Confused - phased OUT?!

Saw dr yesterday (oh yes, more steroids, antibiotics and sleeping tablets!) and whilst there asked him what the process would be if I wanted to move from fully employed to unable to work due to disability, given that it's extremely unlikely I'd need to be signed off for 6 months with an exacerbation! He said I'd go to part time hours reducing on a phased arrangement with my employers. This confuses me! I've been on a phased return to work before after illness but never heard if it working in reverse. Surely my employers would simply give part time hours rather than phase me out but on full time salary? Do you think the dr and I were talking at cross purposes?

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I feel confused after reading your post! It sounds like you were talking at cross purposes - I always find the ACAS website really good for information and advise. Hope you start to feel better soon. Take good care. TAD xx

No I don't think you were talking at crossed purposes. But maybe just start by discussing part time hours with your employer, explaining the nature of your health problems which could lead to further reduction in hours.

For example, some people are part time on 30 hours a week, others 20 hours, others 16 hours. There could be an option of 5 half days a week, 3 days a week, 2 days etc etc.

You will likely only be paid for the hours you work. Under 16 hours a week you could be entitled to income top up benefit, discuss with helpline (click red balloon top right for their contact number).

Hope you arrange something more health friendly.

Take good care BC

I have no idea why your doctor thinks he knows how your company would work this. It was certainly not my experience. I agree with TAD, try ACAS or perhaps talk to your union rep.

Try the BLF Helpline they will point you in the right direction.03000 030 555 Mon-Fri 9am 5pm


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As always thanks all :-)

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