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Getting back on top again!

Getting back on top again!

Haven't been about for a bit because I have been rather unwell. Have been out of hospital for 9 days after being rushed in with a severe Asthma attack due to a heavy cold. Stubborn person that I am I try to manage at home these days because I don't have a great deal of faith in hospitals anymore due to the poor communication and the resulting issues that I come into difficulties with. This attack was so bad there was simply no way of getting away from it I was going to have to get myself into hospital for a few days. To which I did with the aid of a big yellow mini bus and some little green men. Spent a bit of time in resus and the F1 doctor was simply lovely and listened to me and took notice of everything I informed her about myself and commenced treatment. I wish so wish the doctors after that were as good, had a higher up doctor in A & E try and tell me he was the "DOCTOR," so I told him where the door was, sorry I don't do doctors with god like complexes, and the F1 carried on treating me until I was transferred to the on call medical team in the admissions unit. Which once again every thing went to pot, the nursing staff were lovely but as usual doctors didn't read my medical notes (or if they did, they didn't take any notice), and over the course of several hours I became very unwell. At one point I was desperate to go the bathroom, nurses weren't about so I dragged myself to the loo across the way from my bed (not far, and even if I am dying no way am I squatting on a bed pan), and after that little trip to the bathroom my condition worsened considerably and I spent the next four hours fighting for my breath and the energy to keep going, I remember doctors and nurses coming back and forth and me telling one word answers as I was too much in of a state to communicate in any detail, but all of my discomfort felt that no one was taking seriously how ill I was. I eventually got some treatment but the dosage was incorrect and when In my own fashion of then one work answers told a doctor that my aminophylline was too low was told they wanted room to play with, sorry guys I am so exhausted I don't have that effort left in me.

Later in the morning after having my nebs taken off me too, the on call consultant came round and I had a mini strop and said as best as I could that if they weren't going to follow protocol as per my medical notes I rather go home and struggle and have Lottie by my side. I got my aminophylline increased after the on call consultant went to check the dosage and my records, hurrah someone listened. Pity I had to struggle all night before anyone did. It took a further 3 hours to get my nebs reinstated when another doctor who wasn't in resp medicine but heard about me wanted to come and have a poke at an unusual case. My 3 day stay in hospital continued to be eventful, partly down to poor communication again which led to me having to self medicate (as usual) and give myself extra meds to get by. And the fact I had a 88 year old retired matron residing next to me, who was giving everyone so much grief, and an elderly dear opposite her who was also very deaf. The resp team were okay and the resp consultant was okay too, as usual he could see that that I continue to know my own mind and after 3 days of being trapped in hospital was determined to come home to Lottie.

Since coming home I have had a chest infection so now on antibiotics as well as high dose steriods, but at long last feel like my normal self. Which is just as well as little Ruby is coming back tomorrow for the day, and darling Lottie has to have minor surgery and x-rays on Tuesday. X-rays hopefully are just a precaution, Lottie has a touch of arthritis in her one front leg and she screamed when I touched it a few days ago so vet just wants to make sure there is nothing else going on. Surgery is for a wee cyst that keeps coming back on her head, very tiny and won't even require more than sedation to do it.

Lottie has also made me very proud recently, just before I was taken into hospital we went to a local fun dog show and I entered her into a few classes. She came first in the best short coated dog, not bad for a senior I think! Lottie right now is chilling on the sofa cuddled up in a duvet, after a long walk through the local fields with her mummy and daddy. Yes that is how well I am feeling today. Been out in the sunshine, climbing stiles and wandering along the River Wye. And since have been out in the garden mowing the garden. So despite the recent ill health, getting back on with life, just got to go clean the bathroom for today, then tomorrow it is a day full of dachshunds. Ruby and Lottie in the morning followed by another two little dachshunds called Sparkle and Holly coming for a visit in the afternoon with a friend. Tuesday will be quiet with Lottie at the vets, but then I shall have time to catch up on my degree studies which officially started yesterday. I have decided to leave them until Tuesday has I have only felt well the the past couple of days and wanted to catch up all the other stuff that has fallen by the wayside over the past fortnight.

Friday is tattoo day again, having my third tattoo started which relates to a previous dachshund who was very special to me also, and really looking forward to it. So yes whilst I have been quite unwell life goes on, studying, dog sitting, continue to be involved in local animal welfare issues and the RSPCA, and currently find myself trying to find and feed a local feral cat population with the view to getting them vet care and neutered if I can track them down.

Can't keep me down for long, keep smiling xxxxxx Daxiemad and Lottie Dog

Photo is of Lottie and Ruby, Lottie being the larger dog!

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Good grief Daxi you have certainly been through the mill! Pete also hates to go into hospital as last time he was put on the wrong ward and did not get seen to for ages. He knows his own mind too and knows what he has to take and when. I do feel for you and am so pleased you are on the mend. Thank goodness for the lovely Lottie and Ruby is very sweet too. Get well very soon and take care of yourself too. Love, Carole xxx


Oh my goodness what a trauma! I am so pleased to hear you are on the mend. Take good care x x


I empathise entirely with the hospital issues as I had similar recently whilst an inpatient at a hospital away from home, signing myself out after three days because I was terrified that they would kill me between them - the 'respiratory consultant' who told me a reading of 86% at rest whilst on 2lpm oxygen was excellent, the 'respiratory registrar' who informed me that nasal cannulae cause CO2 retention so I should wear a mask and the general doctor on the intake ward who took blood from the artery in my wrist 17 times before I refused to let him do it again. For two days they told me not to take antibiotics then asked what I usually took? They put me on a drip, gave me a water tablet and complained when I needed the loo. They prescribed and delivered Bricanyl to my bedside even though my notes tell them (as I did, loudly) that it worsens my breathing. I will NEVER go there again!

Glad to hear you are on the mend and enjoying the daxies. And many congratulations to Lottie. xx


Hi daxiemad, great to hear from you. I was getting worried about your health and it seems I was right to worry. Sorry you've had such a rough time and glad you are on the mend. Love Alison


Oh Lottie ,what a trial for you having to look after your mum when she is so poorly. Badger said to read her some humour to cheer her up.


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