Nothing helps really!

I had not a good night and up again now. Fighting a cold using my inhalers take steorids and Doxycycline jet, had clarithromycin before that. But I getting the feeling nothing change much the coughing comes back and make noise like a electronic shaver....thinking about to go to hospital, my GP told me to go if it gets not better, now I am bit scared I never had to go in hospital because of it. The second worse thing is that I had a ciggy ....and feel bad about it also its funny that my coughing stops after that one. God I am so stupid that I had one......

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  • Hi Coccobo,

    Dont worry about your ciggie, everybody at some point slips back. Just pick yourself up brush yourself down and say well was it worth having that giggie, did it help me not really, did it tastes good God No. It was a mistake just forget the ciggie.

    After years of smoking the cough will getter worse before it gets better. After a couple of weeks of not smoking that darn cough will disappear and you will feel a lot better.

    Be strong and stay will it.

    If you feel you have to go to hospital I am afraid the answer is go, better to get yourself checked out

    Best of luck Berwick xxx

  • Hi Berwick :)

    Thank you so much for your support,- yes I know bloody Ciggs! I just have got all my lose ciggs here...and flush them down the toilet :) I feel better with that, don't know why I had them still here. I will phone my GP when there open to find out more if she can help me or that I need to go to Hospital. Well at the morning is it ok with all the stuff I do take, but I have nothing in the evening only the Inhalers. I only take one of those Doxycycline.

    Well I don't give up to stop smoking :) so may are getting there,- I should get there too :) so head up and make it my day :) I just get that cake translated :) XXXX

  • Hello Coccobo don't kick yourself I've been there with the ciggies when giving up most people do. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks Suzy6 ;) I will not TRY,- to kick will hurt LOL :) thank you for your support xox

  • Go and see your gp get shut of that cough as ASAP and sure you will feel much better then take care xx

  • Thanks Boo-Boo :) I will do just that, will be happy when I can get rid of that painful cough :)

  • Excuse me if I am wrong, but isn't a doxcycline a course of antibs which has to be completed. Got the impression that you were taking one. Really hope that you will get better soon. Love Annieseedx

  • Hi Annieseed, yes that's right I only take one a day of those, I got 8 off them on Monday : take two to start, then one capsules daily...that's it, well I will see my GP in the afternoon and wait what will come, thanks my dear!!! xox

  • Good Morning, It is miserable when you have nights like that - I feel so sorry for you. When my husband has colds/infections he has dreadful nights. Forget about the cigarette - its just a hiccup. Please go back to the doctor or A&E - at least they will check all your sats and put you on a nebuliser if you need it and then you would have some reassurance. Its awful its when you are feeling worse that you need to find the energy to see the doctors or go to hospital. Don't wait get it checked. Take good care. Lots of love and best wishes TAD xx

  • good morning ;) I always have a smile when I see TADAW has reply :) thank you so much I will see my GP later today hope she will help me somehow xxx

  • That's sweet!! You can do it - believe in yourself. It might be an idea to give the BLF helpline a ring - they might be able to give you some advise about what you should be asking the doctor? Good Luck and hope you start to feel better soon xx

  • Cocobo don't woory about the ciggy lapse everyone has been there on the way to completely giving up. Concentrate on your current symptoms and whether you need to go to hospital. There is a heavy cold bug going round I've found that even cold remedies don't releive the symptoms but after about four days the symptoms reduce, but it's not good if you have a lung condition already, you may need antibiotics or increased inhaler use. As a chronic health sufferer I have my own ways of dealing with flare ups, everyone has to get to know there own body and when they need extra medical help, hope you feel better soon take care

  • Hi Katie, thanks for your support ;) yes its a heavy bug, I am home since 25 Oct after 5 days I had a feeling it will be ok, but then its started to get worse. I had that not for a long time like that, but I hope it will or it have to get better soon...or better GO AWAY!! :)

  • Sorry you are having a bad time don't stress yourself about the ciggy it is over and done so you can forget it. Finish your course of antibiotics and you should pick up a bit then. Good luck and God Bless.

  • Hi Silversurfer, thank you,- you have right its over and done and can start again, where is a will you find a way :) thanks

  • The cigarette actually helps to open the airways, shit I know it's an awful thought isn't it but that's why you often cough when you give up. At least that's what my gp told me ages ago.

    It sounds like you have the typical, "oh it's all terrible and I don't know which way to turn and what to take next" syndrome which I recognise well. When you feel like this it's terrible. I seem to lose all sense of judgement and sense and yet afterwards I think why didn't i do that or why didn't I take that.

  • Hi Eve, yeah that's right,- funny thing but true ;) there is always a come..hope positive :)

  • I never reply from my phone but when I read your post I just had too. I did the very same thing as you did when I was first diagnosed . I had quit the cigies and had come down with a cold and an infection I was coughing so much I thought my lungs would come up. I knew from experience a cigies would stop the cough so I had one. I felt so bad afterwards. So that's why I'm replying to tell you go easy on yourself it was just a blip let it go. It's nearly 4 years since that happened to me and I've not smoked since.

  • Thanks Nanaber, I hope I got that far to stop smoking for so long, that's is great. I read that now a lot that you cough more if you stop, and it stops when you smoke...funny thing but true, but I hope I will get there :) thanks for your support ;)

  • That is true Coccobo, but then in an ex-smoker the cough eases eventually, whilst of course it is liable to worsen for those who continue to smoke. Don't give up giving up. x.

  • Never :) promise!!! Thanks toci xox

  • Coccobo, if your chest wheezes like an electronic shaver, you have a lot of mucus there. I've discovered The flutter to move mucus out of your chest. It should be available on the NHS. At the Kent and Canterbury, they told me they didn't have any and my doctor thought it was a flutter on the lottery! So I bought one for £45. Well that's my experience.

    What I wanted to say, because I experience these grotty feelings too, if it becomes so difficult to breathe I call my GP and she's honest to say I should call for an ambulance to get to hospital.

    I had a spell a fortnight ago, I called the ambulance. The experienced man have lovely equipment, measure your blood pressure, oxygen level and temperature. They put me straight on oxygen, because my level was 71 and temperature 39.

    Yes, you have to wait at A and E, but at least you get accurately assessed by a doctor. The right medication is given, IV if necessary.

    After that spell, you can ask for your pulmonary nurse to see you at home. You can tell her about giving up smoking. The nurse here is very sweet and supportive.

    also, if you go to hospital, you

    can ask for a referral on exit to your chest specialist who will assess the situation after your spell.

    don't ignore a cold, it must be dealt swiftly and the real bug must be discovered. Good luck with it all! Don't hesitate to come here to talk about your progress.

  • Hello heli, this sound all very helpfull, o must confess I do not have a nurse or consultant....that the reason I wanted to go to breath and easy group last month to find out more how that's work and where you can talk to one. But i didn't feel well on this day , so hope i have luck next time. Not so happy with my doctor everytime i get someone new....and no nothing about me, bit disappointed. But thank you for your support i will mention the flutter when i see the doctor :)

  • Stick in there ,you can do it.


  • I will stay and sticky not to lee my grip :) thanks kotc

  • Whats one ciggy between us healthunlockeders, everyone slips up sometimes and as long as you stay strong I'm sure you'll forgive yourself and move on to a smoke free better life.

    Try not to worry about going into hospital, I have spent a lot of time in them over the last 3 years and have met a lot of very nice people, patients and staff.


  • Hi Tony, thank for your good words and support for all of you, it really helps a lot :) xox

  • Hi Coccobo, Only just read your post, The ciggi, is just a blip,now that you have had the strength to flush them away, Your on the way to be a non smoker, Hoping that the anti biotics have kicked in and the cough is easing, and you have not had to go to hospital, thinking about you.xx

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