Hi Thank you all the people who responded to my request for help with diet and exercise. Joined myfitnesspal and am on a diet

thanks for all the help felt inspired by the young lady who has pulmonary fibrosis and is med free using cycling to and from work and does a manual job. Start at the onset and you can slow it down? lets see! If you see me lying around on the floor don't pick me up I'm resting Has anybody tried creatin instead of steroids?

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  • Well done! I actually gave my husband a little card (another member on here suggested it) - which is business card size and reads "Thanks for asking but I have COPD and just need to get my breath back. I will be OK in a few mins" It has been quite useful sometimes. Difficult to talk to strangers and try to breath! Not tried creatin but my husband does use "serrapeptase" which is an enzyme which is claimed to have fantastic anti-inflammatory results - but when he has an exacerbation still needs steroids. Onward with your fitness regime - good luck TAD xx

  • thanks for the advice my research shows not to take creatin if you have CKD so will research serrapeptase

  • Hi joke I'm on the myfitnesspal it's very good as you can keep a eye on what you eat, lol xx

  • Yes great to see you are with me on this and thanks for the encouragement we all take things forgranted until its too late some times

  • Interesting post


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  • Hi, starting in Feb 2011 I put myself on a diet in order to stop any more weight gain since stopping full time workand to be more healthy. I cut out sugar including fruit, all fat and stuck to only good carbs.I lost 22lbs in 6 months and have just about kept it off.

    Hope this helps, exercise is so much easier now I'm lighter. peeg

  • Hi Peeg, well done to you! My son has lost almost 7 stone in a few months and is looking good. He drinks a lot of green tea and has lots of sardines, fish in general and lots of vegetables, especially green ones. You should eat some fruit though, but be choosy....bananas are so good for us...and apples and celery together in a green salad is excellent. It is so good we can all talk to one another on here isn't it...

  • Thanks Naturelover and congrats to your son on his good weight loss, it can only be good for him. Cripes, I'm just under 10 stone and really thats a stone too much for my small frame. still, onwards & upwards. I just walked up a long hill without stopping & without blue puffer, 1st time in ages :) .

    I used to be in to complementry medicine but not really now apart from osteopathy.

    I used to eat bucket loads of fruit bar citrus but now eat loads & loads of veg to make up for it. Fruit has too much sugar for me personaly and I feel better for it.

    Dall05 on here is an inspiration, he lost weight, is on oxygen and does amazing things exercise wise.

    Take care, P

  • Hi peeg,

    Well at last I have my assessment appointment for next week for pulmanory rehabilitation. I am to take my meds, but as I have told you I don't really take any prescribed ones now. I took a couple of puffs of salbutamol yesterday, but again, i didn't feel it did anything to help. Had a bad day with breathlessness yesterday, and today not a lot better. I try so hard not to get down about it, but I am only human. I also have trouble in my family....which certainly does not help how I feel. I am badly needing to get back to an exercise routine, I have a gym up the stairs with rower, runner, bike, airwalker, vibrating plate, and a couple of manual items like a step and sit up aid. So I have it all here and I am lucky. My daughter is worried about me using the machines, she is not sure it is the right thing to do. I have my oxygen downstairs with a long lead so I could keep that on, probarbly be a bit wierd but then the oxygen is here to help me. I am using it last thing at night before I go to sleep and feel it helps. Sorry I am rabbiting on here! Speak again soon, take care

  • Don't know how old you are, but I am sure you will be an inspiration for a lot of people on here...it is great you received good advice and now you are following it up telling people you are doing well. It may seem crazy trying to exercise when you are getting breathless, but yes it is the right way to go. I love my rock music and dancing, yes I get frustrated, but I walk every day and thinking of getting my bike fixed up too. I am going to a breatheasy meeting for the first time next week so looking forward to it. I am also into alternative meds...got nothing to lose....Good luck with your diet etc x

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