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Affected by the weather and dark evenings?

I find myself getting melancholic around this time of year. It hasn't been an easy summer but at least it was sunny. My social circle has diminished due to ill health and the fact they all live miles off. The family, too.

This post sounds like a whinge so could someone tell me off. Love annieseed x

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Hello Annieseed,

Looking out of my window it is daylight but & it is grey & wet; I don't think you are whinging, just adjusting to the coming winter. What do you like to do? Can you fill your evenings with it? Best Wishes, Margaret

Budge over on the naughty step Annie!

I get the same feeling, don't want to put the heating on so under my duvet to keep warm as I have the blinkin' cold that is going around.

xx Ros xx


Oh dear Annie, sounds as though you're adjusting to the coming winter already.

The clocks go back soon top give you a bit more light in the evenings. It is a bit mis though when the end of daylight comes so early.

My favourite day of the year? 21st December when the days start getting longer again. Not long to go.

It is sad when your loved ones are a bit too far away. At least you've got us to help you through the winter months. xxxxxx

I thought it gets lighter in the morning when the clocks go back . . .

Aha! You're absolutely right. Wishful thinking on my part.

How are you? P

Apologies for late reply Peeg. Yeah, Im good. Ive been overwhelmed with that exhibition i told you i was working on but now at last its finished and showing - an arts council funded community based photographic exhibition with 173 people responding to an attack on two men in my street last year. Its been very complex, taken most of the year, and very stressful - frightened id taken on too much and that i'd fall very publicly flat on my face. And now finally im over the moon i survived and its getting good feedback.

Hope you are ok - havent seen you much on the site, but i could just have not been looking properly as so distracted! take care, jean

Gosh no worries O2. I'm so glad all your hard work fear and stresses have paid off - especially now it's near winter! You can be proud & reap the benefits.

Where is the exhibition?

My daughter organised & curated an exhibition for her History of Art degree. I think it was called Art, Post Dictatorships' and went to to several Eastern European cities, Italy and the Barber Institute. It was brilliant.

Every good luck with your :)

Wow, your daughter's exhibition sounds amazing - is there a website? What an interesting theme.

Mine is in whitstable where i live. Ive got 16 houses in my street hosting A1 light boxes in their front windows with group photographs of communities in the town lit up, last weekend, this and next weekend. website is

Not sure if you're allowed to put in your own websites here! We're having a launch on sunday in the community cafe at the end of the street, very excited. Good to be in touch :)

Sounds wonderful. I'll send the link to Nellie, she'll be very interested, particularly as she loves Whitstable. I took her to The Tate at Margate & then on to discover Whitstable & we fell in love with it. She's been back a couple of times since.

I had a google for her information & nothing came up as it used to. I'll ask her & let you know.

will think of you on Sunday :) :)

Thanks Peeg, excited but nervous too. so you know east kent? Im intrigued.

hi Annie think we all dread the winter and wonder if we will get through another you have a poorly husband to look after and that's hard work but we will make it .I wish for the days when i could say to myself i will pop my coat on and have a walk around town but alas those days are gone now i need a wheelchair out doors now but at least i get out once a week

You take Annie love Dorothy xx


As you wanted im here to tell you off hehe :) you always have me and will pop over at some point :) xxx

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Always welcome, chell

I can't tell you off Annie as so many people feel the same way. The days are getting shorter and the weather is changing too but I just try and tell myself how lucky I am to have such a great family and everyone on here also of course. You just stay positive and hope you stay well too. Love to you and hubby. Carole xxx

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Hi Annie, we all have our moments and it is good that you can come on here and say exactly how you feel because we understand. You are having a rough time at the moment so no wonder you feel as you do.

Maybe you could give some of your friends a ring and have a chat it might cheer you up a bit.

You must take care of yourself, sending you a big warm {{{{{huggg}}}}}}.

polly xx

With a smile, a lot of the friends are far off. However, we are luck to have a forum like this. So many nice people.

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Moan, moan ,moan, that's for me to do that for all of you. Think of the good times ahead, Jack Frost, Windy Blizzard, Hail Storms, Snow Flake, Misty, Fogy, Rain Storm all of our good winter friends gathering to greet us.


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Oh dear, Your Majesty! I could have done without that reminder. I am sure none of us are looking forward to winter.

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I don't like winter at all.I wish I could hibernate Toci

Me too. :)

And me I have had to dust off the SAD lamp to try to forget the dull outside . the neighbour first seeing my bright light thought I was growing something illegal!!!


Hi TrishD I bet they did ,how

funny.Can you recommend a happy lamp or do they have to be prescribed? Janexx

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Hi there mine is a great big Phillips one but Boots and other highstreet chemists seem to have them now its the "lux" power rating you need to check if you are short of time you need a higher rating if you can use it longer the lower rated ones are ok. Mine is 2000 Lux, something to do with daylight hour equivalent. Hope this helps . My first box was NHS loaned though .

List of recommended SAD light therapy products here . . .

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Thank you for this link I will give it a try.

But you do your moaning with a big grin on your face, King, I bet.

Annieseed smile and the world smiles with you. Winter is not good but we have to do our best, the weather here is dank to use a modern word, fuels going up so we will need warmer duvets but we can still go on line to support each other and share a joke in those long winter days and nights

I am buying me a colourful fleece to wrap around to keep warm.

Hello Annie I have written a little poem for you its pretty bad but here i go.:)

I need to moan today

I feel so alone today

The weather's bad today

Which makes me feel sad today

Annie oh Annie what can we say to you today

Is thank-you ,thank-you for being here today

You care so much for us all here today

So time passes

And hey today is a good day

Breathe easy do nothing just for today

Know you are loved and very much needed



this is great hope it helps you Annie. and that you can get the friendship you need from this group they do appear friendly.

That is so lovely and nice to read. And it flowed well. Made me feel better.


Hi Annieseed

You've got no chance of been told off, it's normal to feel down especially this time of year. Try to fill a few hours with something to do. How about writing a life story, think about a fun day out you once had, write it all down, you'll soon be smiling.

I am going to go to the local craft shop and buy some artificial day light, light bulbs to try and replicate some REAL light. Dont know if it will work but will give it a go. I have friends in Norway who say they love the cosiness of winter and every year they set a project to complete by Spring time.........something like sew a quilt or learn the guitar, or write a book. I think you have to be born a Scandinavain to have this mind set. I am going to buy a pile of comedy dvds and sit under my light bulb til spring..

I guess we all feel the same currently I definately suffer from SAD and I feel a lot weaker in the winter more exposed and anxious of the dreaded germs scenerio. I hibernate and mentally that is a killer for a social person ..the light is a big problem and I do go on an instant downer being on lock up and frightend, not a good place to be . I come alive in the spring and summer and never feel as good and alive also my energy level comes up a knotch...answer I guess would be to move abroad to warmer climate, but not easy to do as saying it.

Just imagine strolling along a beach in California, if only. Here in Wolves it's tipping down with rain, and it isn't going to stop anytime soon. I've heard that artificial lighting is good, I think i'll pop into our local hobby shop like Mishawaka is going to do. I'm just like you flo1 I come alive more in spring. My health is worse in the winter months.

some of the really bad weather is affecting the S.E. and is set to last too! I've artificially diminished my circle by not going to church and its mid week activities. But clearly, I DON'T want another pneumonia!

Activity: I have developed a passion for the game of chess. There's a decent website which started in Barnet, but which is now international. It's a decent site and I have spent months playing games there. I've even met one of the guys twice now, in London (not to be done again!) and here at home. Yes. it's good to develop something you can do.

I like Classical Music too, so any programme on TV, Radio cheers me up, if it is melodious (If not I switch off!!!)

And... he,he, he, there's this forum with lots of friends!

The laptop has so much to offer for me, friends, shopping, jigsaw puzzles, on line courses, word games, tv and ad infinitum.

I hate the winter but amuse myself playing games on Facebook and reading. Oh how I love to read. I too wish I could hibernate till Spring. I love the Spring. Winter Christmas and New Year depress me greatly. I have no siblings in this Country and have gone from three brothers to one. My Husband has no relatives. Our Son is building a new life up North but heyho text messges etc. keep us in touch. Does anyone else miss their Mum. Sounds silly but although my Mum died 40 years ago still miss her. Strange as I was never really a Mummy's girl.

SuzyQ. I can relate to your message. A sister in the States, a son in Sussex, a daughter in Lymington, friends scattered if they are still alive. In Royston, there are many entire families. But that is what life serves us so make the best of it.

You're right Annie, our society leaves a lot to be desired at times. You're right though, best to make the most of what we have. Hope your Brian's alright, stay well xxx P

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