my recent visit to the docs

my recent visit to the docs

had a blood workout on Monday and spirometer Tuesday now I'm due a reversal test whatever that is? Had my flu jab. Result it appears I have mild C O P D its a bit confusing as to how I can have a mild chronic complaint my examining nurse also pointed out my lungs were perfect for a 111 year old pity I am only 63 sheeesh .

Being a lad of the 50s I remember cigarette adverts saying how healthy it was to smoke which led me to a 45 year smoking regime and I do mean smoking. An average 40 per day these companies should be bought to book. I am now reaping the rewards of all this smoking (14) years since my last ciggie.Thank, heavens the world is changing to a more non smoking place best advice anyone can get is just DONT start

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  • Is that your surgery?


    Your daily humour tonic

  • Best advice you could give anybody. And I agree the companies and their promoters should be brought to book - but unfortunately, whatever their punishment was would not make us all well! ps I like the look of your GP's surgery. ;)

  • nice,surgery ,taking any new patients on ur dc,and agree with toci,all need bringing to boot,bernice.

  • Hi, Great photo! I agree it is confusing but my understanding is chronic means doesn't go away! It will be an ongoing thing. Stopping smoking is the key to it and you did that 14 years ago. I wrote a post a while ago about the fear of diagnosis. We were told that my husbands condition did not need to progress - after 8 years I would dispute that however he didn't keep fit and that is the key to fighting COPD. You need to keep fit. Glad to hear that you have had the flu jab. Look after yourself. Take care TAD xx

  • Me too. I took lots of exercise and led a very active life and the disease progressed in leaps and bounds!

  • Hi H

    If they are doing reversal test at hospital I think they are talking about doing breathing tests similar to the spirometry you have just had, then using a bronchodiltor, waiting about 20 minutes and then doing it over again to check out how much reversal there is after using bronchodilator.

    Tad is right chronic doesn't mean severe it just means ongoing.

    I too am coming to your surgery for my flu jab - looks good.


  • All I can say is 40 cigs a day on average for 45 years and you only have mild COPD, not bad at all. You did the best thing stopping 14 years ago, but not a good thing starting smoking at such a young age, that maybe accounts for your lung age now. Poor little lungs wouldn't be fully grown when you started on the cigs.

    Good advice to anyone never start smoking.

  • Yes

  • Love the surgery. Suggest you see doc in the mornings before slurring occurs. :-) :-) Alison

  • Phonetic licence

  • Just my idea of a joke

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