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During the day my SATs are fine/good at around 95-98; however, I have a bad time sleeping - it's rare to wake less than 3 times a night because of breathing difficulty/cough etc. Usually, sitting upright and using inhalers eventually does the trick. This morning it didn't and so I measured my SATs and they were 90-92. Even though that's still not bad, is it likely this drop in oxygen is what's causing such broken nights? (It's not sleep apnoea as I was tested for that) and, if so, are there any solutions? I'm permanently tired, and waking breathless is always somewhat frightening!

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Your sats seem ok to me. I used to wake up struggling, gasping for air but my sats were in the high 70's and low 80's. Oxygen has sorted me out and I am 90+ when on it now.

I am not a doctor though and you should get checked out if only for peace of mind!

I agree with Mocarey you should see the doc.

I wake several times in the night feeling sick and having a fuzzy head which goes off after a short while, I am not gasping for air but did wonder if it had anything to do with lack of oxygen.

polly xx

Hello struggle not nice for you,perhaps you need to prop yourself up in bed to sleep until you have spoken to the doc,ihope you manage to sort things out.Janexx

I am wondering if you take a dose of meds before sleep. If this is not already prescribed I would check with your doctor or respiratory nurse about your discomforts through the night.

Raising the upper body whilst in bed may help with extra pillows or bed wedge.

When you see the doc be sure to mention about your tiredness through the day and any other symptoms you may have.

Take care.

Try the BLF for some advice 03000 030 555 Mon-Fri 9am 5pm

Thanks all - think I will mention it to doc as just permanently exhausted. Only use ventolin and symbicort before bed (as I have done for a decade or more). Don't think I can fit more than 5 pillows on the bed hehe although that doesn't stop me sliding down the bed as I sleep ...

Hello my husband wakes every morning at 5am not really gasping for air but does need his inhaler. We also recently changed the mattress and that has helped. Definitely talk to your doctor. Not sure if you have trouble getting to sleep my husband uses bachs night rescue remedy. Take care and hope you find a speedy solution. With love TAD x

Actually Tad you've reminded me I was advised to change my pillows so not using feather but I'd forgotten - thanks!

Do they say not to use feather pillows? Never thought of it but makes sense with COPD

Yes, or duvets - that said I don't have specific allergies but, like all of 'us', I suppose it doesn't take much to set us off with any irritants

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