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..................................Pam Clipsham Awards

Pam Clipsham was a founder member of Breathe Easy Nottingham and it's Chair until 2010 when she sadly passed away.

Pam Clipsham had been involved with Gedling Community and Voluntary Services for many years and they created the Annual Pam Clipsham Awards in her honour.

I was nominated by the Nottingham North and East Clinical Commissioning Group for my volunteering in promoting research in respiratory diseases, COPD & aftercare, the future of healthcare in the local community and Breathe Easy.

I was very honoured to receive the:-

The Pam Clipsham Volunteering Award

Runner~up in the Individual Volunteering Category 2013



Award yourself a trip to your local Breathe Easy group

Just go along to join or get details from BLF Helpline 03000 030 555 Mon-Fri 9am 5pm

18 Replies

Well done king MBE next

love Dorothy xx

Now that is something to be very proud of. Huge congratulations an well done. Do they know about your jokes? xx

I can't reach.................give yourself a big pat on the back. x

Well done King, if anyone deserves an award its you. Your dedication to the cause is second to none so its three cheers for the King.

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!

Tony :)

Very well done and well deserved KOTC, M

Well done KOTC, Berwick x

A well deserved award KOTC , Eck

Congratulations on your award, King.


Super to be so energetic!

For he's a jolly good fellow...la la la-la la la la..........! Well deserved KOTC. :-)

Congratulations Richard, you certainly deserve it ,I knew Pam a lovely lady .You are certainly very worthy of such an award .

We are going to need a new Prime Minister soon. Are you available? Well done and thanks on behalf of all you help.

Well done KOTC, I'm sure you deserved it, and you certainly help lots of people on here, you have cheered me a few times. Everyone needs someone like you who when they are down.

Congratulations King well done, wish I could give you an award for keeping up our spirits with your daily tonic. xx

many congratulations KOTC, a very well deserved award. Despite your own problems, and because you know what its like to feel unwell, you are always ready to give advise and make us laugh. long may you reign xx.

Congratulations! Very well done, KOTC. Gina x

Thank you all for your kind comments. It is all my friends on HealthUnlocked that help spur me on.


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