Good news, it will bring hope to a lot of us!

Good news, it will bring hope to a lot of us!

I just had to post this good news, you may had read about it already of course! I've been looking after my patient, he's been propped up in front of the fire with his leg up ( in plaster ) after the 'ankle fusion' for nearly five weeks, I am 'pooped' finished PR managed to gain a few pound ( must be muscles hoho! ) The dog has me run- ragged....I've got oxygen cylinders as well as a concentrator which is good because the oxyman didn't come!

It's going to get very cold they say so get as ready as you can, I swear by a hot water bottle for company when its cold!Get your stores in before Tuesday if possible and take care all, huff xxxx

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  • Thanks huff, what a great post :)

    You keep warm and snug and thanks for the link. :)

    Best wishes BC x

  • Evening Huff, Very good news, just read the link. I'll get my hot water bottle out and my fluffy warm slippers. Take care Nannyb xxx

  • I did mention these to my pulmonary nurse but I'll mention them again.

  • Thank you, Huff, for the warning. I've been wearing thermal vests for the last couple of weeks. Long Johns next. aluson :-) :-)

  • Same here. I really needed those long johns today.

  • Beautiful pic,loved it,keep well! xxx

  • thank you I have been thinking about this for a while, I was offered lung volume surgery and turned it down, but I had made quite an improvement with better control of thyroid vitamin D and have been put on HRT. which gave me a new lease of life thus improved my breathing but I can see I will need to do something like this in the future,

    it is not mentioned on this site or anywhere else very much, so thank you again

  • thank you for link x

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