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hi am going for another spirometry in the next few weeks has had one last jan fev 62 % moderate COPD but am feeling good and well and have cut my seretide 500 to 250 (GP knows) has i thought it was to strong for me at the moment. and was giving me joint pain ,cramps and a huskey voise.

have not smoked since and do exercise and wow this realy helps but i know winter is nearly here so it may have been that i was feeling good because of the sun but will let you know what my results are but has some say its how you feel.

I hope it may show a little better % and i know that would be because i have started looking after myself more now and i also know my lungs will get worse over time but how long could it be before you go from moderate to severe and if i may ask how long it took other people.

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keep doing what u doing,dont worry about test or progression,im mod copd 74 reading,and if its gone down so be it,peak flow is 380 a,m, night time 350,just live and enjoy ur life,thats all we can ,and we will,bernicex

I can't really help with this question as I was severe when diagnosed - FEV1 of 22%. However, that did improve to 30% when I stopped smoking. And, just to confuse matters, I think everyone progresses at different rates. :)

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that seems a good improvement toci may i ask if your on oxegen and if your copeing well

I know we are all differant but just like to see how others lung funtion alters over time.

take care

Yes, I have been using oxygen 24/7 for some years now. My FEV1 % has slowly declined over time but I am still going. :)


My last one was 42% and have another one next week

morn chelly,u mind I ask ur age,no offence,bernicexx

No offence taken, im 29. xx

so so sorry young 1,have u copd xxx

No need to say sorry we are all in the same boat, i just got it a bit younger.xx


true ,you take it easy and enjoy life,1 for all ,all for 1,,u got ur xmas list drawn up,bet you have,lol,bernicexxx

Nope havent really thought christmas for myself yet. Xxx

you will have a good 1 chelly,we all will,were ever we are ,cs we are the biggest family,lots of love between us all to send around,no 1 will be left out,watever lung problem or illnesses,bernicexxxx

HI chellshock may i ask was the last one you had your first one

Hi Music no it wasnt my first one ive had a few

Good on the no smoking front music


your daily tonic

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thanks king, you always cheer me up..keep breathing my freind

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