the fuel bill. But if all these firms are putting their prices up, will I lose out. I'm with Utility Warehouse which seeks the most interesting price for its customers.


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