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Hi all, I have been off work nearly a month now since being diognosed the copd!. I am waiting for an appointment at B'ham chest clinic, after being referred last week by my Gp, my meds at the moment are Seretide 2x a day & feeling a lot better with that, my dilemma I go back to my dirty dusty cold damp freezing wet windswept job!!...I usually work nights all over the country working on railway bridges, yes I'd be skint jobless, but... Dreading the winter again!!.

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  • Hello MrBaz, sorry to hear that you have been diagnosis with copd. And pleased for you that you feel better. I take the same inhaler and more. Is they anything else what your company can offer you a better position, that not a good environment for you to work, I know it can be a pain point that you get likely more infection as everyone else in this kind of weather conditions. I also have problems with my work environment to open plan area, that I catch very quick infections also have find out from the occopaitinal health doctor that copd is covered buy the EQuality Act 2010, with its requirement for your employer to look at reasonable adjustments. Hope it I help you a bit to talk with your manager or HR about your situation with copd.

    Take care and good luck :)

  • Hi coccobo, thanks for reply, the company I work for is only very small, less than 5 employees!, have spoken to my boss, but nearly all our work is out on site. I think I'll wait until I have been to chest clinic and ask what they think first!, then I'll have to make my mind up!...scarey times! Lol. "/

  • Check with your union before making any decisions. You have options about retiring with ill-health which can result in your full pension being paid early.

  • how old do you have to be to do this pls

  • I have no idea. Sorry. I can only speak from experience and I was in my late 50s. The credited me with all of the payments I WOULD have made if I had worked until retirement age and paid me my works pension immediately.

  • Your health comes first and foremost


  • I would say no don't go back to the dirty dusty cold damp freezing wet windswept job.

    But do investigate your options with your employer.

    Chat with your doctor and consultant. I feel to continue in your present job would be hazardous to your health.

    BLF helpline may be able to give you a few pointers about what to ask, investigate. Click on red balloon top right for contact telephone number.

    Take good care of your health.

  • Thankyou Blakeyc,Kotc,& Toci, your are soo right about health coming 1st!... No union, no pension, aged 52!, my wife not keen on me returning either!... Think you've helped me make my mind up!, although its a tough decision !!...

    Thanks people for your input!, take care of yourselves & I'll keep you posted!... "/

  • Hi MrBaz, some unions will still give you advice even if you're not a member - they may think of something you've not considered- just a thought. Good luck xxx

  • Thankyou Poppy, think I have some homework to do!..xx

  • When your not so well and the breathing is bad I tend to find the miseries take over. that is i loose my confidence about going out. worry how I will mange, what will people think at work, but as the days and weeks pass it gets better then I wonder what on earth I was thinking. I sounds as if your job could be quite physically demanding and the cold and damp wont make it easy to breath perhaps driving a train would be better!

  • Hi MRBaz welcome to the site and our world I would say your health comes first every time you should also talk to the BLF benefit advisor she is fantastic and very pleasant.

  • Thanks, Onamission!... ;)

  • I also work in the railway here in Scotland but dont go out on nights much now but understand you dreading the winter nights rain , wind , hale or snow the work goes on . MrBaz Perhaps you could join a safety critical company where although your out your not doing the stuff you do just now . Hope things go alright for you

  • get another job.

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