Hi everyone, well I am either going out of my mind or I have lost the plot full stop. I cannot for the life in me remember which insurance co I went with for my holiday this year, I have tried quite a few this afternoon, and some of the quotes given me nearly had me having a heart attack, I paid ยฃ70 for seven days for a holiday Insurance just over three weeks ago but can I remember which co it was can I the hell, I am on a mission to find a good co that will not rip me off if that's the word so come on my friends please give me telephone no Or names of insurance co Any thoughts would be helpful x

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  • Please ignore the post about holidays for some reason or other I should have posted it some months ago , now that's what I call a senior moment .

  • glad it is not just me, enjoy your holiday or have you already been

  • I have already been we had a wonderful time x

  • I am afraid I cant help you. My memory isn't of the best so I keep a file with all paper stuff. I have packed long haul travel in a long time ago, so envy and wishyou well.

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