Regarding oximeter and peak flo meter

Just wondered if I can share my readings and get your opinions I will be at gps in morning, not for copd though.

oximeter was 97/96/ then stable at 95............... peak flow I always try best of 3, was only 120.

If my readings are not good, whilst I am at gps ( gota have 2 jabs),.... I can ask to see doc re these readings, any ideas would help me Joan x

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  • I would ask see dc anyway,if your worried ,my oxy is 98 99,peak flow is 350 380.,im mod copd,bernicex

  • HI lovely, Perhaps you should ring the BLF helpline and they might be able to give you advise and information which in turn may help you ask the doctor the most pertinent questions. My husband has severe COPD and his oxygen SATS are about 93/94 resting - so your sats sound good to me! I am not sure about his peak flow - think they have given up trying that one!!! Please ask your doctor as many questions as you can - it will take away the fear. Look after yourself. (PS I think the number for the helpline is shown when you press the red balloon) TAD xx

  • I have very severe COPD Stage 4. My SATS are about 90 to 93 at rest. Peak flow is about 240. It used to be 200 a few years back when I used to smoke and before I got diagnosed 2 years ago.

  • Another question when I see sister, to ask re stages ect I dont know anything, at rest my sats were 95 this am, but now this pm they dropped to 94, I didnt even bother with peakflo tonight. I will ask what numbers are my best, for me so that I can get a clearer picture, as many on here have said, we are all different, cant have my spiro test now cos I been on antibiotics tut shame, so when I do have that test, that we will another question, shes gonna love me lol, but I know we cant help worrying but I feel I worry more not knowing, ignorance isnt bliss to me or my family, we all need to know,

  • Oximeter reading is the 02 or the heart rate? if 02 I would say that is good, if heart rate, resting, this may be a bit on high side, we are not medical professionals here you understand our comments don't replace those of your doctor as the disclaimer states for this site.

    I don't have asthma but I would say your peak flow is very low. A friend once told me her GP said if her peak flow drops to 130 or below she should go straight to A&E or phone the ambulance, so I would definitely discuss with the medical professionals about this reading and ask their advice what is a safe minimum level for you before you need to take action.

  • Hi BlakeyC I will be asking my pulmonary nurse lots of questions when I see her on 29th of this month, I have emphesma, and used to have to monitor my peak flo, then after 1 years she tels me I have asthma aswell. the oximeter measures the sat levels of oxygen in blood, it also measures the pulse rate. thanks for your comments, Joan x

  • Hello Joan what are your normal readings ?we are all so different,your oxygen sounds ok as for your peak flow that might be good or bad depending again on what your normal reading is ,im assuming by asking us you are a little concerned so really must get pro advice,i would think as already suggested talk with the BLF today and then you have the docs in the morning,it does feel scarey sometimes Joan and when we worry on top can make ourselves a little worse when infact we are okish,always get help when your worried you know your body better than anyone, hopefully alls alrightJanexx

  • Thanks LL I will start asking questions soon as I see pulmonary sister end of this month, I need to know, I was a bit concerned this am, but not so much now, and yes its a good idea to get figures that are relevent to me. Thanks again LL nite Joan x

  • stitch im 350 peak flow,so im middle yeh 74 readin on spim test,an at 120 150 and peeps still going good,brill that ,bernicexx

  • stitch,had scan the spiro test reading was 74,now nurse just as me do peak flow,in at asthma just sh,t copd,and 1 other but wont disclose that,thanks stitch,enjoy ur pud,bernicexxx

  • aw but u love him really,bernicexxx

  • make extra,bernicexx

  • Hi stitch I am not aware of what is normal for me, but I will soon find out, methinks I have been quiet for far to long, about 5 years lol, so now is the time for action lol oh what no sugar tut cant eat that stitch love me sugar lol, hope it turns out alright. Joan x

  • I thought you didn't cook Stitch! You turning over a new leaf and how did the B&B pud turn out? Cor,what I'd give on this cold wet Friday for some hot B&B pud, sigh.

    ah, I see below your son helped xx

  • ah yes! Slow cooker, what a good idea. I wonder if soda bread would work. I'm off to the co-op to see what I can find. xx

  • Gawd, poor dog, mine has a similar dogs life but I've no excuse. :( - I think we've had this conversation before!

  • hi Joan

    It is not possible for us to interpret your peak flow - it depends on sex, age, weight etc as is spirometry. You really need to ask the nurse or doc.


  • Thanks Stitch. cx

  • ha cd,yeh im mod,spemetry 74,nurse said peak flow is good at 350,bernicex

  • Hi everyone, thanks so very much, I spoke to surgery today, they have said to mention my readings to the sister who will be doing my jabs, she is a sister who is able to write prescriptions, and if I need to see the doc, she will arrange it, I wasnt asking for so called expert advice, just for all your opinions, of course I would always seek expert advice, but its also nice to hear all your comments, thank you all once again, my app is at 10 am friday, so soon as I get back home, I will update you all,.... its so very nice to have all you lovely people, Joan x

  • how did you get on? sorry, I've only just read your post.

    I'm no expert even though I have asthma. I thought asthma had to be dx by lung function test no?

    It's a very low peak flow though.

    My O2 stats are usually 94-96 at rest in the AM but I always do some deep diaphram breathing to get it up.

    Keep asking away Mahunam. It's the quickest way to educate & help your self and learn to be in more control. xxx peeg

  • thanks peeg x

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