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Holidays I

Hi everyone, well I am either going out of my mind or I have lost the plot full stop. I cannot for the life in me remember which insurance co I went with for my holiday this year, I have tried quite a few this afternoon, and some of the quotes given me nearly had me having a heart attack, I paid £70 for seven days for a holiday Insurance just over three weeks ago but can I remember which co it was can I the hell, I am on a mission to find a good co that will not rip me off if that's the word so come on my friends please give me telephone no Or names of insurance co Any thoughts would be helpful x

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Can you trace the payment through your bank to see who it was paid to? Otherwise it is a bit trial and error as those that are cheap for some are more expensive for others, depending on your condition and history. Try the BLF site, they have some on there and I remember using one in the Spring that made a donation to the BLF, though I can't remember which one!

Yes I think I may have to go through my bank statements to find the name of the co the name may pop back into my mind at sometime Will let u know if it does x

Oh dear,what can the matter be!!!!!


You naughty person you are supposed to help me lol

Don't suppose you did it online and received an email confirmation? Good luck TAD x x

You could try Holiday Extras, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount it cost us for 2 weeks in Canada

I used Unique when i went to New York last year. Thought they were reasonable.

have you tried you're old emails if you paid on line

My husband was diagnosed 2 years ago with IPH (very rare) & not many companies want to consider him, but we have found a company called Avanti who are brilliant & cover him to visit our son in USA .Try phoning & ask to speak to Angela -she is so helpful - so much so we send postcards to her from Connecticut . Hope they can help .

Hi Helen, we have used Avanti for travel to our 2 Daughters and families in Sydney Australia, like you cannot speak highly enough of the service, I have severe COPD ,my Husband who is 77 is fit and healthy, was taken ill suddenly and had to have emergency surgery, they were marvellous, when our date for return came they upgraded us to business class, and had a car to meet us at Heathrow to take us right to our doorstep in Somerset, Typical isn't it I was fit and well for the 3 months thankfully, I can understand why you say they are brilliant. It is difficult when your children live so far away. Best wishes Giliann.

Hang on Mieke, will just go and look through my draws, we got a good deal in may, so I will just go and find it out.

Here we go Mieke, we went with Aviva, My self and partner, Partner heart prob, Myself Emphysema 210 pounds for the year, which we think is very good, We went to Malta in June, hoping to go some where abroad soon

Aviva phone no.0844 891 1104,customer service,

Try Insurance Choice - it's a broker. Just back from Cyprus and it was Mapfre who provided the cover through Insurance Choice. You can get an online quote.

Thank you you lovely people will try them all x

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