Have you had some Saturday exercise & fresh air today?

Lovely day here. Really warm. Nice brunch with my daughter Nellie then we spent the rest of the day walking in Richmond Park. It was quite exciting but at times scarey with the deer.

They seemed to be everywhere, hundreds, we've never seen so many. All the big males were out making a din & being macho. Some of them had massive antlers and at one point when we had to pass through a narrow gap (seemed narrow) between 2 REALLY big ones we were saying quietly in unison "hold your head up, show no fear, hold your head up show no fear" & I was pursed lip breathing.

When one turned and barked right at us (or so it seemed). We ran hell for leather and laughed so much - more from fear or relief!

Most of the time we had to keep Fred on a tight lead. In my mind's eye i could see him tossed & impaled on those antlers.

Has anyone seen that YouTube clip of Fenton in Richmond Park? It's hilarious but it so could have been Fred & me followed by one of my kids bellowing MUM!.

2nd best part of today: no ventolin! perfect day, almost like old times. I do know I wouldn't have managed 4 hours walking (with the odd mad dash) a few months ago. PR has helped so much with the breathing. Happy day :D :D

see Fenton in Richmond Park - YouTube

youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3D3GR... - might work, I'm hopeless at these things

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  • The walk in Richmond Park sounds great. I think I went there years ago but dont remember any deer. I think I might have felt scared. However, I did do my PR exercises and just fancied I felt a bit better. A beautiful day, hopefully tomorrow. Son is coming up with g.daugher for the day. xx

  • Well done for the exercising Annie. x

  • ah, have a lovely day tomorrow. Good for you doing your exercises Annie, put me to shame (apart from my 4 hour walk today ;D )

  • That sounds so good Peeg,,and no ventolin,,well done you,,Pr is wonderful isn,t it,,I to have had a good day with my daughter and 2 g/kids watching football, local match but had to give in as my back was aching from standing there,,so came home, then my bezzy mate came round so we went of to walk he dogs, we go to a place called Little Bredy,nothing here but nice to walk the dogs down through the woods,,,amber gets to follow the deer and badger trails,,anyway just as we get to the bottom of the woods,,and blow me down with a feather there was in the field by the woods a cow just about to give birth,,what a lovely sight,,when we left, eventually mother and baby where doing well...so looking forward to tomorrows walk as there are lots of pregnant cows there..

  • wow how amazing :) that must have been amazing. How good of your dogs to behave themselves though, not sure mine would xxx

  • Hi peeg. I am so impressed with 4 hours walk. Well done! We did our usual Saturday Chloe activities - orchestra, dance, shopping, looking after animals. I really hope I can walk for hours again in the future. Something to aim for. :-) :-) Alison

  • I have to admit, it wasn't supposed to be that long. We got lost!

  • er....... it's quite flat (and there was that short tea stop of 30 mins ........ ;) )

  • is that a tea stop every 30 mins for 30 mins ;) oh happy days x x

  • haha, we happened across a little cafe while we were lost right in the middle of the park. There was a sign post as well saying Barnes 4 miles, my heart sank - briefly :)

  • Badger is jealous, he only had is walk by the river Trent. No big things to chase peeg

  • So glad you had a good day Peeg. Can just imagine you and your daughter running from the deer giggling xx

  • Its great to get out and about. The weather was good yesterday, I wish it would warm up a bit more today, have some washing on the line and really want to do a bit in the garden even though soil a bit damp.

    Have a great Sunday.

    Was it Fenton in Richmond Park :) lol

  • it was!! thanks BC. Did you watch it? It so could have been us (but with different words)!

    Hope you get intothe garden, it's very warm& sunny here- hope it is for you too

  • LOL yes I did, those deer are a rule to themselves, but I reckon ~Fenton is too :) at least when it comes to herding deer ha ha and can't blame JC for not paying any mind to such a silly man chasing after Fenton. :D

    Just going to test the temperature outside now :) xox Happy Day.

  • oh my so very funny that really got my giggler going thank-you BC for that.Janexx

  • lol I was having a mutley moment too :)

  • hi peeg what a beautiful afternoon it sounds ithink i too would have had the hysterics with you id have hid behind you lol.Janexx

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