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I have just got a letter advising me that I am having a visit to my house to get a medical assessment done. I am so worried because I don't know what to expect. I have never claimed anything in my life and am stressing. I applied for dla in april and was refused. I reclaimed and now this is happening. at least the good thing is it is in my house and not a strange clinic somewhere. any suggestions please

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  • Good luck hun.


  • Phone the BLF Helpline 03000 030 555 for guidance.


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  • Good advice from His Majesty. Try the BLF.

  • This happened to me years ago and it was a lovely doctor that came out. Like you I had never claimed anything in my life, I was terrified but, he put me at my ease. Just be yourself. At one point he asked me to walk round the sofa and I almost ran, my husband couldn't believe his eyes. Anyway I was successful in my claim. Good luck to you.

  • thank you all. I prob will phone them when I get my definite date when doctor is coming. just so worried. don't know what to expect. if it is a day like today I wont be able to do much. bad breathing day today. worse one yet.

  • nidirect.gov.uk/disability-...

    [Quote] A medical examination involves an interview and sometimes a medical examination with a healthcare professional (HCP) who has completed specialised training on disability and benefit awareness.

    The medical examination is likely to be different from what you would expect from your own doctor. The HCP’s examination is not to diagnose or discuss treatment of your medical condition; it is to assess how your condition affects you and the HCP may not need to carry out a physical examination. . . .

    You can:

    have a friend, relative or support worker with you at the medical examination

    ask for an interpreter if you need one

    ask to be examined by a healthcare professional of the same gender as yourself

    You need to let MSS know ahead of time if you want an interpreter or same gender HCP. They will try to find one for you, but this may not always be possible in some areas. [/quote]

  • hello please don't worry and if you have any problems contact your local welfare rights office at your civic centre they are fantastic people providing a marvellous service free of charge Its quite normal for d w p to refuse any benefit in first application in the hope that the claimant will give up. You must have appealed? good for you. keep at it.

    glad to help if I can

    regards steve

  • thank you all for answering. I have appealed hondabike3 and this is what is happening now. te doctor is coming out on Monday night so its getting me down a bit because im stressing. not doing my breathing any good. will prob phone blf helpline tomorrow for some advice. thanks again. fingers crossed.

  • hi all. just to let you know that I had my doctors visit and I must say he was a real gentleman. he put me at ease and was very polite and considerate. I must congratulate him on his "bedside manner". just have to wait now to c what the outcome is. thanks to all who answered me. appreciated.

  • Hi ,please don't get over anxious ,,,,,my sister was told by the NHS nurse that visits her ,that when claiming for anything ,,,,,before answering ,,,think of how you are at your ,,, WORST ,what you can't do when it's a bad day ,,,,focus on that ,,,and NOT what you can do on your good days,,,,,and when she had a visit ,,

    ( without going into her personal life ) the claim was accepted.

    I wish the all the best ,good luck .

  • I had a med assessment done last Friday and it's nothing to worry about the man who cam was very nice and I was very happy to speak to him don't worry it s fine

  • You don't say why you have applied, is it a lung condition? Banksy70

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