Oh dear Doctor! How wrong can you be?!

Pete is 62 today and doing pretty well apart from his really bad back problem. He is awaiting an injection but we have not heard when that appointment will be. He has a bulging disc which is pressing on the sciatic nerve so is in great pain. Anyway, Pete took himself off to see our GP this morning as he needed more tablets and also has a funny sensation on the right side of his head which feels a bit like a spider is crawling up the side of his head. It has been going on for a while now so he thought he would just have a chat about it.

Our usual GP has sadly left for pastures new in Australia so Pete had to see whoever was available which sadly was someone who suggested that Pete get lots of exercise for his back which should include....wait for it......gentle jogging/running, gardening and brisk walking oh and maybe doing the housework too! Pete sat dumbstruck but eventually asked the doctor if he fully understood what was actually wrong with him (sarcoidosis, copd, osteoporosis, sciatica to name but 4). The doctor looked at the notes and then just said "oh, well, just do the best you can." Honestly, you could not make it up! Needless to say, we won't be seeing that doctor again.

Happy days.

Hope all are doing ok. Flu jab tomorrow! Yippee! xxxxxx

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no could not make half of any of it up,ridicoulus,theres a sayin yeh,walk in my shoes ,wouldn't be so flip with there remarks then,hope your husband is ok,bernicexx

It would be funny if it were not so bloody tragic. x

I agree Toci disgraceful.

polly xx

I'd get rid of that doctor and find someone more sympathetic. Ask around. My GP has been such a support during the last few months. Before I leave him, he will be giving a date for the next appointment.

Report it to your surgeries Patient Participation Group


Beggars belief Sassy. Happy Birthday to Pete xx

Thanks everyone for your replies and birthday wishes for Pete. We will see another doctor when we next need to go. I will make a complaint though as it is not right. Take care all and stay well. xxxx

Absolutely astounding how damn frustrating! Better luck with the flu jab and any other doctor! Tad xx

Thanks Tad and flu jabs went fine this morning. Carole xx

Hi Carole, it beggars belief. B*****d.

I hope you can put some feedback on their website and add your ratings for the practice. XxX

Good idea peeg. I will see what I can do. xxxxx

hello all well i saw my respirtory nurse on the 9th my fev1 is 98 my sat is 96 and i have 58% lung capacity mod copd

she has now put me on seretide 500 x2 with the spirva 18 and my blue inhalor also had my flu jab as well, she is refering me to pulimonery rehab. i am hoping to cut my working day down to 3 hours from 6 as i am so tired. thank you all for your kind help marian xx

Oh dear sounds like the DR I used to see, it sounds like we have the same injection steroid and anaesthetic the pain relief from that is fantastic. I phoned PALS at our local hospital and kicked off I go on Tuesday for the injection.

Pete was told that the wait at local hospital for injection into the spine was 4-6 months so we are waiting for an appointment at a private hospital which takes some NHS. Hoping it will not be too long as Pete in agony. I will be kicking off tomorrow if nothing is forthcoming. Thanks for reply. xxxx

All the best i'm going to the Nuffield it is a private hospital but i'm going on the NHS. From January 2010 to November 2012 I was paying private to get the injections.

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