i took on the DLA and won !!!

today i had my appeal hearing as my mobilty car was taken away in may due to the dla saying i was no longer entitled to it , i asked for a reconcideration and that to was refused so i took it to a tribunal and won all has now been given back, i am now able to go out and about again . I don't mind admitting i cried with relief when the judge said i won. just glad its all over xx

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Thrilled for you - what a relief - you shouldn't have had to go through all that.

love cx

Congratulations Tracy, its too bad you had to go through the stress and trauma of it going to tribunal but so glad you won your case.

Very well done :)

Best wishes Bc x

Great news Tracey. xxx

Congratulations to you well done they are such a nightmare to deal with,you must feel so relieved at long last.Can get on with living again Tracy1971. :) Janexx

thank you xxx the stress was awful and i am justbrelieved it is now all over , the judge was lovely and really friendly i've now been awarded it for an indefinite period xx

That's fantastic news and bravo to you for hanging on in there Tracey.

just relieved * sorry still slightly on a high lol

Oh well done tracey - that great. It's wonderful to hear a success story like yours but I agree you shouldn't have had to go through all that!

So you've had your mobility taken away for five months for no reason whatsoever,other than some faceless person's whim? That's disgraceful and there should be compensation offered, I don't know if this is possible (doubt it). Well done though for winning your appeal. II imagine it would have been so easy to give up. Best wishes, Sadie xx

Well done! ! xx

Well done Tracey, I am very pleased for you! M

Well done for challenging them and winning. Hurray :-) :-)

polly xx

I asked for higher rate mobility and they turned me down flat! My partner has terminal cancer maybe 6 months then borrowed time he isn't well but has to drive me to appointments as I can't drive and its an hour plus each way I'm well pleased for you but I can't face taking on the giant and losing my lower rate aswell. Glitzy xx

take the fs on and you fight to win,get help of some agency,do not back down,go for broke,bernicex

Well done you. Still time to get out there and enjoy the weather. My daughter in law has just had the same result. Just a shame they have to mess with peoples lives before common sense kicks in.

Well done for hanging in there and seeing it through. So many just give up at the first hurdle. Who are these people who tell us how disabled we are, how much we need to live on etc. I was lucky got higher rate so I can spend the rest of my days in comfort.

Well done and its disgusting that people who are already poorly are put through this time and time again.

Really pleased for you Tracy,what a worrying time,Enjoy.X

Brilliant news Glad they saw sense.

When I see people in the papers bragging on how much they get a month and admit they are using the system. Gets my goat. If I could get rid of my constant pain, breathlessness and my heart condition and get back to work I would jump at the chance. What I get is not paying our bills. Sorry for the rant.

Offcut, I know how you feel I know someone who get's high rate DLA and she uses it to go on a six week cruse every year she has no problem in lifting a suit case around 30kg in weight on the scales at the airport and brags about how much she gets she has had DLA from the age of 52 she is now 63

see its those what abuse that get,and ill peeps have to fight for it,pisses me of,hope case don't break her nail,oh dear,be putin a claim in for a manicure,get it as well,bernice

that is awful needs reporting

Yes I agree but the problem is Atos are not looking at people under 16 and over 60 so she will get away with it.

THIS is why it is good the system is changing.

rant away offcut,all true,bernice

Fantastic news. Time for a party I think.

Kim xxxxx

Well done Tracy I have been turned down for DLA and i'm level 4 COPD the sooner Atos is shown the door the better they treat people in a way I would not treat my dog.

Bravo Tracy,for taking on the morons.xxx

You will be back 'Driving down the avenue'

KOTC your daily tonic

How dare they just take it away from you. Should be able to sue them but they wouldn't agree to that! Well done 1 for us ai?

Keep smiling ;-)

thank you everyone :) i just can't wait to get out and visit lovely places again, its been 6 months of worry and a lot of stress' a few times of feeling like giving up but glad i didn't its just not fair that they can just mess with peoples lives i would give anything to have my full health back xx

well the nurse from atos came Monday for my assessment. Tuesday afternoon was in hospital suspected heart attack it turned out my be angina. really poorly its Thursday still feel awful but at home stress brought on by atos ?? claiming for benefit i have paid for all my working life understand they have to throw out people who are not ill but suffer the ones who are that seems to be the way forward .

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